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  1. This is the most amazing model ive ever seen and can't wait to see it completed. I am truly in awe of your skill.
  2. The hood slides in under the headers and the middle back of the hood is double layer and glued to the cowl. It actually comes on and off very easily
  3. Got my hood trimmed to fit the dual carbs velocity stacks and air cleaners and the headers, it's not perfect but it's the second model I've built since I was a kid and it's the most custom work I've ever done on a model. I left enough room on the cutouts for the motor to twist when it's revved.
  4. Got my headers added, it was supposed to come out behind the front wheels but I liked it better upside down and backwards coming out of the hood. Now I have to try to figure out how to trim the hood to slot around the headers.
  5. How would you have gone about tubbing it?
  6. i couldn't get it to show well on my model but here is a picture of the rubbery mess it left on my table. It left my brush covered in something similar to flex seal.
  7. I sprayed some Walmart brand flat black paint Into a small plastic container so I could use it with a brush and after a few hours it melted the container into the paint and turned it into a rubbery black sludge that makes a great underbody coating. Use a brush you don't care about because it ruined my new brush.
  8. I love that car!!! I didn't paint it metallic, i got it like that and concocted a story in my head about it belonging to a man in his early 20's when he came home to Detroit from Vietnam in the early 70's and wanted to build a flashy drag car but didn't have much skill with cars.
  9. I would have preferred to do that but the way it was designed I don't think it was an option, I'll take pictures of the bottom of the chassis when i get home an maybe you could teach me something I could do different if I run into this again.
  10. Im running into a lot of fitment issues with this. The drag tires that came with the kit didn't fit on height or width so I had to trim the wheel well and made fender flares out a pill bottle, I'm guessing in scale they are probably about 6" wide. Does anyone have any advice on smoothing the transition?
  11. I'm working on a 66 mustang, so far I've just assembled the engine and done some painting, I used the parts leftover from my firebird for the air cleaners and velocity stacks, the shifter is actually the oil filler tube but I liked it better than the shifter that came with the kit so I painted it and use it. What is the best way to mark and cut my hood for clearence for the carbs to stick through? I thought I could put some tape across the body with the hood off and the engine in then take the engine out and put the hood on and be able transfer from the tape lines on the body to the hood to know the location of where the cutout needs to be but I'm not sure what the best way to do the cutting is, I tried cutting an extra hood I had with a razor knife and didn't get great results.
  12. Thank you. Anything I could change to be better?
  13. Looks pretty good, as you can probably tell by my name I'm a fiero fanatic and have owned half a dozen real ones and I would happily drive the one you built. P.s. if anyone has an extra fiero kit laying around they would like to trade off let me know.
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