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  1. 12 hours ago, stitchdup said:

    Cool, I remember when all the puc kids had the maxi bodykits on them around 1996

    Unfortunately, here in hungary it wasn't a common thing. I saw once a red 306 Gti with the Maxi body kit and thats all. :D
    (And one hungarian rally team has a Maxi./Chasissis#33/, but I never saw this one in action :( )

    So this is the interior and the bottom of the car



    And some little updates on the body


  2. On 1/13/2021 at 11:08 PM, Funkychiken said:

    Gabor, this is a beautiful car & an excellent build! one of my favourites too

    Thank you!

    I stopped this build for a while, because there was a problem , when I took of the masking tape , it interrupted the decals and varnishing.So first I removed all the old paint ,the decals, and a bought a new set of decals.
    I was a lot of work, but If everything goes well I want to varnish it on the weekend


  3. Hi again!

    I totally forget to update this topic. So the 306 Maxi is in the finish line. Just the rearview mirrors ,the towingeyes and some decals are missing. I forgot to make pictures from the cockpit. But I will make up for that.
    Unfortunatly the parts of the cockpit were very inaccurate, and there was a big problem with the front and rear windshield. As you can see on the pictures both of them have a hump, so they don't fit perfectly.
    I tried my best, but there was a gap left.





  4. 29 minutes ago, stitchdup said:

    Nice work. I have a question about the decals in the nunu kits, are they done like the belkits decals  or all one part?

    I'm not sure that I understand the question exactly, and I don't have experience with the belkits decals yet (I bought more of it already,but I didn't start any of it)
    But I found a picture from the original decal sheet maybe it help . So you get the clean blue stripes without any other decal.
    The logos are seprate,for example you need to put every brand one by one on the sideskirts.


  5. I was really happy when I saw this kit is coming, I really like these Kit Cars.(The Renault Clio Maxi is my other favorit from this class and if I saw well, it will come too in 1/24 kit)
    The engine is naturally aspirated, 2.0litre with 280-300Hp, and the max. RPM around 11 000...
    It's only 2WD, but the weight is only ~960kg
    And the sound of this car is incredible...

    So this is my next build. I also bought the original detail-up parts
    I started with the sanding of the body

    The quality of the kit looks very good in the first sight.
    The suspension and the interior is well detailed, the front and the rear bumper fits almost perfectly, and I didn't saw any big molding error on the body.

  6. On 10/30/2020 at 3:22 AM, 935k3 said:

    great build. Nothing looks better than a Martini.

    Thanks, All cars looks better with Martini livery :D
    and most of them was legendary

    19 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

    Nice work on the decals Gabor !


    11 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

    Looking great so far!

    Thank You!

    3 hours ago, stitchdup said:

    Cool it was always fun to see these on tv spitting fire

    unfortunately I didn't see these cars live...
    But we already planning, that we go to the Rally Legend

  7. 23 hours ago, Pete75 said:

    Very interesting - and a bit concerning - but I'm really glad to learn these things before starting! Yep, I notice that this must be the sister kit of the Kankkunen 1992 Finland one; I'll bet the only difference is the box & a couple of decals! ?

    Yes,this is a hasegawa habit, make a new box and a new set of decals,  then the new kit is ready.
    I've run into this a few times already(I built the Subaru Impreza WRX 1993 RAC rally edition, then I bought the Rally Monte Carlo'95 version. I thought it was coming with a tarmac wheels and suspension...but no.It is the same kit with same parts, just the decals was changing.
    It is the same situation with the Lancia 037 JGTC edition. )

  8. 1 hour ago, Pete75 said:

    Cool. I have this in my stash, so I'll be watching carefully!?

    I like this kit, but it has some flaws.
    I think, the suspension is from a gravel setup kit(but this is a Rally Monte Carlo'92 edition), so it needs to modifying many parts, like lower arms, half shafts,shocks and springs
    You get 2 set wheels in the box, there is a small one(this is the tarmac wheels), and a smaller :D
    For Me the original tarmac wheels seems to small, and the tyre walls are tall, thats why I bought a new set.

    The body is from the street version, so there are many badges(and also many burrs) on it ,what needs to be cut off , and sand it back nicely

    The dashboard is almost finished


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