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  1. Thanks for the tip Greg, I'll check that out. Dave, thanks for the suggestion. I'll check that spray booth out, and look for competitive prices for sure.
  2. What is the best spray booth that can be used indoors for model cars only?
  3. Thanks Tom, Rob, and Frank. I wasn't aware of those sites with assembly instructions for model kits! Turns out I have the early version of that model.
  4. Hi. Anyone have a set of the Monogram 1937 Ford sedan assembly instructions for sale? Thanks, George Goeppner Orland Pk. Il
  5. Thanks for the replies. I do have the Hubley hot rod, the tires are the same as their other models. I did try 1:18 bburago tires but they're way too wide, I'll check out GMP. I did get a set of wheels/tires from some 1:20 Chev Suburban model that might work for rears, need something smaller in diameter for fronts so maybe 1:18 GMP will work. Thanks all!
  6. Any suggestions on upgrades for the metal Hubley '32 Ford roadster and coupe? I would like to change the wire wheels to standard steel wheels, with a large rear tire, smaller front tire, for that "high boy" stance. I think the Hubley's are 1:20 scale.
  7. Thanks for all replies, gives me some options to think about. Back to the work bench!
  8. Thanks for that reply. Yes, I understand that the hoods were lift off. But these don't fit down onto the body at all due to the interference described in my original post.
  9. I have 2 1969 Dodge Super Bee (by Revell I think) built up models from ebay, one of these is a project car. I notice that on both, the hoods don't close completely. The hood scoops are different on each, but the opening in the hood looks the same. That opening seems to be a bit too small front to back, and is the same on both cars. There is a feature on the engine, around the chrome air cleaner (if you have one of these you know what I mean, I think its an air seal on the real car) that seems to be preventing hood closure. Are these supposed to be displayed with the hood open, doesn't seem right....?
  10. This is an old kit, trying to rebuild. Thanks for the tips on alternate glue solutions. I'll try polishing, then look to replace it if that doesn't work. Are there good sources for replacement kit windshields?
  11. Is there any way to polish out a glue smear on a windshield?
  12. So I did purchase the Revell Snap Tite coupe.. It appears to be scale correct, the difference with the John Buttera coupe is very apparent. The hood is molded as part of the body however. It was an ebay buy, the seller has a few more at $9.99 + shipping, no box or instructions, but complete and new otherwise. It is item #222981259724.
  13. So now I purchased a Revell chopped '34 ford coupe and its the same undersized body. The assembly instructions are dated 1982. Does AMT or Monogram make a '34 Ford chopped coupe? I really want a chopped top version.
  14. Thanks for that information Alan. I was going to use the body only to make a drag gas coupe or an altered coupe, maybe that will work out. Seems like a 1/25 scale blown motor might look goofy, we'll see.
  15. Is the Lil John Buttera 1934 Ford coupe 1/25 scale? That's what it says on the box but it seems to be a bit smaller?
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