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  1. Looking good, you are making good progress too!
  2. If you scribe the panel lines deeper before paint, the results will be even better. And try using paint that is slightly darker than the main body color for those - like brown for the panel lines on a yellow car, or grey on silver or white, etc - it just makes it more natural.
  3. Thanks - I didn't win anything. :) not even in top 10, I believe - but that wasn't the point really. Just wanted to build some box-stockers I guess, and that was the excuse.
  4. Man, that Skyline got blown up! Geez. Cool that you are restoring these. Will make for excellent conversation pieces!
  5. Thank you! Much appreciated. I really need to take some good pix of the collection.
  6. You bet - thank you! Thank you guys, much appreciated!
  7. I dig it! Very nice.
  8. Superb! Love the color scheme!
  9. I dig it, very nice.
  10. They made 2 version of the kit, curbside and full detail later. Thanks! Thank you guys!
  11. Ha, those are pretty funny looking cars! Yup, that 's for sure. I don't even know what happened there.... Thanks! Thank you!
  12. Thank you, agree - 2K is a very nice clear, and it makes laying down a good paintjob easier. The shine is like no other! You bet! Oh man, that F50 build seems like its been ages ago.... Time flies. Thanks!
  13. Haha, German-heavy....Its more like BMW collection than a collection - 99% are bimmers. I'm a big BMW fan, diecast and real life. Thank you! A lot of JDM cars are very cool. This one is more quirky than cool Thank you! Much appreciated.
  14. Thank you - those are Ikea cabinets. Billy, I believe. thanks! Thanks! Warhol car - if you ever decide to build one, I think decal Doc has the decals - but I would rather try to paint it freehand, like Andy did 🙂
  15. Umm, no, I shoot in manual - settings depend on the light and the object being photographed.
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