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  1. Lamp guard

    This is the style lamp that the guard was used on.
  2. Lamp guard

    I bought some of the Czech PE ones,very nice, even though I have no big rig truck model. Just not seeing them on any finished models. Twenty years ago I'd see them on owner operator rigs during my cross country drives, sometimes what looked like near 50 of them on one rig.
  3. Lamp guard

    My company has been producing and shipping these for thirty years now and I've yet to see them used on a scale model truck. Are they not popular???
  4. Electric Hot Rod

    There were electric cars and trucks in the early 1900's..Grandma Duck drove one if I'm not mistaken. Google Baker electric car. Watch the Jay Leno video. https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/overview-of-early-electric-cars.html
  5. Time travel.

    Did he already know your Mom at the time you went to?
  6. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Will the doors open?? If so, will they hinge like the original reference photo?
  7. 3D resin printer

    Got a Phrozen Shuffle 4K ordered, $1,299 with free shipping.
  8. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    The purple front fenders are closer to the Packard shape.
  9. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Your mastery of accurately drilled holes in very small parts is quite impressive.
  10. Lola T-70 Mk III

    Your use of magnets piqued my curiosity so I went searching and found a website offering a huge variety with many incredibly small ones. Especially fascinated by the extremely small tubular ones that I'm thinking can be used somehow in my effort to make posable steering. Micro magnets Thank you for posting this.
  11. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    First car I ever noticed with seven wheel lug nuts. This one deserves a slow meticulous build IMHO.
  12. Interesting Corvair.

    I liked my 61 coupe, got T boned in NYC and got a Corsa convertible 4 spd, 4 carb and loved it for 8 years. Hot rodded the 61 a bit, but the Corsa didn't need it.
  13. 3D resin printer

    My company that I retired from is based in Taiwan and I'm going to have them check out the Phrozen Shuffle 4K with the intent to buy one for company use and one to send to me here. 2K resolution is the only downside of LCD vs DLP projector printers I have now.
  14. I received the one I ordered a couple days ago. Measures .012" wide by .024" high. Too high for a 1:25 bicycle chain, but it is very cute and worth having. There isn't enough space between the link plates for sprocket teeth to actually fit if there's even a 1:25 sprocket with teeth made at all.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have to wonder how that pewter piece was created. I'm of the opinion painting it would detract from the uniqueness of it. It doesn't have to "fit" in with anything else when it can stand alone as art.