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  1. 1970 challenger vert

    Kit or parts bin?built when keeping track wasnt important i lettered them with flatwhit testors and a 10 o brush valve stems made from home telephone wire
  2. Galaxie chevy deluxe

    Evven aa brookeenn. clock is r8ght twice a day
  3. 32 vicky custom

    That would be tthe ohellcamino terrorizinng a carsshef. Somewhers soon
  4. 32 vicky custom

    Wood is good what betterway to asimulate than with actual wood
  5. 1960 dodge adventurer

    Oops wrong spot again wish i had my new glasses
  6. 1960 dodge adventurer

    Like i said im working 3 of them got them mixed up i apologise for my confusion
  7. New Build 1957 Ford Del Rio Station Wagon Finished !

    Gotta get me few of these nice work looking great
  8. 1960 dodge adventurer

    Youre probably right im the confused oneive got all but the imperial and theyre in various stages just dont have access to anything to look at right now have a pic of the phoenix 1to1 on pinterest doing all my posting on this tiny smarter than me phone dont even have my llaptop at present wifes holding everything hostage sorry for my confusion just so happy to be finally able to share some of my works especially here just got back in the groove when she flipped on me thanks for letting me know im mixed up though
  9. 1960 dodge adventurer

    This ones says dodge phoenix on it. Heck dont have any to double check. Til i get my stuff back from ex going of my pics but pretty sure this is the phoenix dart the desoto wasnt painted yet dang now im all confusedd
  10. 1960 dodge adventurer

    My bad its actually a 1960 dodge dart phoenix found the real one on barrett jackson in pinterest pics i do have a desoto adventurer from johan to hence the mixup sorry for twisting them in my head and on here
  11. 58 tbird

    This is how i built b4 mcm and sae entered my life
  12. 1970 challenger vert

    White paint never seems to hold up but the rest stood up well homemade valvestems too also needs a dust and wax job
  13. Chrysler turbine

    One of my. Older. Builds no detail copper testors rattle can testors cleearcoat paint hasnt stood the time test cant decide if i want to restore or build the extra kit i stillhave unopened and do a side by side before mcm and sae came into play also have a monogram 58tbird one of my very first builds ive kept around to remind me of what mcm and sae have taught me over. The years rf has a slight camber caster issue
  14. Eckler vette spiderweb paint

    Black n green vht spiderweb paint dont think they even sell it anymore
  15. Mo'luminium....What happend ?

    Oops wr9te in wrong spot man its been a longtime 3 deployments 2 in war zones for me ik now d8sabled and retired not by cho8ce hmu