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  1. Next on the bench, Revell's Porsche Junior tractor, although this is a snap tite kit, it will be glued together, mainly because there's join lines where there shouldn't be, so once the glue dries the joints will be filled and sanded smooth before paint, some chrome parts that shouldn't be chrome have been stripped of the chrome, the chrome trim that goes in the centre of the bonnet will be fitted before gluing the bonnet halves together, again to get rid of the joint down the middle that shouldn't be there, it will covered in BMF after it's been painted
  2. I really should stop going on the internet late at night, ended up buying one of these....
  3. Very nice build,superb work on the interior.
  4. A little more BMF this afternoon, the centre of the bonnet vents need to be painted satin black once I've done the other one.
  5. Cheers Kerry,I'm pleased I'm back on this one, it's been on the backburner for a while, I'm hoping to get it finished before the end of the year so it can finally go into the magazine.
  6. The Revell Land Rovers have finally arrived....
  7. Just had an email from Wonderland models and the courier, mine will be with me this afternoon
  8. Spent a bit of time in the hobby room getting the lower chrome trim finished, quite happy with the results.
  9. Yes, I actually found photos of a Nomad painted in the same colour, after i had fitted the seats of course, I can actually see the moulded in lines now, how I missed that I really don't know, this one has gone on the backburner until I can get the heating sorted in the garage, as I need to mask up and airbrush the engine bay and inner wheel arches in satin black,it's say too cold out there to airbrush lacquer paints, I also need to figure out how I'm going to replicate the read wing side trim, sadly the photo etch parts were damaged in the box, I'll see if I can mask up the seat backs and brush paint the black parts.
  10. The Chevrolet Bel Air has been put away until I can get the engine bay and inner wings airbrushed in satin black, and figure out how I'm going to replicate the rear side trim, so the Chevelle is back on the bench, starting with the BMF
  11. I had a good look at the van and pickup models at the Scale model world ipms show the weekend, castings are superb, I'm holding out for the Traveller kit in the new year.
  12. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?style=print&make=Fleet&model=Coca Cola&con=ko&gncl=red&rows=50
  13. Revell didn't make the model of the Lieferwagen, I converted it from the Revell Universal kit ,and yes, from what I've found out the Lieferwagen wasn't a common sight, but they do exist
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