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  1. just practicing using this page.  this is most difficult for me.  you'd think i wanted to be 6 inches taller instead of wanting a 66 dodge crew cab.  with that cab i think i can    fashion  a crude 63 grill.  but i think now i have one  coming from oldr than dirt,  superstock, excrewchief, ronhobby or perhaps yevon  deondries (ms silicon 1966) although i think she passed several years ago.

    1. JOHNnyboy


      uncle wendell my be casting and taking   orders and money  for t he dodge but that's all. he don't respond to anyone about their orders.  aught to be locked up


    2. Finks Garage

      Finks Garage

      Good luck on your project.

  2. how do you find him on ebay, entering his name doesn't get me any where
  3. can't find his link any where on the page
  4. spent the last two hours trying to find Wendall Sowers on ebay, aol, found them on a board, nothing good, quick to respond to an order, never send out product, very dissatisfied customers. hope i am wrong, but butt is getting sore in this chair.
  5. sir, can you modify the 66 grill 0 ===== 0 to look like the 63 grill oo ===== 00? wold gladly pay for 3 and 3 crew cabs D500's to put them in. jannabell20@aol.com
  6. is it possible to take one of these grills, cut off the ends ) AND ( and replace them with the 1963 oo ====== oo grill? in order to back date the 1964 cab?? would it be possible to cut off the ends of these grills ) & ( leaving ====== and adding 1963 headlights oo ====== oo to backdate a 64 truck crew cab??
  7. thanks for the direction. am looking for 63 crew cabs that i can convert, i am battling with heart disease, Parkinson's and diabetes wife is at war with ovarian cancer second round so you can see, the clock is not our friend.
  8. interested in three w500 crew cabs will provide substantial deposit if necessary. i am ill, time is of the essence .
  9. i see a lot of chatter about these kits being on eBay but am unable to catch one, did see one before going to the hospital to visit my wife who had surgery due to ovarian cancer, got home that night the kit was sold. must hive seen it on the last day, or perhaps it wasn't even you ARE YOU LARRY FROM MODEL CAR MAGAZINE ? i don't know if you are the person that's called "FINKS GARAGE" WITH THE GREEN MONSTER FACE ON THE INTERNET BUT IF YOU ARE, I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN 3 CREW CABS TO BUILD SEVERAL HAULERS FOR JOHN JOHNSON5545 BIRCHWOOD ROADSPRING HILL, FLORIDA 34608