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  1. 15 hours ago, absmiami said:

    Hurricanes ...  and now blizzards ...  so much for “don’t mess with .....  “.   

    I know right?

    14 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

    Looks like a when #e77 freezes over moment!  Glad to see you on this again.  I noticed there are louvers for the hood, which seem to be optional, you have any idea what that is about?

    The openings are for the "hotter" engine that was installed into 365 GTC. 330 GTC still had old Colombo-designed double-cam design, and as such - no louvers to "cool" it.

    14 hours ago, beeRS said:

    Great to see you back on this. Interior fit doesn’t look too bad. 

    Yup, that's about 3 hours of making it fit :)


  2. Ok, all these posts above made me get this out of the box and fiddle with it a bit over the weekend - that s until we lost power and almost froze to death here in Texas. Aaaaanyway...

    Got most of the interior parts to fit together, more or less:

    50957383587_702df6da8b_b.jpgIMG_7710 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50956577683_a07f2624e8_b.jpgIMG_7711 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    Not only that - but also worked a bit on making everything fit nicely inside the body as well:

    50957383402_2b15ef9156_b.jpgIMG_7713 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50956577488_029c0917c8_b.jpgIMG_7714 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50957383292_fedbfcef98_b.jpgIMG_7715 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50956577418_32f50e6d23_b.jpgIMG_7716 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    Everything lines up nicely now, which is good. Still need to adjust the chassis relative to the body a bit - my axles are not entirely centered in the arches.

    50956577373_3c9e1aee0c_b.jpgIMG_7719 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50956577338_d5bb021f6a_b.jpgIMG_7721 by Italian Horses, on Flickr

    50956577258_841c7e0c6f_b.jpgIMG_7722 by Italian Horses, on Flickr


  3. On 2/6/2021 at 4:54 AM, MrObsessive said:

    Alex, all I can say is WOW! 👍

    VERY ambitious project you've taken on and I'll have to echo some of your sentiments about the quality of the kit. It wasn't this one I have, but another one I got a while back that was let's say..........less than stellar.

    Keep up the great work! I'm sure it'll be a sure fire knockout when done and it's yet another Ferrari model that's been very overlooked over the years.

    Hey Bill, ambitious is the right word, and I feel like my ambitions are biting me in the a$$ right now, as I don't have time and slowly loosing steam on this. Hopefully I will persevere. :) Thanks!

  4. On 1/6/2021 at 12:15 AM, 89AKurt said:

    Yes, basic parts came from the Fujimi Daytona, I made several tools during my NART project.

    Back to your topic, I ordered one of these this week!  I have an Italeri 250 SWB that is missing the chrome tree and horrible tires, and the interior "tub" over the rear wheels, so it could work as the donor chassis.  I really need you to make all the mistakes of conversion, so I won't.  ?

    This transkit will allow me to go banshee on several projects.  Now with the left-over SWB body, I can cut the roof and put on the Testarossa to do what master model builder David Cummins had drawn.  Then I could do a 250 SWS (Spyder) resto-rod.  Anyway, sorry to hijack your topic.

    Haha, that actually looks pretty cool. I believe the back of the car on the drawing is not an SWB, more like 250 TdF Berlinetta, but SWB would still work!

    I have not touched models since summer. No time, sorry :)

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