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  1. Actually shots of the real model
  2. Actually shots of the real model
  3. Coming soon from Ebbro in 1:24th scale, Bantam Jeep
  4. Coming soon from Ebbro, the early version of the Citroen 2cv Fourgonette
  5. A little more Bare Metal foil done....
  6. Very nice clean build.....
  7. There's definitely molded in the rear lens, as these are early shots, they could well be supplied as a decal, as the rear black stripes for the rear trim between the lamps are supplied as decals in the 68, it looks like it has been painted in this shot.
  8. Wheels fitted to the axles, I'm glad to report that all four Wheels touch the ground at the same time....
  9. in a 1960's episode of the Saint, this episode is supposed to be based in East Germany, in one scene you can see the Saint driving a Skoda 1000MB, then it drives into a wooded area,and then comes out as an earlier Octavia, then turns back into a 1000MB when he gets to the border
  10. Revell Land Rover tyres are really superb, although there's no sidewall markings,which is pretty normal these days, the way they've molded them means there's no mold line around the middle of the tread, the centre webbing is easy to cut out using a set of sharp sprue cutters, the wheels simply pop in.
  11. Due to be released in the Autumn (Fall) both have got some new parts as well as some very nice photo etch parts
  12. Welcome aboard Gareth, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
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