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  1. GeeBee added a post in a topic Revell 1/24 MG TC (1945)   

    Looking good, what paint did you use for the body ?
  2. GeeBee added a post in a topic Another UK arrival!   

    Welcome aboard, Ely's a beautiful part of the country .....
  3. GeeBee added a post in a topic Larry's '62 Renault 1093 (a factory hot rod) in his words   

    That's some skill you have there, brilliant build, one of my friends mom had a Dauphine when i was growing up in Spain, always  did like them, although you did have a feeling it was going to fall off the road when it got up to speed ...
  4. GeeBee added a post in a topic Hello from Peterborough UK   

    Welcome aboard Graham .....
  5. GeeBee added a post in a topic DeLorean Time Machine   

    One of my all time favorite films, I've got the trilogy on blue ray, looking forward to following this build
  6. GeeBee added a post in a topic 76 Cadillac Wagon   

    Now that's a real nice build ......
  7. GeeBee added a post in a topic Mt Washington Cog Railway #9   

    Very interesting build, superb detail ....
  8. GeeBee added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Another one added to the stash ....

  9. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    I still have a few posts from when I got back into modelling back in 1978, a few drops of thinners, and there as good as new 
  10. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    I'd give them a go, they get a lot of bad comments, not sure if it's just brand snobbery, but I've been using them for years, and once stirred and thinned correctly they airbrush just fine, I also use Revell and Testors, and to me, they all airbrush just the same, but Humbrol do have a huge range of colours to choose from.
  11. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    this is the only one I have seen, but no one seems to have any for sale
  12. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    I used Humbrol # 103, cream, it was a matt finish, so I added a little clear to it to make it slightly satin, I used photos i have of the real thing, took at an American car show I went to a few years ago 
  13. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    It's just some single stage acrylic lacquer I borrowed from my local bodyshop, good job the managers a friend of mine, what ever it is, it was touch dry in around 5 minutes
  14. GeeBee added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    I'm pretty much the same as you Bill, drives me crazy when things on a model are supplied or molded in that are just not correct, it's not top of my list, but if I ever come across a resin convertible body for the 300C, I'll grab it, as you say, just cutting off the roof just wouldn't be correct.
    Well I'm slowly carrying on with the build, but I've had to order a new set of photo etch scissors, I'm not sure who's been using them, looks like they've been used to trim a dinosaurs toe nails, so I've just ordered a new pair, as I have the photo etch sheet for this, I'll probably not use everything on the sheet, but I will be using the front grill, and the speaker grills for the rear shelf.
    With the roof lining painted and left to dry before I do the three chrome strips on it, I thought I would fix the front number plate th=o the bumper, but the front bumper has a slight bit of chrome missing on the edge, I wish I had seen this earlier, when I was painting the rear bumper in chrome, I tried the chrome pen, and it looked awful, tried a bit of bmf, and it still stuck out like a carrot in an omelette, so it's gone in the stripper and will be in K Colors chrome to match the rear bumper.

  15. GeeBee added a post in a topic Dodge Q3 light turquoise   

    there not the cheapest paints I've used, but there certainty the best, I used them for the Chrysler Im building at the moment, he's sure to have it listed