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  1. you can wash back the paint with it. But it must be careful because it easily cuts the surface, and may not work with all paint types

    46 minutes ago, skid896 said:

    What do you guys do to try and get neat window edging, I really struggle with the detail painting.

    First i use this pen to make the contour line


    2.i paint the edge of window with a thin brush.

    if I cross the contour ,then  use 3M ultrafine polish, and 3M polishsponge to wash it back

    3. use again the pen if it necessary

  2. Thanks!


    I know its high.it isnt easy too make the rideheight lower on this kit.need to modify the suspension,shafts. And i fixed the rear suspension with glue.
    I did the whole process on other cars (Subaru Legacy,Lancia Delta HF Integrale)so i didn't want to modify this car....it was a bad decision

  3. 34 minutes ago, skid896 said:

    Kemszi, do you sand back after the primer.  I use 1000 grit to even the paint and get rid of orange peel effect or dust that settles in the paint.  Then spray the topcoat.  I learnt a lot from The Scalemodelling Channel on youtube, really talented guy from Holland.

    I used nail polish remover because i didn't want too thick coat of paint

  4. 6 hours ago, skid896 said:

    good quality as always from Fujimi

    Always? :D
    Just a few examples:
    Subaru hawkeye:(the blobeye is worse)

    all of evo (bad rate?/i dont know this is the correct word for that/,thick pillars,inaccurate windshield,small wheels...)
    and one of my "favorite"
    BMW E30 M3:


    but of course they have good kits too

  5. On 2017. 11. 29. at 9:18 PM, skid896 said:

    Kemszi, have you decided which wheels to put on this model?  I think you get a choice in the box.  Always liked these saw a few in yellow in my time but I like the ST choice.

    I want to use the aoshima Mine"s Nissan gtr34 BBS wheels, but this is not sure.

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