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  1. It's there first and only full model so far, I really like these strange little Japanese vehicles, I'm planning on getting back there in 2023 to celebrate my 60th birthday.
  2. The cab doesn't tilt, as it will joined with the pickup bed, as you can see from this image, the engine is mounted in the middle of the frame,there's no detail on top of the engine as it's moulded open.
  3. Superb build David, enjoyed your WIP, I'm glad you stuck with it.
  4. Paint for this was supplied by Finishers paints in Japan, still haven't decided on the colour scheme yet
  5. Building starts with joining the two parts of the frame together, the back axle is made up of 4 parts, the axle itself, with the differential cover supplied separately, then the two leaf springs, I didn't glue the axle into the springs, I'll wait until I've lined it up once the springs are fitted onto the chassis, the engine has a small part to fit on the rear of it.
  6. I've had this sitting on the side for a while, the model was supplied by KA Models for me to build and review in Scale Modelling Now magazine, and also promote on my social media channels, obviously the retail version will come boxed and with instructions instead of the photocopy I received. These are the parts trees included in the kit
  7. Another fine masterpiece, even after all the problems you've had, you've pulled through and produced a very fine model.
  8. Superb build, I like your idea of using the chocolate wrapping for the gold trim, I've got a few of these in the stash, I'll be starting one as soon as I've decided on the colour scheme.
  9. Absolutely superb build Matt, might have been out of your comfort zone, but you pulled it off, stunning......
  10. Very nice build, how does one build 3 models in two months ?? Takes me longer than that to decide on the colour I'm going to paint just one model.....
  11. New bodyshell arrived from Round2, the hood,grille and windshield have been sent in a different package, hopefully I'll have them soon, the second photo shows the difference between the early Lindberg body and the later corrected bodyshell.
  12. I had thought about fixing in the subframe in place before I paint it, thanks for the heads up, I've got 8 models on the back-burner, hopefully the spraybooth and compressor will be going into the new workshop in the next few weeks, then I can crack on with my modelling.
  13. I knew about the "Flat Floor" E Types, I wasn't sure on the dates, or how many were produced, speaking to an E Type specialist early gave me this information, About 2,000 E-types were built before the floorpans were extended, and it’s thought that only 631 of these were right-hand drive; just 175 are reckoned to have been coupes
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