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  1. Very nice build, very clean and superb paintwork
  2. Looking forward to seeing this one progress, my Dad worked at Jensen, where the bodyshells were produced before they were transported to Abingdon for them to be built up.
  3. My computer hard drives are full of photos,I try not to delete anything as they always come in handy.
  4. Yes, it's a thin (aluminium) skin held off the main roof panel with spacers, it let's air pass through between the two, inside there's 4 vents that can be opened to let the air in.
  5. One thing that I liked on the Tamiya Citroen 2cv was the working suspension, sadly over time the springs go weak, and you end up with a 2cv that's stuck in the weeds, after doing my monthly dusting in the display cabinet, I just couldn't leave it alone any longer, some epoxy resin applied to the suspension arms and glued them in the raised position, now it looks move like a 2cv, it looked really bad as it's displayed next to the Revell version.
  6. MCM wasn't distributed in the UK before, so it's no surprise that no dealers are listed, it's really up to W.H Smiths if the want to carry a product, best thing is to email them to see if there interested in carrying it customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk
  7. Earlier in the year I moved half of my stash down to our flat in London, I've already bought a few more kits since....
  8. I keep saying all the time, never seems to happen, although in my defence I do get a few free kits to build for magazine reviews.
  9. With my airbrushing being held up until I get the new workshop finished, I'm going to do a little resin casting, the first part will be the fuel bowl and tap for the Heller Ferguson Tractors, the kit comes with it moulded in grey plastic, in real life there metal and of course glass for the bowl, I'm going to cast them on clear resin and then paint the metal parts, I've seen them in brass as well, so not sure which metal finish I'm going to go with.
  10. Like they did for the Heller Citroen H van, Motobitz will be doing a good selection of decal sets for this one
  11. GeeBee

    57 300C

    Superb build, these AMT models are a pleasure to build.
  12. Airbrushing is on hold until I get the new workshop finished, hopefully I'll be back on it very soon
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