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  1. Yes you can brush out of the bottle. The enamels are not pre-thinned unlike their lacquers
  2. Hi everyone, I was looking to buy a spray can from MCW and I was curious how much bigger their spray cans are compared to Tamiya. If you can believe it, there is not a single picture on google of MCW Spray cans. Does anyone have a picture? I'm just curious on the size differences compared to regular hobby spray cans like Tamiya. thanks!
  3. Several things for me. I used to use Testors enamels, now I use Tamiya enamels (yes, enamel, not their acrylic. Similar square bottles). I now only use Tamiya liquid cement, vs Testors tube glue. My builds are so much cleaner now! I never used spray paint/airbrush as a kid. I either brush painted the bodies (turned out awful!) or left the body unpainted. Now, I use Tamiya spray paint and sometimes Scalefinishes. I think I actually enjoy building more than I did as a kid. It seemed when I was younger, I was always screwing something up and getting frustrated. I still make mistakes, but not nearly as much or as bad as when I was a kid.
  4. good point Steve. I will still use Scalefinishes or MCW for a paint colour that Tamiya doesn't offer
  5. I've been changing my painting habits the past little while. Up to now, I have been using my Iwata CR Revolution almost exclusively, using Tamiya acrylics, Tamiya lacquer primer and clearcoats, and Scalefinishes paint. However, I haven't had a spray booth, and have used my airbrush at my modelling desk with the help of fans and open windows. With Tamiya acrylics, this isn't too much of an issue regarding smells, however, the lacquers are still a problem. I finally bought one of those portable spray booths, and set it up on my furnace room. I tested it out by using my various Tamiya rattlecans that I have had lying about, which I never really used due to the smell. Well, the spray booth worked perfectly! Couldn't smell a thing. And, I realized these Tamiya cans work amazingly! I seriously can't tell the difference between the finish of the spoons I sprayed with the spraycan vs the airbrush. So, this got me thinking: Why set up the airbrush, fiddle with mixing ratios and pressure, and clean up, when I can just grab a can and shoot and be done in a minute or two? The finish is exactly the same, as far as I can see. Plus, the range of Tamiya spray cans is incredible, upwards of 130 different colours. For those muscle cars, that sometimes has factory colours that aren't available with Tamiya, I can still buy those via scalefinishes or MCW. The spraycans have really made me enjoy the hobby much more, as it really is so easy and quick. Along with me now using Tamiya enamels for brush painting (which I talked about in another thread), I've really gone back to basics and quite frankly, I'm enjoying it more. Anyone else primarily use rattlecans? Any particular reason why?
  6. picked up some Tamiya enamels and spray paint for my Millenium Falcon build (sorry, not car related):
  7. These aren't new actually, they've been around for decades in Japan. I think you may be referring to the new Tamiya lacquer paints, in bottles. They are expected out soon in the US.
  8. I just saw at my local hobby shop (in toronto, Canada) that they now are stocking Tamiya enamel paint. (square bottles, similar is shape to Testors square bottles). It appears that Tamiya made changes to their labels which means they can be sold in Canada now. I picked up a couple of bottles to try, and man, these are great paints! I brushed painted them, right out of the bottle with no thinning. The picture below is 2 coats, and you may not tell from the picture, but there is not a single brush stroke. You would swear this was airbrushed/sprayed painted. They are amazing. I normally use Tamiya acrylics for brush painting (with their retarder), but these enamels are so much better and easier for brush painting. I'm now making the switch over. I quite enjoy brush painting (I find it very relaxing), so to find a paint that works so well is great!
  9. there is just way too much other stuff right now that kids can do, and that's not a bad thing! You can watch any movie or tv show at anytime you want. You can listen to any song you can imagine. Video games, smart phones, etc, etc. Previous generations had none of that. No movies at home, nothing on tv except at very specific times on only 1 or 2 channels. Video games didn't exist until the late 70s with Atari. You were literally forced to find hobbies such as model building because there were so few options. But again, this isn't necessarily bad, it's just different. If we had access to the technology that is available today when we were kids, we'd be doing the same thing as these kids!
  10. I wonder how mcw paints are in a spray can? They have a great selection (all the mopar colors that's tamiya doesn't have). Curious how they are in a spray.....
  11. I had a very hard time with this model. The rear bumper would not fit properly at all. The interior tub/body once completed would not fit properly on the chassis and the doors would not line up properly (I ended up gluing them in as I couldn’t get them to look right. i painted it scalefinishes Ford silver blue metallic. I’m sure the more experienced builders here would have had an easier time, but I found it a bit of a chore!
  12. I have used Scalefinishes (basecoat) and I loved it! I used Ford Silver Blue metallic on my 1/16 AMT 1965 Mustang and it turned out great! Very easy to spray. Metallic looked in scale. I used Tamiya Primer and Scalesfinishes Gloss Coat (I'll probably just use Tamiya's gloss next time). I'm just finishing up a Hulk model, then on to the Millenium Falcon, but I can't wait for my next car model so I can choose the factory color from Scalefinishes! It really is fun picking a factory colour and getting that exact colour any time you want.
  13. My family and I rented a cottage for 2 weeks this summer. My son, who's 7, said he wanted to build a model car while at the cottage for something to do in case it rains. So, I bought him an AMT TeeVee dune buggy and we brought it up a handful of tools (glue, paints, tweezers, etc). We bought Tamiya Bright mica red for the body. I have to tell you, it was really nice to build a model again just using the basics (no airbrush, no mixing paints for the airbrush, no primer, no paintbooth, etc). We haven't finished it yet, and will chip away at it during the rest of the summer. As much as I love having access to every factory color you can get with airbrushing (Scalefinishes, MCW, etc), it's kinda nice to just get back to basics and use the 'ol rattlecan. It's so fast and easy. And Tamiya's rattlecans are so easy and forgiving to use. (I just wish they had some musclecar colors, like Plum Crazy, etc). Testors is leaving a big void for those who still like rattle cans and build muscle cars. How about you guys? do you sometimes break away from aftermarket parts and airbrushes and just use rattle cans and brush paints?
  14. This can't be surprising to anyone, they keep discontinuing colors and it was confirmed last year that they are no longer selling overseas.
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