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  1. Revell AMG GT

    Yep exactly right. The kit does offer both options though
  2. Revell AMG GT

    Yeah, I mostly use the enamels, as that is what my Dad used when he got me into the hobby some 15years ago. I also use some of the tamiya acrylic paints too, but only use them for window trims or little detail bits, as i can just wash them off with some water and a Q tip if i mess it up.
  3. Revell AMG GT

    Hi All, I just completed my latest build of the AMG GT from Revell. First up, I was excited to try out this kit, as I had heard that Revell had stepped their game up with their latest kits, but was disappointed with the way the body and chassis came together. The bumpers and fenders didn't quite fit, resulting in a few bad panel gaps. I was also disappointed with the lack of detail for the headlights and taillights and how they fitted to the body. My final criticism of the kit is with the wheels and ties. The scale of these seem quite off compared to the rest of the car, so i went with aftermarket ones from Factory eighty one. Below is the final outcome of this build. Thanks Nathan
  4. Revell AMG GT

    Got there in the end, it turned out OK, but glad for it to be finished. It definitely has a good side and a bad side for viewing. The final parts to put on were the wheels and tires. The wheels that come with this kit are terrible. The tires side wall profile is too big, and the wheels are pretty boring. I bought some aftermarket wheels from BNA Model world. The wheels are iForged Milano wheels, made by Factory eighty one. These wheels came with tires too, but i didn't like the look of them, so i salvaged some tires off an old model i did many years ago. The last bits to put on the kit were the side mirrors and a few decals. Below is the completed build. Thanks for looking Nathan
  5. Revell AMG GT

    Hi all, Its been a while since my last update. I'm in the process of final assembly. A few things in this kit haven't gone to plan. Fitting the body shell to the interior and chassis was very difficult, and it doesn't quite fit together. everything is too tight. im getting sick of this kit and want to finish it already. Below are some photos of where i'm up to. Just a few more things to add and then this build is finished. Thanks Nathan
  6. Revell AMG GT

    Thanks, yes its just straight out of the can. Its just the right level of gloss to still look like leather. Its more of a semi gloss finish.
  7. Revell AMG GT

    Thanks, yes that was the plan. I usually leave that til the end once it's all complete.
  8. Revell AMG GT

    Hi All, I got a lot more done on this kit today. First up I flat clear coated the body. I'm relatively happy with how it came up. It was an experiment doing this type of finish, but probably not something I will do again. I do think it suits this particular car though. (i forgot to take a photo of this step) While the body was drying, I started on the interior. The last few models I have done ,have had black and dark grey materials. I wanted to do something different for this build, so i had a look online to see what colours the car comes in, and I found one with brown & black leather. I really liked the look of this. So I went to the LHS and got some tamiya TS-1 Red brown. I think It came up quite nice Certain parts of the interior are really nicely detailed. I was particularly impressed with the detail of the decals. They give the interior a really good finish. During the assembly of the interior, I masked off the dry body and gloss clear coated the carbon fibre parts of the car (roof and the front & rear bumpers) The contrast of gloss and matte finishes looks really nice, and will look even better once I polish those sections The final part that i did today was the engine cover and part of the engine bay. The engine cover is meant to have a small carbon fibre accent on it, but no decal is provided with he kit, so I made a template and made one using some scale productions carbon fibre decals.
  9. Revell AMG GT

    Thanks, this was done with a tamiya spray can. I really like their paints, best cans I've used
  10. Revell AMG GT

    Hi All, The other week, i was overseas for work, and went to a toy shop near by to get some presents for my nieces and nephews. The store also had a small hobby section, so i couldn't leave without getting myself a present too I bought the Revell AMG GT kit along with the Revell Mk1 Golf GTI, which i will build sometime in the future. Normally i dont like revell kits, but i heard that they have gotten better. (we'll see) first up i sanded back a few mould/part lines on the body and prepped it for painting. My plan for this build was to do a matte or semi gloss colour to do something different. Tamiya have recently come out with a new colour for their GT3 version of this car which is a semi gloss light gunmetal. My LHS didnt have this colour in stock, so i got the Gloss version of the colour (TS42) and will do a Semi gloss clear coat over the top. This kit does have some engine detail, but like most new cars, it as a large intake manifold / engine cover which doesn't allow you to see much of it. This kind of explains the limited detail revell have added to the kit. Its decent, but not great. Because of this i didn't spend a great amount of time on it, as you wont be able to see it once the kit is complete with the engine cover piece. Another strange detail is the rear diff and exhaust. Both parts have a decent amount of detail, but these wont be seen at all once the kit is complete as the chassis covers it all. Next part was painting the chassis. This is one big piece with moulded in exhaust and transmission. The chassis was painted in semi gloss black, then masked off and then sprayed with bare metal silver. I plan to add a few extra colours to weather the exhaust, but haven't done that yet. Thanks Nathan
  11. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    I have this kit in my to do pile, so i'm keen to see how it turns out before i start it. It's looking great so far.
  12. My 2017 Builds

    Thanks, Yeah that was the look i was going for, more of a modern take on the classic 911. The wheels, headlights, tail lights and spoiler were aftermarket to the kit. these were all from scale productions.
  13. Top Secret GT300 (Widebody Supra)

    Very impressive so far. That body kit doesn't look very easy, so the work you have done so far looks very good. cant wait to see this finished.
  14. Ducati 1199 Tricolore

    Hi all, Here is my first ever attempt at a motor bike kit. The kit in question is tamiya's Ducati 1199 Tricolore in 1:12 scale. This is my favourite motorbike, I really like the design of it and how everything is packaged so neatly in the body. The kit was very easy to work with, very little modifications had to be made. In addition to the kit, i got the detail up set from tamiya which adds metal suspension forks, rear suspension oil resivoir and disc brake rivets. for the little bit extra cost, I highly recommend getting this, as the added detail is unreal. Anyway, enjoy the photos below. Thanks
  15. Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R (Tamiya 1/24)

    Absolutely flawless. If i saw the photos out of context, i would think it was the real car. Well done