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  1. Salvaging stuff

    I pick up and save every discarded disposable cigarette lighter I find. Was taking them apart for the springs, but the other parts are interesting as well. I hang onto disposable razors, take them apart and study their construction. Likewise ballpoint pens. My Dad used to say "Never trow nuttin away" and never throw anything away without saving all the screws, washers, bolts, nuts and springs. He'd bring home shipping crates that we kids had to take apart for the lumber and had to save the nails. Spent many hours as a kid straightening nails. He never threw away a baby food jar.
  2. Glue Gun Glue Bomb.

    When hot glue is used for paint-less dent repair the pull pucks are easily removed with isopropyl alcohol. It doesn't dissolve the glue, but seems to release the bond.
  3. Flathead

    Been pondering how to make 1/25 scale spark plugs and needed to find a material for the white insulator part. Obviously not functional. Found this and it looks like I can make it work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYVT9l969NE While I was at it I ordered some of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362397243829 My dentist lets me into his lab and if you ever get a chance to tour a dental lab jump on it.
  4. 1/43 1967 corvette monogram kit build

    That dash is so incredibly detailed for that scale I have to ask how you did it. Even if it is PE with decal gage faces it is hard to imagine those fingers of your's getting it done so perfectly.
  5. Flathead

    Middle top one is the real wire, bottom middle is the SLA print, top right is polyjet straight spoke, bottom right is bent spoke polyjet. These wheels are not compatible with kit tires. I don't know if Shapeways can print them, but I'll upload a file and see what happens. If they can do them I'll open a shop and sell them at cost with no guarantee of result being good. 50% of my spoked wheel prints have defects with a missing spoke or two.
  6. Flathead

    Got a little sidetracked with wheels. Tried my hand at real wire spokes, but they didn't look like the bent spoke Kelsey Hayes wheels in the original Bug photo. So I changed my computer model to bent spokes and printed them again. First used the polyjet and, while sort of OK and good enough, they didn't have the thinness of the real wire. So I tried printing them with the Formlabs SLA and got thinner spokes that I think, being bent, look better than the real wire. I must say the real wire is downright tedious.
  7. Thinning Paint

    What kind of paint were you thinning with naphtha and why were you using it? Does it have some attribute "normal" thinners don't have?
  8. I ordered a hand operated pad printer to try printing tire lettering, but have no experience with one. I also figured I'd get some insights on photo etching since the printing plates are etched. Do any of you guys use pad printing?? I expect a learning curve, but haven't the foggiest notion how steep it is. Is it something to love, or something to hate?
  9. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  10. Flathead

    Got the "kit" parts all printed, but not satisfied with the tires yet. They are currently in resin and in two halves cut horizontally. I want to cast them in one piece soft urethane.
  11. Flathead

    I have the following: Objet 30 Pro polyjet Formlabs 2 SLA Ultimaker 2+ filament Solus DLP Do all CAD models with Solidworks 2005 and run the STL files through Netfabb where I scale them and "fix" or optimize them.
  12. Flathead

    Been busy working on completing the computer model and printing parts along the way.
  13. Why do people dig up these old threads???

    I'm new to this forum and enjoying it immensely. Currently lurking daily just to become more familiar and find the old threads revived quite interesting and do well exposing the history that made this forum a very good one. Just wish the PB logo didn't show up so often in them. The off site search works very well and I don't care how old the info is if it's what I'm looking for. Ray Federowicz
  14. Flathead

    Been working on the chassis, but not finished. Have to model the front axle and steering box next. For such a simple car there's still a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH load of details to make.
  15. Flathead

    Wheels will change to real wire spokes since I can't print them to 1:25 scale. Chose this model because it is simple requiring the least number of detailing skills. I'm a novice at model building.