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  1. Revell have updated the release date to the middle of October,so should be a few sellers at SMW selling them.
  2. As the saying goes "Make hay while the sun shines" but as I'm no farmer I did some airbrushing instead, chassis and a few other parts done, gearbox needs masking so I can airbrush the engine.
  3. I suppose building smaller European cars helps, plus not having sausage fingers helps also, when I get to build the larger American car models the parts seem huge.
  4. Very nice photos, I haven't been to any classic car shows since I stopped working for Classic Car weekly.
  5. Plans for the Oldsmobile https://mcwfinishes.com/shop?keywords=Oldsmobile&olsPage=products%2F1950-oldsmobile-88-fastback-sedan&page=14
  6. A few added to the stash, the Oldsmobile was a gift, even though I did already have one in the stash, I'm not one to turn down a free kit.
  7. I've got another one in the stash, I haven't even though about colours for that one.
  8. Just do it, doesn't matter if you build the saloon or Estate version, they go together like a dream.
  9. Rear lamps fitted, getting so close to the finishing line now.
  10. Very nice build,very realistic weathering....
  11. Pretty much all my painting is done using an airbrush, i only used brushes on small detail parts, yes the small parts do need scraping to get them to glue properly,although using 2 part epoxy glue doesn't need the plastic to plastic bonding.
  12. Masking tape removed, I'll leave it to dry out before masking the roof to airbrush the body
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