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  1. Had to look twice to realize those were models! Really cool idea!
  2. Thank you! Been following this build from the start, I enjoy watching your work!
  3. I have an older kit of the same truck sitting on one of my shelves, it has the 8v in it.
  4. Very impressive build! Had to look twice at all the pictures to make sure it wasn't a real truck! Very very cool!
  5. Looks a lot like the tractor-trailer combo the big construction company around here uses! I cant wait to see this one go together
  6. That is one of the best kinds of builds. It's fun to see what the imagination can do.
  7. Wow! Just looked over the whole thread, very impressive build! I especially love the functional dipstick
  8. Your concept sounds really interesting. I would love to see it happen.
  9. Wow! He was extremely lucky! Would much rather have a totaled truck over losing a driver any day!
  10. I crawled under a trailer today to get an idea of what the air line plumbing looks like on a trailer. I am having trouble distinguishing which line does what. I noticed there are two different sizes. Which one would be the hose for the red gladhand and which one would be for the blue gladhand?
  11. Thank you for your advice! The instructions leave a lot to be desired, this will help a lot.
  12. I will definitely look into that today, I was going to see if there was a better option than thick fishing wire. Do you just glue it in with regular plastic cement? And can you just cut it with scissors?
  13. I got a little bit more done last night with some air line plumbing. It really tested my patience, but I think it turned out okay.
  14. I never did think of that, and sure enough I found some helpful pictures! Thank you!
  15. Got a little bit of progress with some electrical and some piping based off a picture I found online.
  16. Hello everybody, tonight I just started the Wilson livestock trailer and I have a few questions to begin with. Can anybody show me what they did with the frame assembly? The instructions are not very clear and I want to make sure I get it right. Has anyone ever plumbed this trailer too? I would love to but I cannot find any good pictures of the airlines. Any help is appreciated!
  17. Haha, its lucky that I have some then. I've used it to degrease engines before, and I've heard it does wonders on "fixing" the AMT chrome. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you for all the tips!
  18. This build has been really fun to watch, and I certainly cannot wait to see the finished product! I absolutely love all the modifications you did to make it a day cab, it looks as if you bought it that way! I also love the Coca Cola paint, it really makes it stand out
  19. Do you clean your parts with anything before painting?
  20. Thank you for the tip! I do have some scraps laying around that I'll be sure to test on.
  21. Thank you for the reply! South Dakota (especially around this time of year) is mostly cool and humid in the fall and spring, with cold snowy winters and hot, humid summers. As far as I know, isn't the recommended temperature for painting 70ish? How good are those one coat lacquers? I've seen them in the Hobby Lobby here but I haven't tried one yet. I also noticed the grey primer for models, I want to say it's Testors. Is this the kind you recommend? Lastly, what about interior colors? What types of paint to do use for those?
  22. Thank you for the reply though! I never thought to look on Auslowe, I'll definitely give it a look. You have pretty much convinced me to start my Astro kit that's been sitting around for a while. Your's looks great so far!
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