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  1. cirrus added a post in a topic New funny cars from Revell?   

    Same here! That be GREAT if Revell really does produce some new flopper kits....esp if they are new tooled kits.
  2. cirrus added a post in a topic Late 60's Early 70's Funny Car Body Questions....   

    This site has alot of pics...some with the bodies up...maybe you can find something.


    Like TX said...when I was doing my Jungle Jim car he had that thing painted a bunch of different ways.

  3. cirrus added a post in a topic Sw&c Willys   

    Thanks Raul! I'm learning....and have a long way to go. But my biggest issue is other hobbies...if I just put all my efforts into the modeling I'd be further along...but I'm really enjoying it!!

    My first model last fall was a "Jungle Jim" funnycar who I used to root for back in the early 1970s. So when I worked on that model I contacted his former co-owner and girlfriend and she supplied me pics and info on the car. Must admit that was errie feeling to me....after all these years the person who I used to watch from behind the fence at the track was now giving me info on the car. If you told me that back in 1972 this would happen...well...I'd never believe ya!

    Then again if you told me 36 years later I'd be back to building models I'd tell you thats crazy!

  4. cirrus added a post in a topic Sw&c Willys   

    Hey...thought that heap looked familar.... Thanks for posting it!

    I'm bringing her to the Chicopee,MA show...."Wings and Wheels"....this weekend. Should be fun and I'll get to see some excellent models.

    Glad you added that....wouldnt want anyone to think your modeling skills have slipped that badly....

    Now for my next model....hmmmmm......the top fuel rail with my own decals.....the Andretti Indy car....a funnycar...? To many choices.