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  1. My little tribute to the first lady of drag racing!
  2. Used the Revell's Praying Mantis dragster and modified and kit batched parts and added resin parts and a nice set of Slixx decals and I was able to come up with this one.
  3. Yes, forgot to men tion the scratch built rollcage
  4. SWEET! Great combo, had that kit but sold it. now they are rare. great to see this one done.
  5. A Italery 1:24 kit with scale production wheels. Painted stripes with home made decals. Opened the doors and fabricated the hinge for the rear lid. Detailed the motor. Not perfect but and the kit is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, did my best to make one of my old time favorite race car.
  6. Good morning plastic addictsWIP- 70’s Dragster project.Using competition resin rear wheels to replace Mickey mouse kits wheels. Also replace tires with 80’s style from FC Revell kit.
  7. I remember the last time I built a 70’s dragster, I was 11 years old. My two hour built when the glue still drying but you start painting the car. After decades I’m building another one. Back then I use to hide the chassis but now I love them. That’s the base of a great race car. You can put in it a monster engine and cover it with fancy bodies and cool paint jobs but without a great chassis that is all a waist. My hats off to those fabricators.
  8. Got this kit and decided to built it again after 40 years. I was 11 or 12 when I walked to my local drugs store one summer and got a model to build with spare change I was able to save. The good old days... My first open wheel car since then. Hope you guys like it.
  9. This is the actual car getting ready to race at the NOSTLAGIA PRO STOCK CLASS.
  10. Started with a a resin dody from southern motorsports hobby. Scratched built rollcage and used parts form other drag car kits
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