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  1. In these "uncertain times" we need to be more caring as well as diligent. Or as the old chief on The Outlaw Jessie Wales said: We must endeavor to persevere.
  2. Alright then, the next time I wish someone would come out with a kit I'd like, I'll just have you start a conversion. Thanks Snake.
  3. Wow, looking good. Yeah...Tamaya decals can be problematic sometimes.
  4. I thought I saw some specks in your paint but after looking closely I found the specks were on my monitor. Anyway looks very nice.
  5. The Super Clean works great. You can pick it up at Wal Mart, probably a lot of other places as well. The safety advice was correct, this stuff will dry out your hands and burn eyes. One more tip, don't use a aluminum container to soak the parts in. It will eat holes in the aluminum. (from one who learned the hard way)
  6. You could always strip it and start over. What kind of primer did you use?
  7. I don't use Tamiya stray, so "some" Tamiya paint may dry dull. I was talking about Tamiya gloss acrylic paints through an air brush. I really don't like to use spray cans, it can bomb the model with paint hiding details. I've seen some that look like they have 2 scale inches of paint on the body.
  8. Once in a while I've been able to take glued parts apart by applying a generous amount of Tamiya extra thin cement.
  9. I've never had a Tamiya gloss paint dry to a dull finish.
  10. Yep some kits are just pigs, no amount of lipstick will make them look good. You need to find out how old a kit is. The early Academy molds really suck while the later are much much better. I recently finished a Academy 1/72 scale F/A 18 and it was a very nice kit. I see it's diving into the toilet. Saw a YouTube video where a guy got so fed up, he stuck a model car in a blender and turned it on.
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