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  1. My local hobby shop has just starting selling Tru-Color paint. http://trucolorpaint.com/model-automobile-colors-high-gloss-and-metallic/ I'm curious if anyone has tried this paint before? I use Scalefinishes, but Tru-Color appears to be a single stage paint (clearcoat not required). The colour selection is quite good! Has anyone used this paint, and if so, what are your thoughts?
  2. Steve, I couldn't agree more! I usually used rattle cans for car bodies, but I ordered a bottle of Silver Blue Metallic for my 65 Mustang from Scalefinishes, and I couldn't be happier. It goes on so easy, no thinning needed. And as you said, you can order any colour you want. And, same as you, I love when I buy a new kit and go online to see all the factory colours I can paint it and then simply order that colour from Scalefinishes. It's really made this hobby that much more fun for me.
  3. In all fairness, unless Testors releases a statement, all you're going to get is conjecture. I emailed Testors last week and have yet to receive a response. I'll post here if they do reply. That's the only concrete answer you'll get, is from Testors directly.
  4. I emailed testors/rustoleum. I will let everyone know what their response is when I hear back
  5. Their website is terribly out of date, they are still showing all of the international figure and military paints listed. (these were discontinued last year with confirmation from Testors). I would not be surprised in the least that this is true. They seem to be constantly discontinuing colors.
  6. I have the Tamiya lacquer paints in the bottle and the smell they give off is noticeably more than using their acrylic paints. The acrylic paint is thinned with their acrylic thinner and washup can be done with water (except for the final cleaning of the airbrush, which I use the airbrush cleaner for). I personally find the acrylic paint much better for airbrushing, in regards to the smell and being able to use water for a good part of the cleanup. I always avoid lacquer if I can due to the harshness of it. (I do use Scalefinishes though for car bodies).
  7. I use exactly 2 parts paint to 1 part thinner using a dropper directly into the airbrush mixing cup. I have the iwata CR. I shoot at 20psi. This works perfectly every single time. I know a lot of people suggest the consistancy of milk thing, but I like using the exact ratio because it always works for me.
  8. I use Tamiya exclusively and I keep it simple and just use their own products. I use their acrylic thinner for thinning for the airbrush. I thin by using droppers with a ratio of 2 parts paint and 1 part thinner. Shoot at 20 psi and this works perfectly every single time. I clean the airbrush by using their airbrush cleaner.
  9. I simply use Tamiya Airbrush Cleaner. Works perfect, and the bottle is quite large so it will last a long time.
  10. I think Modelmaster Citrus Yellow Metallic would be pretty close.
  11. here's the body: Scalefinishes Ford silver blue metallic (no gloss on yet) and interior
  12. Just curious, what exterior colours are you going to be painting them?
  13. I am actually currently building the AMT 1/16 model right now! It's been 6 months now (I'm a slow builder). I sprayed the body Ford Silver Blue Metallic (from Scalefinishes). The interior is blue (Tamiya x4). The interior is mostly done and I still have to spray gloss over the exterior and baremetal foil, etc. At the rate I'm going, it'll probably be done in 2 months. It's a decent kit, but I was never crazy about AMT kits. I think it may be lack of detail or the instructions. I much prefer Revell for muscle cars. (I received this for a xmas gift). I don't have any photos of my build so far but I perhaps I'll upload some. Like you, I couldn't really find any great build reviews, videos, etc.
  14. Interesting. I always wondered why Tamiya doesn't release North American car colours in their spray lineup, to match the 70s muscle cars, etc. I get that all of Tamiya kits are japanese and European cars, but I would imagine that if they released 70s muscle car paints they would be a hot seller, considering how popular their spray paints are.
  15. I have seen someone mention before that applying a dull coat over the colour coat can reduce the appearance of large flakes. Then, you would apply your glossy clear. I've never tried it myself though.
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