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  1. Tamiya paint

    I use Tamiya products almost exclusively. Their acrylic paint is perfect for airbrushing. Their enamel (imported from Japan) is perfect for brush painting. All of their brushes, putty, sand paper, tools, weathering products, glue, etc are top notch. Every time I need a new tool I always buy the Tamiya version, if they have it.
  2. Tested-Scratchbuilding with Adam Savage

    I have always loved this episode: 2 guys just chatting and building models together. Some good techniques on weathering, etc by Adam
  3. paint for airbrush

    I just started using ScaleFinishes, and it's great! He'll mix any colour that you need. I understand that Zero Paints and Gravity are also very good. All three brands are quite similiar, in that they are a basecoat lacquer and need a clear over them.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently purchased Scalefinishes Silver Blue Metallic for a 65 Mustang. I bought the base and the enamel, to see which one I would prefer. I also purchased the enamel clear. Is there any concern about this yellowing, like the Testors enamel clear? I'm spraying this over a light colour, so I'm concerned that it may yellow over the years. Or, is this enamel different than the standard Testors? I sent an email to Jameston, just waiting on his reply, but wanted to see what others thought as well. I don't want to use their 2K clear, as that seems to be pretty harsh with the chemicals.
  5. Tamiya vs Testors

    My default is always tamiya rattle cans and tamiya enamel for brush painting. (yes, enamel. I order them on eBay from overseas and I receive them every time. Usually takes 6 weeks). I use model master lacquer sprays for colours I can't get from tamiya, such as 70s muscle car colours. in fact, almost all of my tools and supplies are tamiya. The quality is so good I don't bother with anything else.
  6. Revell AMG GT

    I noticed you have tamiya enamels on your workbench. How do you like them? I'm in Canada and I recently bought a few from eBay and I really like them! They are my new go to brush paint now.
  7. ScaleFinishes.com order

    I am placing my first order with Elm City Hobbies (the Canadian distributer for Scale FInishes). I'm looking forward to trying these paints for the first time. I ordered both enamel and basecoat, to see which one I'll like.
  8. 1971 charger colour

    I would say the citrus yellow Modelmaster lacquer spray would look pretty good.
  9. Looks great! what kind of paint is that?
  10. New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?

    That's where I'll be heading to pick up some too! Actually, as per the link below, there are even more coming, including a lot of the car colours (metallics and pearls). I believe the intent is to eventually release all of the spray colours in bottle form.
  11. New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?

    Just curious if anyone has tried these yet? My local hobby shop just received the first 15 colours, so I'm going to pick up a couple and try them out. I believe the goal is for Tamiya to eventually release all of their spray colours in bottle form. I think this would fill a real need, especially for us car modelers. If buying paint from your local hobby shop, there really is only ModelMaster enamels for people that want to airbrush car bodies. (unless you want to order Zero paints or Gravity).
  12. Brush painted.

    I admit this does look great, but I'm going to assume that the modeller that painted these sanded and polished the finish after brush painting? I can't see how they would get that finish just by brushing alone.
  13. Spray paint = throwing paint away?

    Keep in mind, Tamiya just recently announced their new Lacquer Paints in a bottle line! Bascially, their rattle can line will now be available in bottles for the airbrush users. (not many colors announced yet, but they will be releasing new colors throughout the year)
  14. Going back to enamel paint

    I used Tamiya rattle cans exclusively now (I got tired of messing around with airbrushes) and I also use Tamiya enamels for brush painting. (I buy them from Ebay and never have a problem receiving them, although they usually take 2 months to get them).
  15. Hi everyone, I'm just about to start the 1/16 scale 1965 Mustang AMT model. I really like the look of the Arcadian Blue paint. What would be the closest color in a spray? (looking at Tamiya, Model Master lacquer and testors enamel only). I'm thinking Testors Silver blue would be the best match? Also, what would be a nice complimentary interior colour? Thanks for your help!