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  1. My leaker. Super thin wicks more readily and I suspect this characteristic allowed it to wick up the sides inside the bottle, through a small opening in a poorly sealed cap and dribble down the outside.
  2. This may be one in a million, but maybe not. I purchased a 2oz. plastic bottle of INSTA-CURE SUPER THIN cyanoacrylate from LOTS of MODELS a few months ago and had it on a closet shelf. There appeared a large glob of glue on the outside of the container and ran down the side gluing the whole thing to the shelf. I pulled it loose which opened a leak in the bottom and glue when everywhere, hands, clothes, floor, counter top, cabinet doors and a couple books. Major mess. You'd be surprised how far two ounces of super glue can go. I don't know if the container sprung a leak or if the cap leaked, but the glue defied gravity in that it continued to leak from near the top and sucking out the glue. I say sucking because the sides of the plastic bottle were collapsed inward.
  3. For what it's worth I've been putzing around making 3D printed parts for Landman's Bombardier B-12 project, he needed tracks, and one of the parts is a louvred panel. Made the CAD model with open louvres and printed it with my Ultimaker filament printer. Worked surprisingly well.
  4. I'm a tool junkie and when I see one produced by a few different manufacturers it's my cue to find out why it's popular. This one does not replace the standard X-Acto knife at all, but it is very good for cutting flat material on a cutting mat. If you do a bunch of panel line scribing with the back of an X-Acto blade I think you may find this tool more comfortable to use. I'm finding it useful as a letter opener and even use it cutting cartons and carton tape.
  5. What is the scale of this beautifully detailed model???
  6. Got one of these today and immediately impressed with how much better knife control is using it.
  7. Your skill set certainly isn't 😎
  8. Beautiful models. Rear tire treads are reverse from "normal" Is this the European way??
  9. Yep, R&B has them in stock. Ordered some. Thanks for the info.
  10. Where did you get the spark plugs??
  11. Eye candy has me wanting more like a shot of the underside, one of the dash and one of the other side of the engine.
  12. Ask if they have a loose cleat kicking around that you could acquire. Outside diameter of the sprockets. Outside diameter of the tires, brand and side marked size.
  13. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-equipement-lourd-pieces-et-accessoires/ville-de-montreal/bombardier/1046616224?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Call these folks.
  14. Did the car have hood snubber/bumpers?
  15. Certainly looks worth it to me even if one had to develop the skill to do it.
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