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  1. Packing models

    Some airlines tout their "special handling" of checked in pets. Totally off the wall, but if you packed the models in a pet carrier along with a pup riding shotgun perhaps they'd have a better chance.
  2. I ordered from the website and delivery time was reasonable. I believe Delica makes the smallest and sharpest cornered ones.
  3. Go to Fusionbeads.com and select seed beads. Then select Delica and then hex Delica seed beads. Various colors and sizes.
  4. Polish Ford FT-B (Tfc) Armored Car 1/35th Scale

    I'm Polish and my mother's parents were there during that war. Grandfather got conscripted into the Russian army while my Grandmother who was only 12 at the time hid in a closet while some of the Russian army broke into her house and raped and murdered her mother and two older sisters. I'm also an early Ford guy so your model is especially interesting to me. I like dioramas too. Very well done detail at 1:35.
  5. Weird cars Post em here.

    Police Interceptor version should sell like hotcakes.
  6. You need more magnification in your pics so the rest of us can see the warts you're talking about.
  7. Technically there's a relationship between the diameter of the toothpick or whatever and the offsets. For the first row the horizontal offset is 1.16 times the radius of the toothpick. Vertical offset between the first row and the second and subsequent rows is radius of the toothpick. Each new row start point is offset horizontally by one half of the 1.16 times radius dimension. Then there's the choosing of right to left or left to right. They will look different. Then there's the easier to comprehend 45 degree pattern where row offsets are equal but rotated 45 degrees from the part horizontal. And you didn't even have to ask.
  8. Plating a plastic spoon test

    Daddy Mack suggesting silver has been very helpful, It led me to the Angel Gilding site from which I ordered some chemicals and kits. Took me a while to find this particular page that quite clearly explains what I need to do. https://angelgilding.com/electroplating-and-powder-coating/ Thank you Daddy Mack.
  9. Here's some stuff on the weaver. http://www.castleequipment.com/Museum/auto_crane_weaver_history.htm
  10. Plating a plastic spoon test

    It's been 60 years since I took high school chemistry and even then summa dis and summa dat didn't fly and it certainly ain't gonna fly with this electroless stuff. I find it interesting that quite a number of research papers i scour looking for recipes are authored by Chinese scholars. A couple Pakistani and South Korean too. Finally found a couple recipes I can understand dealing with simple grams and milliliters instead of molar solutions. So now I can do X grams of dis and Y ml of dat mixed with Z ml of deionized water. Getting closer to needing plastic spoons which I don't have yet.
  11. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Generally yes, but those hanging types are usually found along a street. Your doorway doesn't face a street so a wall mounted plaque may be more appropriate and maybe not so elaborate. A club is more private than public.
  12. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Oak Barrel Whiskey Club sounds better IMHO. However, I'd like to suggest more of an English Pub type sign, a plaque shape of sorts, instead of a long sign board.
  13. Rolls Royce Merlin colors

    Photo is from this site. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/spitfire-engine-bay-colours-or-lack-of-t500713.html One thing seems sure is that the engines weren't painted a monolithic color after assembly like diesel truck engines generally seem to be. Seems like cast iron parts got painted black. Non-ferrous castings seem to have varied from unpainted to either a green or a blue. I am no expert. These are my observations from searches.
  14. Plating a plastic spoon test

    This project will take longer than I'd hoped. Got most of the chemicals, a bunch of lab equipment, a couple plating kits, one of two technical books I ordered and a fair amount of skepticism. So far cost is still under $1000. Got 5 grams of palladium chloride for only $285 including tax. Wife gets earrings or I'm toast I suspect the spoon video might be bogus..