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  1. Mark-Phil, Thank you for the best wishes.It will be a nice Xmas present.Great-Grampas truck is a 1927 with a dump hoist.I have bought 15 of the 1926 mack truck models.I should have plenty to keep me busy.I have seen them over the years from $10 to $60 for a sealed,new in the box kit.I always buy the ones down at $20-25,and they are getting hard to find.I just bought the Cat D-8 model kit and will try to make a RD8 dozer from it.I want to scratch build different types of bodies for the Macks.The one I'm working on now,is a Hi-rail truck that runs down the tracks.They say "G" scale goes from 1/29 to 1:20.1. The difference is the gauge or distance between the rails.All "G" scale trains run on the same track.I model in 1/2" scale(1/24) because the math is easier.Im off to the workshop for the day.I don't know what i will get done,but I'm sure i will have fun doing it.Take care,Rick
  2. Hello all, I have just joined and will introduce my self.I have been into trains for 55 yrs. I build now in 1/2" ,called G scale. I have gotten interested in building detailed trucks to go with my trains.I like the well used,rusted and worn out trucks that are still running and earning there spot in the barn.I have farmed and driven a lot of different trucks thru my life.I want to build models of some of these trucks.First on my list is a 1927 Mack AC bulldog.I have the one my great grandfather bought brand new.I also like old track equipment used in the logging camps in the 1930-40s.Because of health issues I might not be to active on the list after Xmas.I'm on a lung transplant list,and will have a long recovery time.I hope to build a few models,learn about the computer,and gather ideas on a new "O" train layout my son and I want to build.I look forward to learning a lot,and sharing what I know with others.That should be it for this time.I will go before something happens to all my typing. Rick
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