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  1. finally I chose aftermarket stickers (Studio27, what ShawnS suggested to me )
  2. My next car: It was László Ranga's car. He was a Hungarian rally legend( six times champion )unfortunately his fate is similar to R.Burns. I bought to this kit new decals, new wheels (because the original wheels are small) and photo etched parts . The new wheels are made by the Kyosho for the miniz rc car. I used the old wheel's center
  3. This is my favorite car, nice build!
  4. It's a little bit off topic Today i bought this: Sunstar Subaru S207 1/18 Diecast
  5. They copied me, because i started this in 2010 so they stoled my idea Unfortunately, they was finished sooner, like me
  6. I think so too.i bought because it has a detailed engine, and the body seems to better than the fujimi version
  7. the new wheels are great!
  8. Tamiya- Porsche 911 GT2
  9. Fujimi-Tamiya Subaru Impreza
  10. I tried today the white color.: It's cover well the green color,but i used a spray, so the edges are bad. I'll try tomorrow with airbrush If the result isn't good enough, i will buy the decal set, what ShawnS recommended me. Thanks for the tip
  11. Thanks for the tip The original kit was made in 1986. This one is a re-release(Release Date:Early Aug., 2017) unfortunately its sold out from all webshop, what i know. But on the ebay i saw some with fix price for example this (from Canada)
  12. I also have one of these Is it a DX edition?
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