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  1. Remarkable that the Cabela ultra wire assortment comes in colors, is copper and comes in sizes equivalent to .006" and .012". Thanks Pete for the link.
  2. It exists in 1/43 scale, Legacy Motors I think, and f you had one and some money to spend you could have the model scanned and have the body 3D printed in a larger scale to fit the Heller kit. Sell the 1/43 model and a couple printed bodies and you'd get your scanning expenses covered. It is a very worthy subject.
  3. Flat32

    32 5 Window

    Had a chopped '32 five window for a while. Hated the chop when driving it and sold it. Got a stock 5 window and love the look. Got an unchopped 3 window driver and, to me it's perfect. Your model looks very handsome and right. Front wheel camber maybe a little too much. Bottom view looks like toe-in is toe-out.
  4. Good example of a part that is easy to computer model and 3D print. However you lose the satisfaction of scratch building a challenging part.
  5. Outstanding for sure. I've got the stock and hot rod GMP models, but yours has life. I CAD modelled the entire engine and would like to copy your mini diorama concept in 1/25 scale.
  6. This type used by machinists and toolmakers has slightly convex cutting edges that work better than straight edges. Easier to sharpen with an india or arkansas stone. https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/05844220 Being a toolmaker I usually grind my own from worn out 3 sided files.
  7. Flat32


    Any chance of using the same wire wheels as on your Morgan?
  8. I use older programs that suit my needs and maintain workstations to run them. 3 are windows XP pro and one is win7. They are not connected to the internet or any network. I move files between them via usb thumb drives only. Reason being isolation from virus threats. My internet access is by laptops, one Win7 that I like and one Win10 that I don't like much, but tolerate as a necessary evil. Suffered a recent nightmare with all of my isolated workstations due to infected usb thumb drives. I have many used to back-up files and move files. Found a program called Panda that "vaccinates" usb drives and it works perfectly so far. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/panda-usb-vaccine/ I leave the original operating system on all of my computers to maintain compatibility with my most useful older programs. I don't like the insidious moves toward cloud computing that Microsoft and software companies make where you are required to pay subscription charges.
  9. Those "stalks" are commonly called supports and they don't cut like styrene because the resin is hard and brittle. After cutting them for a few years now on very delicate parts I learned a couple tricks. First of all I got disposable scalpels, #11 is nice, Xacto blades tend to be too thick, and then score each support flush with the part usually on two opposite sides, but one works too. Doesn't have to be very deep. The score controls where the support will break loose. Then using a very sharp quality sprue cutter clip the support some distance away from where it connects to the part and at an angle so the clipping displaces the support end sideways to break it free of the part. Where I can't get a sprue cutter in I "saw" the supports completely through using a scalpel with teeth that I make by pushing the scalpel blade against one of the cutting edges of a carbide burr. I make 5 or 6 tiny knicks in the blade spaced .002" to .004" apart. Cutting supports can be rewarding if not fun.
  10. EPA has definitions. Looking into the future HOV lanes will probably have "Green" added making them HOGV lanes. https://www.epa.gov/greenvehicles/learn-about-green-vehicles
  11. Scroll down this page. http://www.wadenasteel.ca/dashboard/forum/index.php?topic=42.0 Pitch of the track cleats is important dimension not known, but should be easy to find. There is reference to a museum in the linked forum page.
  12. 3D printing requires a CAD file in stl format. If you have a file of the whole assembly it could be printed as such. Cad file creation requires dimensions reasonably defining every desired detail. A rubbing is simply placing a sheet of paper on the tread and rubbing the paper with a dirty hand to get an impression of the tread pattern.
  13. 3D print cleats attached to sprue at each end with a connecting gate ladder style. The rubber bands can be printed in a flexible material with the inner strap detail. Glue the bands to the ladder and cut free from the cleats when glue set. Ladders can be in maybe groups of 10 or 20 cleats. Do you have access to the actual machine?? Would like to have a rubbing of the Firestone diamond treads.
  14. A little bit of the why. It seems like it's more of a marketing thing than a real commercial need. https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-daimler-self-driving-trucks-torc-20190329-story.html
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