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  1. Would you believe I just realized the importance and function of layers in Draw?? Never used them before. Tried once in Solidworks, but my model files were so large I'd be ram limited and the program would slow to an annoying crawl.
  2. From past experience I'll always resize the bitmap image to double or triple the pixel count and make all sharp corners down to one pixel. Now when I convert to curves the auto trace will lock a node to each sharp as manipulate the total node count. I want the crispness of vector graphics. No different from dealing with splines in CAD. I'm very familiar with learning curves and the effectiveness of mastering a meaningful step a day no matter the time it takes. Then I practice what I learned at least seven time, with variations, so it sticks. In the end there will pretty much be manual manipulation so I may use manual tracing from the get go as you do. I'm hoping to find I can edit a bitmap within Draw, but manual tracing negates the need. Hmmm
  3. There's only the word "Fresh" that I need work on. Searched through hundreds of fonts and didn't find any that looked as good as the original. I can see where a bitmap image editor needs to be used to clean up the word prior to sticking it in Draw for conversion to curves. 95% of the word copy on the signs is common looking all upper case. Hours don't bother me once I get focused on a personal challenge. I watched a tutorial on the auto trace and it sure has a bunch of things to tweak.
  4. This will be my first sign project in Corel. The image is what I did in Paint from a photo. I'm fairly sure Corel can do it better, that is getting from an aliased bitmap to an antialiased bitmap prior to the conversion to vector curves. Not sure I have the terminology correct. The photo is just to show the subject. Got it backwards.
  5. Pete, Dan, Rob, I 100% understand what you're saying. I've been using Solidworks for almost 20 years now and it's looking like Corel Draw is a God send for when I'm trying to make a 3D model from a photograph. I can do this. Gets me a step closer to being able to convert a 3D scan into a parametric model as a bonus. I can feel a passion coming on and THAT is critical to my learning process. Nodes and curves and screw the pixels.
  6. What units of measurement do you use in the raw file?? If I'm going to use a 1200 dpi printer resolution what should I use for the file I'm working on? Is the "points" I see in the screenshot relatable to dpi?? The sign letters vary in size from about 1" to 4" at1:1. Can a 1" 1:1 character be readable printed 1/24 scale at 1200 dpi???
  7. Thanks to Pete for the firsthand Alps info. And Dave, I have one question. There's a cent symbol used on the menu sign boards that is not included in the fonts I've been looking at. Is this something I'll have to create as a separate object and insert where needed or can it be typed with an alt or ascii code?? Another question I'll be immediately looking for the answer to is how to align or space words so that the beginning and ends of the words are aligned. I guess you'd call it variable word spacing, not variable letter spacing.
  8. I've got a Xerox Phaser 6022 printer supposedly 1200 dpi. No, don't need decals. This Alps printer ad gave me the impression they were capable of 2400 dpi http://www.alps-printer.com/refurbished-md5000-thermal-printer-with-english-windows-98xp-driver-p-6466.html I'd like to have the capability to print 1/25 gauge faces readable under magnification, but reality is I don't need it and should stop kidding myself.
  9. Social distancing could be easier if everybody stopped using deodorant, mouthwash and breath mints. Couldn't hurt to dress like the homeless either. I'll miss shaking hands with the Vets I run across. I wonder how long it'll be before someone creates a phart app for smartphones.
  10. Thanks Pete. Already did some font searching and found some that are close enough. Only problem with searching is finding font lists where the whole alphabet is shown. Problem learning a different program when I'm geared for another. The good thing is I have a project to learn with. Hope size reduction doesn't cause pixelation. Diorama is 1/24 scale matching all the Danbury Mint cars I've collected. Have about 40 cars and trucks that fit the era.
  11. Have decided to bite the bullet and get up to speed using Corel Draw. 50 years ago I had to take on artwork duty for product packaging with no experience. Got exposed to Corel about 25 years ago because of customers' inability to come up with camera ready artwork for product they wanted to buy from me in retail package form. I have endured the work and it was never easy for me. I suppose it isn't any more complicated than CAD/CAM and somewhat similar so I may even get to like it, a little. Ordered the software and downloaded a free trial. Started watching tutorials on YT.
  12. Vince, I live in Federal Way and any experiences you choose to post are most welcome to me. I'm an optimist by nature. If you've already had symptoms you'll be added to the recovered list soon. Best list IMHO. Your immune system is your primary weapon. Find out what ammo it needs.
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