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  1. Welcome aboard Graham, you'll enjoy it here....
  2. First time using basecoat paints, turned out ok, still feels strange airbrushing and not trying to get a shine, can't wait to get some clear coat on, then the polishing can commence.
  3. A lot like a cross between the Prototype Triumph Linx and the Reliant Scimitar
  4. I've got one waiting to be started, supplied by KA Models in Korea for a magazine review, molding is superb, anyone wondering why a Korean model company would release a Japanese 3 wheeler as there first automotive model http://www.ibuyallvehicles.com/kia-motors-automotive-history-ibav/
  5. A little more primer done today, bodyshell and body parts sanded and ready for a wash before the top coats get applied, half the parts for it got primed, hopefully I'll get the other lot done tomorrow.
  6. I've been doing this way for years without any problems, put a small pin hole at the top of the can, once the gas has escaped, cut the top off and left to de-gas for about 30 minutes, then pour the contents into a glass bottle.
  7. It's available in 6,10,18 and 40mm
  8. Hopefully Revell will be reboxing the 69 Chevelle for sale over this side of the pond, enjoyed building the 68.
  9. Now I can get started with the BMF
  10. What he said, I've never had any problems with Tamiya tape taking off any paintwork
  11. As soon as I've airbrushed the inside of the engine bay and inner wings in satin black
  12. I've had a can of this for a while, tried it on the Land Rover floorpan yesterday, as I'd ran out my usual, didn't attack the plastic
  13. I'm Waiting for the primer to be delivered so I can carry on with the Land Rover, so no time to waist, masked up the body on the 57 Chevrolet Bel Air so the side spears could be airbrushed, for this I used Rustoleum Stainless steel enamel decanted and applied with the airbrush.
  14. Managed to get the body and other parts that need painting body colour in primer, I've got all the other parts ready for a coat of primer, which have been sitting in the hobby room for a few months, but I've run out of primer, hopefully I'll get the one's I ordered this morning by the end of the week.
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