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  1. This will be my next car: Lancia Delta S4, one of my favorite Group B rally car. I bought the optional photo etched parts and decals. So it will be fun to build this kit.
  2. Very nice build! I also want to build one.I already bought the kit (#41Loctite, this is a black version)
  3. I really like this and the F355. The F355 is one of my favorite But I don't like the modern Ferrari(After the F355 era,except the 599Gto,and the F12 TDF). Thanks! This is the first time when I used the Zero Clearcoat, but i like the end result. Unfortunately some dust particle stuck in the Clearcoat...
  4. The interior, the engine, and the rear suspension are almost ready. In the interior ,i made seatbelts and car mats. And the engine got some wirings, and hoses
  5. Ferrari 575M - Fujimi
  6. I needed a lot of time to finish the car I forgot to paint the mirrors You can see the pictures here:
  7. I finished the peugeot. You can see the pictures here:
  8. Peugeot 206 WRC-Tamiya
  9. Three Manufacturer made the TS version, revell/fujimi/hasegawa The Hasegawa is available: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10051664 I don't know the Fujimi or the Revell kit are better or not.But the Hasegawa is detailed. The first two layer is ready, tomorrow will get the third :
  10. It's an interesting build, i really like it And the body color is also nice How you use the nail polish? Add thinners into it?
  11. While I was working on the Peugeot 206 WRC, I started this Ferrari It was a lot of work with the body, there was many burr and hollow on it. But these are not really appear on the photos. The primer coat is ready. Now I wait a few days to dry it out, before I paint it red
  12. Yes, with the inside lip the wheel is too wide in bottom view. I always cut it off, but not just about the Tamiya wheels. I make it with all wheels what are wider than the tyre. The Interior is finished: And now only missing some small parts and the rear wing from the body
  13. Thank you! Today I worked on the front of the car The front Lights,the front grille and the Peugeot emblem have been replaced.
  14. After a little pause (3 months, I must made 3 Autoart 1:18 model car ) ,I continue the Peugeot 206 WRC The doorpanels got some carbon foil: The interior is almost finished
  15. Thanks Guys! I'm working on the interior:
  16. Kemszi

    Ferrari 288 GTO

    Very nice Job.I also have one in my "stock"
  17. The Wheels: and a small part of the rear suspension:
  18. It's my next car. This is a great kit ,like the others Tamiya rally kits what i have seen already. For this model i have bought the HobbyDesign Detail-up set(HD02-0312). The body: And i started to work on the wheels and tires
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