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  1. yes unfortunately never saw a W126 sedan in a scale kit. wanted one as i have a 1:1 scale.. in Toronto also
  2. beautiful! i have the Lorinser version sitting here decades that i want to do.. btw anyone know if there was a 4 door version of this car made by anyone in 1/24?
  3. currently not in stock but something like this? https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Tyre_Letter_Stencils_For_1617_Various_Brands--product--11231.html
  4. wow.. just beautiful.. had a mk2 back in the day, and learn how to drive manual on a mk1..
  5. Wow!! i remember the Colt turbo back in the days. Great to see kits like this. Good job!
  6. following.. i have the exact same kit and applied the same tamiya paint, but i did a bad job and after such a long time i just got it out and decide to strip the old paint. btw, which mini kit is that in your signature? only one i managed to find was from a Korean brand.
  7. looks great! what color of the paint you used?
  8. Looks great! can you let me know where this show is on Oct. 19? wonder how far away from me..
  9. Hi all, first submission here.. i don't get much kits done, but finally have this old kit i dig out a while ago completed.. thanks to everyone's inspiration with your awesome kits. it's a really old Tamiya kit. the decals have yellow, the decals melted when the clear coat was applied. this one actually has the rider, but doubt i'll get that done. i use Tamiya spray can. i prefer the 1/12 motorcycles kits, but don't have too much to show..
  10. i guess good things come to those who wait... is this the right year? coming soon.. https://hlj.com/1-12-scale-suzuki-gsx-r750-g-gr71g-hsgbk7
  11. not sure how close is this '86 yoshimura suzuki GSX-r 750. but in race form and half fairing. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10114891
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