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  1. 1965 Mack B61ST 1/25 scale

    Should you ever think of opening the hood this pic reference might help.
  2. AC Mack Tractor Trailer

    Was watching the build thread looking for fifth wheel detail. Didn't get to see it and now I see a winch that I need to find. The Mack AC is iconic.
  3. Utterly fascinating link. Never saw so much with a $0.00 price. Thank you for posting that link and the very useful information.
  4. No better reason to build a model than that. The time you spend with him asking questions that remind him of days he enjoyed benefits everyone more than you may realize. Don't wait until the last minute to source the logs. Perhaps your wife could help with that. Outstanding truck. I like vintage ones most of all.
  5. The BIG hole

    I did a little research to answer my own question and checked on why the image is useful to those who sought it. I had no intention to start a debate and realize I shouldn't have posted my comment on this forum. I'll admit I was happy with the black hole theory. What I want to understand is gravity, light and quantum mechanics. I think the universe will become more understandable once these three become less theoretical. I'm not so amazed now.
  6. The BIG hole

    I'm amazed at how something so useless can be somehow used to justify so much effort and expense. Where does the money come from??
  7. Lincoln V12 with ARDUN heads.

    Have you decided which version?
  8. ford falcon xb 500

    Someday you will see a car with a wrap made to simulate an obviously 3D printed car. I have no idea why Michelle didn't sand it, but I can guess a couple. What I see is a work of art with a story behind it and I know from personal experience how exciting first prints can be. The subject car is an attractive design with lines that are all curves and somehow those layer lines enhance the design. A very unique model.IMHO.
  9. Hooper & Co Diorama

    I'm puzzled by the curb differences. Appears layout changed, but height didn't. Very interesting scale. Just had to check it's origins and quite surprised by how popular it is.
  10. Sizing Images for Decals

    I attempted to do a size reduction by first printing the original image at 75% on glossy photo paper and then scan it which allows scanning in B&W. Then the scanned image can be saved as a PNG or PDF file both of which are pure B&W and will print without the JPG color problem. Had a problem with resolution because my Canon MX492 printer/scanner only has 600 dpi scan resolution. Not good enough. So I ordered a new printer, Epson XP-7100, which has 1200 x 4800 dpi scan and 5760 x 1440 print resolutions. Ordered yesterday, Amazon delivers today. I suspect a better result could be had if the image was printed white background with black numerals however the outline of the gauge faces would be lost. They can be created in Adobe or Corel. FWIW I got glob prints by accidentally printing on the wrong side of the photo paper. Don't know if this helps Steve, but it sure forces me to find a solution to a problem I've been avoiding. Thanks Steve.
  11. ford falcon xb 500

    I like it. Doesn't appear to be the same printer that did the Orca. What printer are you using??
  12. Sizing Images for Decals

    Where exactly did you find it?? If you simply copied it from a decal site like Premium Dash Decals it won't work because the site images are usually .jpg. Adobe or Corel Draw probably can convert it to pure B&W. Your image has color information being .jpg. It seems to be full scale so I scaled it to 4% in paint and printed in grayscale on glossy photo paper and it prints, but the printer uses all the colors in the black and the image is not crisp like you would get with pure B&W using a laser printer.
  13. Sizing Images for Decals

    Your original image as posted is not pure B&W . Try to find it's original source in native format, not .jpg. Hopefully a vector image. I edited my post. The scaling feature was in Paint, not the printer.
  14. Sizing Images for Decals

    Your image is B&W. Make sure your printer is set for B&W, not color.
  15. Sizing Images for Decals

    I played with reducing an image for printing using Windows Paint and got a poor result, but when I used the printer's scale reduction (Canon MX492) I got a good result. In checking for ink jet printer types I found that Epson uses different technology for their print heads and is described as better resolution. I don't know this to be true or not. I also don't know if the Epson's printer scaling would work as well as the Canon. If your printer has the scaling feature built into it's software try it for the size reduction.
  16. Detailing hose clamps was a major concern for me because I don't have the painting skills to do it to my satisfaction. Cleaning my kitchen sink I stumbled upon a wrinkled up strand of wife's stainless steel scouring pad. Pulled that thing between my finger and the back edge of a knife to straighten it out and it curled right up into a loop. It is only .014" wide so looks like a shy 3/8" wide 1:1. The screw part I can leave as a 3D printed detail that I can easily hit with the Molotow pen after painting the hoses and it black. Going to buy pads from different makers to see if widths are different.
  17. Flathead

    Printed carbs in gray using the Anycubic Photon printer and got the Z axis pixel lines that proved objectionable. So went back to the Solus printer and printed with black resin and while it doesn't quite measure up to the red it is 95% as good on detail. Where it really helps is eliminating painting the black bases and perhaps black wash. I did one quickly, about five minutes, with a Gold Sharpie on the body, Bronze Sharpie on the brass fittings and Silver Sharpie on the linkage. A little sloppy I'll admit, but passable as proof of concept. Plating will be focused on copper electroforming to strengthen really thin parts and the chassis to keep it from warping. Plan to resort to metal casting to make tie rod and drag link ends. I think I can do it with 3D printed molds and cast the ends directly onto wire that will be actual rod and link material. There, I said it. Now I have to do it to avoid embarrassment.
  18. Flathead

    The car I'm trying to build is Dick Kraft's Bug, but the Flathead parts will also be used in a '32 3 window coupe when I get a Revell body sorted out and a decent '32 frame made. Painted parts are Molotow and my first ever painted parts.
  19. Hose clamp material

    Got two of my ordered scour pads from different makers and they are different widths. One is 0.016", .400" at 1:1. The other is 0.018" which would be .450" at 1:1. New stuff is a heck of a lot nicer than my wife's old used one. Coils are around .125" diameter as is, but I easily took a coiled length down to .080" by twisting it tighter on a toothpick. Managed to get coil diameter down to .040 on a straight pin. Stuff is 0.0015" thick which would be .037" thick at 1:1. I'm happy.
  20. This is not a tutorial, yet, but I hope to make it one eventually based on what I see here. I have a language problem slowing the effort. Spoon test
  21. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    Better resolution may not be needed for most, but it is desired because it is possible and required by some.
  22. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    There is annoying texture on the carb, but what is more annoying is the lack of crisp edges at small scales. The best available technology for resin printers under $5000 is DLP and while they can do 10 micron layers in Z axis they are more limited in XY resolution which is dependent on the projector's digital image resolution. I want better than what I have and it will come. Dann is right to be fussy.