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  1. The two 155 isn't the same, so I can't build them at the same time. There are many differences in the suspension ,engine, interior. I still waiting the carbon decals, maybe I'll get it in late January. i'm started with the wheels and the two bodys: this is the Martini"s engine and front suspension: i made new springs:
  2. The next project is a little bigger, i want to build 2 Alfa Romeo. I bought to "Detail up set" kit to them. And I also ordered 2 "carbon fibre pattern" decals set ,but it hasn't come yet. I started the work with the body:
  3. I'm ready: ű more pictures here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/127736-kemszis-showroom/page/2/
  4. Beemax- Lancia Delta S4 WIP topic:
  5. Thanks, I totally agree with you Thank You! Thank you! It's a great kit, i really enjoyed to build it
  6. i couldn't wait to see how it will look
  7. The interior is almost ready:
  8. Sorry guys, i didn't have too much time nowadays , to build this car (My second Son born in the end of August ) I can do only small progress at once, but I didnt stop to work. The rear and front suspension, the bottom of the car, the engine is almost ready. I also started the interior. From the front are missing the breaks, and the frontcooler.
  9. I made some extra details to the engine, and repainted a few parts
  10. I bought the Audi too(and the Kremer Porsche ), it would be great to build the Audi with openable hood, and fully detailed engine.
  11. Thank you Guys! The engine: Maybe the intake manifold color isn't the best, it turned a little bit blue I'll repaint it tomorrow, dark iron color might be better
  12. Very nice! I really like the carbon parts👍
  13. Trabant, good to see this here In Hungary it'is an iconic car Nice build!
  14. Thank you Curtis! I put together the body parts to made some pictures
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