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  1. I used acetone free nail polish remover, with this paint work it well. But yes it doesnt work with all paint type
  2. Thanks Guys! some sunny picture of the EVO
  3. I used nail polish remover and cotton pad
  4. In this case the turbocarhger isnt too effective: the instruction is wrong:
  5. Today I started to make the new shock absorbers
  6. Thanks for this i use low pressure compressed air
  7. you can wash back the paint with it. But it must be careful because it easily cuts the surface, and may not work with all paint types First i use this pen to make the contour line 2.i paint the edge of window with a thin brush. if I cross the contour ,then use 3M ultrafine polish, and 3M polishsponge to wash it back 3. use again the pen if it necessary
  8. Thanks! Skid896: I know its high.it isnt easy too make the rideheight lower on this kit.need to modify the suspension,shafts. And i fixed the rear suspension with glue. I did the whole process on other cars (Subaru Legacy,Lancia Delta HF Integrale)so i didn't want to modify this car....it was a bad decision
  9. I used nail polish remover because i didn't want too thick coat of paint
  10. Thanks DumpyDan and Foxer! The end is near :
  11. I restarted my oldest project. I started it in 2010 but never finished. Now I try to save it,so I rebuild the whole kit
  12. I started to build this car in begin of the year and almost finished it, but i messed up the painting so i started to respray it:
  13. I finsihed it...this is a terrible kit(,thick pillars,inaccurate windshield/head and rear light etc.....), i don't recommended it
  14. Kemszi

    911 GT1

    very nice!
  15. The newer fujimi kits looks like good: Sorry for the off topic
  16. I think the first and the third are too big for this car
  17. Always? Just a few examples: Subaru hawkeye:(the blobeye is worse) all of evo (bad rate?/i dont know this is the correct word for that/,thick pillars,inaccurate windshield,small wheels...) and one of my "favorite" BMW E30 M3: but of course they have good kits too
  18. update: The Mine's BBS wheels color doesn't fit to this car ,so i put another BBS wheel under the car:
  19. I want to use the aoshima Mine"s Nissan gtr34 BBS wheels, but this is not sure.
  20. Thanks Daddyfink, Vintagercr, El Caballo Today we made my new showcase,finally every car have a great place My diecast collection: and the 1/24 collection:
  21. great kits but old,i have one(michelin pilot version), maybe the stickers will be problematic
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