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  1. Thank you! Umm, well - I honestly thought you finished yours! This will likely be done this weekend. Thanks! Different material on chassis pans - one that is closer to the hot exhaust is made from aluminum, other one is plastic. Thank you. You can still cut off the sump and transplant the engine if you want, you just need to find a different gearbox for it.
  2. All right, continuing with this one after a short break. Painted chassis parts into base colors: IMG_1919 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Then I detail painted the chassis and suspension bits: IMG_1933 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_1932 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Front suspension completed: DSC_0100 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Rear too: DSC_0097 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Finished chassis: DSC_0096 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0094 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Painted, decaled and assembled the wheels: DSC_0110 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Mocked up overall to check the stance and fit. I think the front track is a bit too wide, I'll see what I can do about that later. DSC_0120 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0118 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0115 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0114 by Italian Horses, on Flickr
  3. Very nice, love the odd wheel up front.
  4. Turned out great! Odd color, but then again, it suits the odd car!
  5. Thank you Gents! Thank you, much appreciated. Yup, I also thing US version was watered down, but what can you do? That was a very cool era in Japanese car history, and a lot of good cars came out of it.
  6. Thanks! Yep, clear makes them shine! Agreed!
  7. Finally had the time to take some nice pictures of the Silvia. Simple kit, but looks real good on the shelf. Built completely box stock, painted Nissan Blueish Silver w/gray interior. Testament to excellent Tamiya models that can be built to look great out of the box.
  8. Turned out wonderful! The color really shows off the lines of the car.
  9. Thank you! I like it a lot too, reminiscent of same era Vettes, especially in the front. Thank you. Yes, the paint is Zero that is about 10 years old! Don't even know if they still make that.
  10. Nah, don't think I want to do videos. SA didn't live up to their agreement, this was the reason I stopped writing for them. They screwed me over, and that is why I stopped writing for them. It was a very ugly breakup because they were too greedy. Their loss.
  11. White really suits the car! Looks great. Would look even better if pictures were not take on the kitchen counter.
  12. I don't even remember anymore. Quite possibly I wrote something after the last website update, but its been 10 years and I simply don't recall if I did.
  13. Thank you! I'll post some nicer pictures of completed model in the gallery soon.
  14. Thank you gentlemen! Small update - I have painted the body. Must say, I have never seen a Tamiya plastic that was THIS soft. Was quite a job to re-scribe these panel lines - the blade kept slipping out or digging into the line. Don't know if its the problem with the re-issue of the kit. In any case - body was cleaned, re-scribed, and primered: IMG_1829 by Italian Horses, on Flickr I had glued the hood shut, and it also took some work to make sure the panel is aligned properly on the sides and shut lines are even - Tamiya didnt' do a good job there. IMG_1830 by Italian Horses, on Flickr All body color parts in primer ready for paint: IMG_1833 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Innocent Blue Mica is a two stage paint, so first coat was done and left to cure: IMG_1834 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Then second color coat was sprayed for this deep, vibrant blue: IMG_1838 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_1837 by Italian Horses, on Flickr And then clearcoated with 2K clear - the paint turned out fantastic, if I say so myself IMG_1856 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_1854 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_1859 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_1850 by Italian Horses, on Flickr
  15. Haha, I was wondering if anybody actually bought that. I have not seen it myself, since I'm too cheap to pay for my own stuff And SA were too cheap to send it to me. Silvers are good, if you want silver. If you want Chrome, get Molotow marker. Just search Amazon for a name.
  16. All right, let's keep the ball rolling. Pandemic build #7 will be RX-7. Coincidence? Umm, yes. Last iteration of the "rotary rocket" and most beautiful of the RXs (in my opinion). Will be building JDM version of the car (FD3S) and as such I got this re-issue of the 24110 kit from Tamiya. Many of you are familiar with the kit - its a simple curbside vs their R1 kit that has full engine detail. The color will be Innocent Blue Mica.
  17. Thank you! I use XF-1 for the trim, the flatter the better IMO. Thanks! Masking off the trim and airbrushing it makes a huge difference, agree. US Market had 180SX, then 240SX - we never had Silvia. Slightly different body style, and front/rear fascias.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Sakura-41181-Pentouch-Metallic-Extra-Fine/dp/B003W0XT7G/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=gold+marker&qid=1590774383&sr=8-13 There are cheaper equivalents, but I have used this one.
  19. Thank you! No secret really... its just like any other paint. Technically, its just lacquer, so it would be no different from Zero, etc Thank you. Time to finish this one. S13 has a pretty complex optics, but Tamiya gave it all as a simple one-piece, had to sweat a bit to paint that "silvia" logo. Turned out fine in the end. IMG_1750 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Assembled taillights, put on wing, badges. Can't really see silver Silvia decal on a light color: DSC_0057 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Lights, wipers, mirrors up front: DSC_0056 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Its DONE! DSC_0045 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0052 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0050 by Italian Horses, on Flickr DSC_0048 by Italian Horses, on Flickr More pics in the completed section soon!
  20. Thank you. Surprised they actually worked as well as they did, wasn't sure at first. I guess you can't go wrong with a classic roadster color scheme!
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