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  1. They sit too high up on the kit. If you look at a picture of the real truck and compare it to the kit, the differences are quite obvious. Look at the passenger side headlight position compared to the vent.
  2. You are doing a great job so far! The key to this kit seems to be patience. There is quite a bit of reworking on some parts of this truck.
  3. There's a tow truck just like this one at my local salvage yard. The only difference is that it's red.
  4. Not a problem! I'm building the same kit, so this is as much of a learning experience for you as it is to me.
  5. Haha, I hoped to help people by posting these. They're certainly helping me out, do that's why I shared them. No need to keep good pictures like these a secret
  6. If it helps, I made a post that I'll put a link on below. I put a ton of pictures up of these Freightliner cabovers.
  7. I bet looking for a replacement block for that is like looking for unicorns.
  8. I can't wait to see this one come together! Will be a learning experience for me as well, as I am attempting to put this kit together as well.
  9. As far as the rear goes, all I've ever seen is all the lights being red. Are you asking about the order of the brake and turn signal lights, or the upper marker lights?
  10. That's interesting, I never knew Marmon made such a rig. I'll look into it and see if I can pull up anything
  11. That is certainly an interesting system. I've only ever seen this one in my life. Would it be worth much if the truck had it? Or is it now just an unnecessary added expense?
  12. One of my favorite details on these Freightliner cabovers would definitely be the color keyed steering wheels. I've always loved the red diamond interior with red flake steering wheel. (Just needs a red Roadway knob and you're set!) I noticed the blue truck with the tan interior has a brakesaver retarder. Was this a Cat thing? That's what engine both of these trucks at the auction had, but only one had the brakesaver. The tan and blue truck (blue mule) and the blue interior truck were both part of a local construction company here in Fort Pierre. The company is called A.G.E. and they are still going strong with nearly every piece of equipment being 40 years old.
  13. I've had these pictures for reference saved in my phone for a long time. Some of them are really nice that show the smaller details on the trucks. I also have some pictures of other interior colors added.
  14. I've never seen one in any color than black, and I like it!
  15. Wow! Thank you for all of this useful information and pictures as well! This will come in very handy!
  16. How are the fuel lines layed out on an 8v71? I would like to do some detailing on my engine and I'm not sure where all the fuel lines go.
  17. Hmm.. a toolbox. That would be interesting to see on that truck.
  18. Are you going for a fleet truck or a nice work truck? If it's a fleet truck, they painted them with either the frame or cab color. A nice work truck usually has chrome, but some people like to have painted tanks with different trim colors. The ones I see the most here have a colored tank with end caps and straps painted a different color. I think an orange tank would look good with white end caps and straps. Another one I see is chrome with the colored end caps and straps. They both look neat in my opinion.
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