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  1. Well after a long hot & humid summer of no building I finally finished my Tamiya Citroen 2cv. Nice kit everything went together well, the tiny screws that hold the suspension and the tiny door handles were a bit figity ( you need patients) Working suspension, it`s painted in gun metal with flat earth for the interior. I realized after it was complete that the real car didn`t have back-up lights...….Oops
  2. Gee thanx for all the help! I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi has anybody viewed the building of meng`s h1 hummer on youtube? in ENGLISH !! Does anybody know how I can view the building part 2-6? in English its all in French? Please help. Thanx.
  4. The car looks really good and clean If youre not going to put the car in any shows don't worry about little things, the more you experiment with modeling challenges the better you get. If you want check out my cars I never use foil on my cars the trim is all by free hand! no masking at all. All of my cars I build are just for me to look at and friends to enjoy. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi I just started building my H1 I~m having issues with the front suspension the diagrams and the actual parts look totally different ? ( confused)
  6. Hi I just started to build meng`s H1 mummer I was wondering if anybody has built it yet and are there any errors in the instructions?? I`m having issues with the front suspension (parts) mislabeled ?
  7. I just finished the revell charger, very nice build everything went together well, hope you like The paint is Tamiya Titanium gold, interior is flat earth.
  8. Hopefully these are clearer pics of my 65 riviera and engine of my 68 dodge dart, hope you like them.
  9. Here is my vw westfalia I just finished hope you like it.
  10. Her`s my 1970 buick GSX, hope you like it.
  11. Hi I just bought revell`s 70 dodge charger,great looking car except I DON`T like the rims that come with the kit!!! can anybody help me. Where can I find new rims, either the ralley rims that came on the challenger ,superbird or even just plain steel rims. Here`s the problem .....(see pic) how can I attach new rims "if" I get them?? I want the rims on the orange charger.
  12. Hi, just wondering if I use tamiya x-22 clear to clear coat a car body do I have to thin it out in order to use in my airbrush? or can I use it straight from the bottle?
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