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  1. Sorry guys, i didn't have too much time nowadays , to build this car (My second Son born in the end of August ) I can do only small progress at once, but I didnt stop to work. The rear and front suspension, the bottom of the car, the engine is almost ready. I also started the interior. From the front are missing the breaks, and the frontcooler.
  2. I made some extra details to the engine, and repainted a few parts
  3. I bought the Audi too(and the Kremer Porsche ), it would be great to build the Audi with openable hood, and fully detailed engine.
  4. Thank you Guys! The engine: Maybe the intake manifold color isn't the best, it turned a little bit blue I'll repaint it tomorrow, dark iron color might be better
  5. Very nice! I really like the carbon parts👍
  6. Trabant, good to see this here In Hungary it'is an iconic car Nice build!
  7. Thank you Curtis! I put together the body parts to made some pictures
  8. I'm ready with the clearcoat
  9. Few Days later (I think, I waited enough for the paint to dry only two months) But the Decals are ready I want to write a few words from the decals: These are the best decals ,what i ever see. It's very easy to work with them. The quality is perceft, don't need to use too much softer on the complex form, they are thin, and don't break easily.
  10. There wasn't much work on the body. So it got the primer and the color Now i wait a few days before i start to apply the decals
  11. This will be my next car: Lancia Delta S4, one of my favorite Group B rally car. I bought the optional photo etched parts and decals. So it will be fun to build this kit.
  12. Very nice build! I also want to build one.I already bought the kit (#41Loctite, this is a black version)
  13. I really like this and the F355. The F355 is one of my favorite But I don't like the modern Ferrari(After the F355 era,except the 599Gto,and the F12 TDF). Thanks! This is the first time when I used the Zero Clearcoat, but i like the end result. Unfortunately some dust particle stuck in the Clearcoat...
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