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  1. On a separate note, I ordered from splash-paints.com on Wednesday and already got my paints! I think I found my new supplier...
  2. I see that the message sting they are no longer taking orders has been taken off of their website, but I still have not received any of my items...
  3. So just for giggles went to gravity colors website today and got a message that orders are now suspended. Hopefully Mate will now be able to straighten things out. I only hope he wasn't too late.
  4. So now the Gravity Colors FB page is gone, and apparently Mate's Facebook account is gone too. Not looking good...
  5. To give everyone my story... I put in 2 orders on 11-1 and 11-3. Emailed for an update in late November, got a huge apology and resent orders. I received order #1, not order #2. Spent next 3(!) months trying to get an update, nothing. Then I saw their "Sorry for the delay" post on FB (which they have since deleted for some reason?) and decided to contact them on messenger (March 2nd). Spoke with Mate, who again was very apologetic. Told me he would get order out right away. I even place a third $135 order, which he said he would get out to me immediately, as well as refund order #2 and still send it. Fantastic! I even placed order #4 right away! Fast forward to today. Gravity is no longer on FB messenger. as I said above, apology post on FB has been deleted. I find these both VERY concerning, as I still have almost $200 tied up with them. I LOVE their product, and just want what I paid for. Both orders are still showing pending on their website. I have sent another email for an update. I will update when I hear back...
  6. Another follow up: over a month, still no product. I am still waiting on my 2 orders I put in 2 days apart. They are still showing as "Processing" on the website. I sent out another email to follow up.
  7. So just to follow up again, 20+ days, still no paints...
  8. So I just felt it necessary to follow up. Matt from Gravity Colors emailed me back yesterday, offered and apology for the delay, and refunded me for shipping, which I was not expecting, but it is appreciated. So far other than the delay (which now that I know the company is still in business is no longer that concerning), it has been an exceptional experience!
  9. Awesome build, but one important question. How... How do you get in???
  10. Great! I appreciate the heads up! I was starting to get worried I wasted my money. I'll just wait patiently. Hopefully it gets here by next week when I have off. Have a Lambo Diablo, Ferrari FXX and F40 to paint.
  11. Hello everyone! This is my first post on these forums. I look forward to posting some of my builds! The issue I am having right now is with Gravity Colors USA. I have ordered $120 worth of paints to try them out (I have been looking everywhere for a 2 part 2k clear!). This was 2 weeks ago, and my order on their website still shows "processing". I have emailed twice to get an update, and have heard nothing. Further research shows their social media feeds have not been updated in over a year, and I can find nothing online. Are they still in business? Do I need to get Paypal to get my money back? Any input is appreciated!
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