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  1. Hi Guys ! Today comes again a truck to the idea. A Kenworth T-600 A Canepa. Greetings from Jan
  2. Tank you guys for the compliments...... Greetings from Germany
  3. HI Folks ! The kit from AMT got a slightly different interior and wheels and tires from Fujimi. Lacquered with white base coat over it violet iridescent nail polish. The roof in silver, above a mixture of blue and red for a slightly violet effect with silver flitter paint. Greetings from Jan
  4. Hi Folks ! Today , i like to introduce my version of this Cadillac. Greetings from Germany
  5. Hi Guys ! Here I would like to introduce you to my Cadillac Escalade. The model is by Revell USA in 1:25 scale. A nice construction kit, but in which the engine is shown only from below in the bottom plate. There are decals for different types of decorative stiffeners, the attachment requires patience. In addition, the kit has two different sets of wheels. Greetings to all from Jan
  6. Movin On Kenworth Hello dear colleagues ! Today I want to introduce my version of the Movin On Truck. In the 1970s, the US series "Movin On" was on television, and the series was about a trucker who had some adventures with his truck on the road, starring Tom Atkins. I painted my Kenworth Colobrigreen Metallic, then applied the decals and sealed with acrylic gloss clearcoat. I have also made a few modifications. At the front of the bumper the towing eye was equipped with the bolt, the mudguards are with mudflaps from a piece of bicycle hose, on the right side of the frame I have a small storage box with kick attached, as well as a handle on the sleeping cabin. On the frame at the holder of the leads for the Trailor are a few Riffelsteel. I hope you like it and I look forward to your comments. Greetings from Jan
  7. Thank you guys for the replys...... maybe , i could be new future project....... Greetings from Germany
  8. Hello guys ! Thanks a lot for the compliments. Greetings from Germany
  9. Lead Sleds, Top Chop, 49` Mercury Hi guys ! Tidied up the attic a few days ago, found a few Mercurys that I once built more than 30 years ago. These are 2 AMT Mercurys in 1:25 scale. At that time I had built the two with roofing (Topchop). Still with patina from the long camps. Greetings from Jan
  10. Kenworth Tanker / Monogram / AMT Hello friends ! Today I'd like to introduce you to my recently completed Kenworth tanker truck. The tractor is the Kenworth Aerodyne Snap Kit in 1:25. Matching the AMT tank semi-trailer to the same scale. In the Kenworth I have also made a sun visor, and an insect deflector on the hood. Mudflaps from an old bicycle tube were cut from the front and attached to the fenders. On the trailer there is a lot more modifications done. The tank was covered with chrome adhesive foil from the sauna area. There were still long front fenders mounted, as it is regulation in the US. I have seen these additional fenders on every tanker during my travels to the USA. They are designed to protect against whirling stones from the tractor. A second ladder has been added to the front right side. There are then the red-white reflector strips have been attached. The filling fittings at the pump were provided with a protective box and a tool box to be opened. The tanker has gotten the logo of Union 76 on the ladder at the back. In addition, I have some homemade decals attached. The semi-trailer I built more than 3 years ago, had not yet the right tractor. Have fun watching . Greetings from Jan
  11. Thank folks for the compliments , regards from Germany
  12. Thank You ppl for the tips and compliments
  13. US Cars , AMC , Pacer Wagon ,Amt 1:25 US Cars, AMC, Pacer Wagon, AMT 1:25 Hi Guys! Today I want to show you a Pacer. The model is the AMC Pacer Wagon from AMT. The model is with the flat bonnet. I then combined the model with the hood of the `normal Pacer kit to represent the Pacer Wagon of my friend. More than 30 years ago, in the late 1980s, we were on the road here in Germany for a lot of American car meetings. Cologne, Hanover, Bremen, Osnabrück, Bielefeld were just some of them. Back then we were out at least once a month in the summer months and had a lot of fun and then saw beautiful American cars. The model was additionally provided by me with Plastiksheet strips, so as to represent the equipment variant Woody. Have fun watching and greetings to All by Jan
  14. Very nic building ...! I like to ask you , what is the basic kit of this pacer , cause i am looking for this grill and hood to use it on Pacer Wagon. Greetings from Germany Jan
  15. Hello Folks ! Ilike to show yxou in this topic my impala police car.
  16. Hi Folks ! Thank you for the compliments . The paintjob first was the black body . After drying , i taped it . The roof and the trunk has silver spray coat ( acryllic ) , after drying again , i started to do the lines by covering with tape. After this i use an airbrush for the different colors. At least i use a spray can clear acryllic with golden flakes and a finish only with clear acryl . Soon , i will show you my other finished projects. Greetings from Germany Jan Harms
  17. Hi Folks ! Today i like to show my 58 Impala . Kit is from AMT , Paint is custom . Greetings from Germany
  18. Hello Robert ! Thank you for the reply . The gold tint for the bumpers and grill is acrylic transparent glas color. The producer was the german company Wacolux. But the company is not more existing than 20years and the color is out from the market. Maybe you will look for transparent glas painting color in the web. Greetings from germany
  19. Here I would like to show you a caprice in the Donk style, I had built a Cadlillac some time ago and I thought there should be added a model. Have fun watching. Greetings from Jan
  20. US Cars AMT 1: 2565 Pontiac Grand Slam in lowrider style Hi Guys ! After some time and 2 hospital visits followed by rehab for 2 new knee joints, I'll meet again to introduce something new. It is the AMT kit P65 `Pontiac Grand Slam. I have tried something new in the model. The paint in a nail polish that was diluted by me so far that you could inject it. Another effect varnish. Over it then several layers of clear coat. The roof was first painted with clear coat, then applied to the still wet clearcoat a carrier film with the Rainbowflitter. After about 10 minutes, I pulled off the film again, there were already some parts of the clear coat dry and it was this zebra effect. I then blackened the empty sections with a brush and sealed them with clear lacquer. I look forward to your comments. Greetings from Jan
  21. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice ! Looks real ! Greetings from Germany
  22. Hi Guys ! Thank you for your compliments . The next post will come soon........ Greetings from Germany
  23. Hi , guys ! This is my Impala Lowrider. The kit is the Revell police car. Greetings from Jan
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