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  1. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Our very own Ed Shavers Birfday!   

    Happy Birthday,Ed. I hope that it was a great day for you!
  2. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Replicas and Minatures of Maryland   

    No,RailFreak, RedRocker doesn't have anything to do with 98KUPD,or Arizona.I am a die hard Sammy Hagar fan,and he is known as the "Red Rocker".I graduated H.S. in '80,hence the boardname here "Redrocker80".Does KUPD have a live streaming audio,or an email address with a link to their live stream audio?
    Just curious....
  3. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Replicas and Minatures of Maryland   

    The catalogue is 38 pages,and costs $4.00.Here is R& M of Marylands address:
    Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland
    317 Roosevelt Avenue., SW
    Glen Burnie,Maryland 21061
  4. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Are the Zingers kits out yet?   

    I live just North of Indianapolis,Indiana.Our local Hobbytown USA had the Van Zinger,The Semi truck Zinger,and the Vette Zinger.I bought the Vette Zinger for my son's birthday this weekend.So be on the look out for them at your local hobby shops.We are about three hours from Round2's headquarters in South Bend,Indiana,so this may explain why we have them available locally.
  5. Count Dragula added a post in a topic What's a Good Orange Enamel Spray paint?   

    Thanks for the replies so far,guys.I thought I had it wrong!And yes it was a light mist coat over the enamel.That's why I sampled it on the backside of a hood,I really didn't trust it.I've heard good stuff about Tamiya enamel paints.I am looking for an orange enamel paint now to go over the Testors Competition Orange spray paint that's on the plastic car body now.I wasn't too pleased with the testor's enamel spray paint.Can anyone tell me a decent darker orange enamel spray paint that would be compatible with the testors paint?The best build of the kit I'm doing was painted in a color made by Boyd's (Boyd's Orange Pearl Spray Paint ???? to be exact).I can't find that stuff anywhere locally.I don't have an airbrush.I'm trying to avoid the purple bath for this car body.If I have to strip it, I will though.I have about five weeks left in the contest I'm entered in.The rest of the build is progressing nicely,I just have this major hurdle to overcome.
    Thanks in advance for the advice!
  6. Count Dragula added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    What's a Good Orange Enamel Spray paint?
    I did a sample spray paint job of laquer over enamel on the backside of a plastic model hood.I gave the enamel spray paint one week to dry before I sprayed it with one coat of laquer spray paint.It looks awesome to this point!The brighter enamel coat underneath lightened up the darker laquer coat. You can spray a laquer over an enamel,just not an enamel over a laquer,right? I'll try to post a picture of my hood sample soon.Any advice woud be greatly appreciated (it's a contest car).
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  7. Count Dragula added a post in a topic It's Good To Being King (Again)   

    Both the Tijuana Taxi and Rommel's Rod are available NOW at Tom Daniel's Website. Here is a link (look in the upper left hand corner)
  8. Count Dragula added a post in a topic It's Good To Being King (Again)   

    Oh,I meant the "Rommel's Rod" was expected at the end of the month.The Tijuana Taxi is SUPPOSED to be out in October.I hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  9. Count Dragula added a post in a topic It's Good To Being King (Again)   

    Hey,Russell,I live in Indiana.Where is this Hobby Shop at in Indiana?
    Do they have the Rommel's Rod now?
    My local Hobbytown USA expects them by the end of this month.
    People either like showrods,or they don't.Tom Daniel's kits were fun and simple to build as a kid,and they are fun and simple to build as an adult.He is an inspiration to me,and I have communicated with him via Email.He is a terrifc person,and he literally saved Monogram back in the day.So call me "nostalgic" if you will,but those of us who have been around this hobby for a long time can appreciate these showrods coming back out.Anything that helps sell models in today's economy is a good thing!!!!That's my opinion,for what it's worth.

  10. Count Dragula added a post in a topic It's Good To Being King (Again)   

    We are looking forward to these two Tom Daniel reissue kits indeed!!!! It seems that Tom Daniel will be doing very well here in the next few months with these two coming back out.It should be a real financial shot in the arm for Revell,too!!!
    I will buy all the new showrod plastic that I can!!!!!
    It is another way that I can tell ebay to kiss me where the sun don't shine!!!! (LOL)!

  11. Count Dragula added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    A Couple of EModel Cars Questions
    Ok,Gregg,I am concerned here.I am a seller (and buyer) at Emodel cars auction site.I have posed two questions,and both have gone unanswered.I love the aucton site,by the way.
    My first question: How do you answer a persons wanted add? It wouldn't let me offer what the person wanted.
    Second question: What action do I take for a deadbeat bidder? I have communicated well,and I am not getting the same in return.I have given the buyer ample time to pay to this point.What's the solution (besides relisting the item) IF I don't receive payment?
    I understand that Emodel cars is fairly new,and the bugs are still getting worked out.I appreciate that it was created for the model builder who wants to buy and sell without all of the hassle that other auction sites bring.I know that's why I registered,and I give out a great big "Thank you" to everyone who created and maintains that website!
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  12. Count Dragula added a post in a topic "Holy Grail" Models?   

    Grail ones that I own:
    Tom Daniel's "Firecracker"
    his "Red Baron"(currently building)
    his "Bad Medicine"(currently building)
    his "T'rantula"
    his "Hangman"
    "Fire truck #13"
    soon to be restored "Trick T"
    soon to be restored "Tijuana Taxi"
    Ones I want:
    All mint unbuilt
    "Dragon Wagon"
    "Tijuana Taxi"
    "Dog catcher"
    "Dragula" (Any issue)--which I am getting soon
    Johan's hearse--be it Heavenly or otherwise!I don't have deep enough pockets for my wish list stated above!
  13. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Hey,Greg.Where's my Contest issue?   

    Got it today, Gregg.It was worth the wait as usual!!! Thank you for another fine issue!!!
  14. Count Dragula added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Hey,Greg.Where's my Contest issue?
    I have seen the "Contest" issue at a local hobby shop.When am I going to get mine? I still have only received one issue since I started the subscription to your magazine in December. I know your computer crashed in December, but one issue???It's almost May, when are the others even going to come out?
    Please let us all know!
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  15. Count Dragula added a post in a topic Where's My 08 Model Car Magazines?   

    Thanks for explaining your situation, Gregg.I read about your computer situation in the December issue on page 4 in your editors corner section.I'm sorry to hear about the computer situation.I know the issues will be worth the wait, they always are!!! I'll look forward to getting these issues.