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  1. General rule of thumb for lathe spindle height is elbow high. Harold is looking at a lathe that is about half scale.
  2. When only a proper tool will do you have to become a toolmaker. Well done. ?
  3. Got about 85% of my ivy patch ripped out and disposed of. 230 cubic yards of vines. Worked off 12 pounds and wore out 2 electric winches and trained a Mexican for expert ivy ripping. Got my 2019 taxes filed by the 10/15 deadline. I don't have a modeling work bench to return to. Planned on finishing the basement as part of house renovation so I could have a dedicated work room with a bench. I made the mistake of procrastinating on keeping up with my real life responsibilities. My Mexican helper is interested in models and has artistic talents. Loves drawing and painting. Introducing him to Solidworks and then 3D printing.
  4. https://www.beadalon.com/products/beadalon_bead_stringing_wire_49_strand.asp This is the best I've found for fine scale use. Very flexible as is, but can be even softer if the beautifully stranded cable is annealed by burning off the extremely thin plastic coating.
  5. Got three houses to maintain, one needing major renovation, so focused on getting my 1:1 life in order for the time being. Battling with ripping out an out of control English ivy patch nearly 1/4 acre in size and on a steep slope. Massive entanglement of roots and vines.
  6. Hi David, One way to control the movement of the cars is to have the fishing line in a loop where the pull line is connected to first car and the rear of the last car with a driving capstan pulley between and a bit of tension on the line. Kind of like a bicycle chain. Smooth rotation of the pulley guarantees smooth car movement.
  7. Two different post/bracket styles in the photo. Left one is what was on Vine street, but right one is better looking to my eye and certainly easier to model. I prefer historical accuracy, but unless a 3D scan turns up the simpler version will have to do. These street lights were surprisingly large and ornate to a fault.
  8. Some streetlight model progress.
  9. Danbury doesn't disappoint. About once a month I spend some time opening hoods and doors.
  10. Finding stuff that was at that intersection but outside of the photo. Diorama will have to include a semaphore traffic signal with the Sunset BLVD and Vine St street signs on top. There was a fire hydrant and at least one park bench also. Surprising amount of historical information being preserved and studied. Wondered about the restrooms and come to find out L.A. had a city sanitary sewer system built around 1894. My Grandparents' rural farm homes didn't get indoor flush toilets until 1951. I remember my uncles digging the cesspools. Even the victorian style street lights were quite a big deal back then and a world renowned attraction. Diorama will include two of them. When the NBC building got built on the site (demolished in 1964 and replaced by a characterless bank building) Carpenter's moved across the street and got a more modern (uglier) structure. There's a Starbucks there now.
  11. Oil pressure, oil temp, manifold vacuum, crankcase vacuum, volts, fuel pressure, and A/F are some I have in addition. Not all analog though. I used to take tuning my Flathead Ford very seriously.
  12. I think it would be very cool if the neon signs could light up but I have no information on what colors they were. The colorized daytime photo shows white letters on a blue background for the roof mounted one for instance, but what color the neon tubes were is a mystery. At any rate actually modelling the protruding neon tubes themselves won't happen. Beyond what I'm willing to tackle. The train guys have Miller Engineering EL stuff that's great, but uses special AC power supplies of some sort. Lighting up the building is easily done as the tiered roof ones were simply backlighted while all the others were lit by lamps trained on them.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pZLmBOkaNU Pat, I just found this. Only watched 30 seconds of it so far and had to immediately post the link.
  14. Flat32


    LED lighting is a real nice feature IMHO. Have you done more with LED's?? Include a license light next time. Looks like it should be in the Under Glass section. ?
  15. This is one of the items in the diorama scene that I need to create a model of. Using the same technique Brad uses for creating 2D artwork from a photo can make it much easier in Solidworks. Learning and mastering what Brad knows will be a gamechanger for my reverse engineering efforts.
  16. There are a couple adjustments I want to make, but I want to make them myself just to learn how. Not that they are necessary. Your contributions to this effort are huge. You have eliminated any excuses I have used for not starting the diorama build. I'm now doomed to posting somewhat regular progress updates.?
  17. Another, maybe better rendition.
  18. This might be helpful for "DELICIOUS DRIP". Please note that the most white is the lit neon tube and what looks like a dark shadow is the actual art outline, I think.
  19. Don't know why the B&W COFFEE isn't straight at the bottom, but found it curious your rendition isn't straight either. BTW, the letters are shadowed. I originally thought they were protruding as I misinterpreted the shadow. Note the shadow direction on the B&W sign.
  20. You made that one look easy, but can you do this version??
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