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  1. The Tamiya clear red works great for me.
  2. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    Yes that is my truck....NO I won't help you move.
  3. The Oddest Thing...

    Hmmm.....You may have a discovered a cool way to rust vehicles.
  4. Wanted: Information on Kits

    Also if you live near a Hobby Lobby you can print out a 40% off coupon from their web site.
  5. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    Went there the other day and saw all their plastic models were on sale for 20% off, so you can't use a 40% off coupon for a sale item. Not to mention all their high dollar items like airbrushes are "special priced" (which is still higher than most places), so you can't use a 40% off coupon for a "special priced" item.
  6. Lots of pe bending tools out there, the aircraft guys use a lot of pe on their kits. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/photo-etch-bending-tool/s?page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aphoto etch bending tool
  7. Like I said, I've had adhesion problems with the ultra in the past but the sheet I just bought sticks very well, and I had no problems cutting it or having it hide details. Maybe they got the word and improved the produce. Oh and I use a scalpel instead of a xacto knife for cutting it. Much sharper than a xacto , but gets dull quickly.
  8. I just bought a sheet of the ultra bright chrome BMF and it works great. I've used some in the past that didn't stick very well but this new stuff sticks very well, in fact you have to work at it to get it off.
  9. Great Amber Paint

    97 cents???? Do you think I'm rich?
  10. Has anyone built this?

    I've built a couple of Lindbergs and I agree about the quality. I don't have a big issue with the fit as long as it is correctable without completely sawing the body apart and redesigning it.
  11. It's a Linberg Chrysler Atlantic snap kit. The car is really beautiful, just wondering how the kit is.
  12. Here's a rare sight!

    I don't like the huge wheels on any car. I saw a 4x4 Dodge pick up the other day with 22s and the skinny tiers and it looked ridiculous.
  13. Clear coat over decals?

    I clear coat for another reason. For example a flame job on a real hot rod was painted on but with decals the thickness and edge will show and look like caca. Clear coat blends the decal in and makes it look more like paint.
  14. What do you listen to while you build???

    HONEY...could you come in here and help me with ………….. Usually when I'm doing something I can't put down at that second.
  15. Finding certain scale model..please help

    Or...……..if price is no object you might like Pocher kits. pocher.com/uk-en