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  1. I use Tamiya primer under everything. Never had a problem.
  2. As a mostly aircraft and armor builder I'm a little jaded. Compared to modern kits by Airfix, Tamiya, Hasagawa, Dragon, Ming, etc. most car kits suck. The engineering is sad as well as the fit and details, The Autocar dump truck I'm working on is a perfect example, the part numbers on the instruction sheet don't match the part numbers on the sprue. There are, of course, exceptions. Some of the newest car kits are excellent and I've build some simply awful aircraft models. Yeah, I get the arguments that a skilled modeler can make anything look good, but that's a "skilled" modeler. Why putz around with crappy fit and engineering before getting to the fun part...painting and finishing and weathering. .
  3. drillbitsunlimited.com These are industrial bits. Keep in mind that while the carbide bits are sharper, they are very brittle.
  4. A model building gripe......I just want to scream when someone builds an ok diorama and the figures are painted with gloss paint. How many pairs of super shiny Levis have you seen?
  5. I guess driving one would be better than walking, but by much.
  6. Tesla announces it's new bus.
  7. Don't mean to offend anyone, but most "collectors" of anything are a bit crazy.
  8. The Blair Witch Project was pretty awful. I kept thinking to myself: "I wish they would all die pretty soon so I can go home."
  9. Its a really old kit but everything fits ok and a fair amount of detail but......... This kit has what is probably the worst set of instructions I've ever seen. The parts on the sprue are numbered but the instructions don't show any part numbers at all. On top of that related parts are scattered on separate sprues. The drawings on the instruction are very vague as to where a specific part is supposed to go. It's like a 3D jig saw puzzle.
  10. I ran into a room issue myself, so I started building 1/72 scale aircraft. Even some of the modern 1/72 airplanes are pretty big.
  11. Very nice build, but the driver is on the wrong side..................
  12. Looks like it's melting in the middle. Really attractive car..........if you're into ugly.
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