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  1. Very realistic weathering, just one question, how did you build it so quick ??
  2. Arrived this morning from KA Models in Korea for a magazine review build article.
  3. As Mike has already said, without a photo it's hard to recommend a fix, but Revell Germany got a lot wrong on the instructions, the parts that they call out to be painted body colour should be black,there's 2 decals on the decal sheet that you should use for this.
  4. Superb build, I like that a lot.....
  5. The spare wheel mounting on the bonnet would have been a dealer fit option on a non deluxe Land Rover, pretty easy to scratch build the pie dish mount, hope these photos help you out....
  6. I've never seen a land rover with the spare wheel mounted on the roof, apart from the one Revell used to measure and photograph, but as this one was supplied by Revell for a magazine review I'll be building it as the box art, I've two more in the stash that I'll be putting the spare on the rear door, unless some one casts the proper deluxe bonnet in resin.
  7. Probably because the one they used to measure and photograph had been restored, using a new galvanised chassis, if you're looking for an original factory finish,paint it gloss black.
  8. Zero paints are basecoat lacquer, so needs clear coating.
  9. Haven't ordered them yet, in fact I haven't had chance to do any modelling done for the last few weeks as I'm living temporary away from home, and no where to do any in the flat down in London.
  10. Done it a few times, almost impossible with the tyre still in place, if you weren't going to use it for towing,the spare wheel could be mounted on the rear door, but if you were towing the bottom of the tyre got in the way of the coupling, vans and pick ups had the spare wheel mounted on the rear bulkhead inside, the later Defenders had the spare mounted much higher on the rear door.
  11. The accent stripes were either white or black, they were always a solid colour, even when the car was ordered in a metallic finish, but as they were a $29.50 option, you could leave them off,like I did when i built mine.
  12. Yes, the standard bonnet didn't have the indent in it, the standard bonnet is what is supplied in the kit, the spare wheel would have been put in the back, which was totally inconvenient, you either had to put up with it, leave it behind it you were going to use the rear seats or pay for the dealer to have it mounted on the back door, which was a pain if you were using your Land Rover for towing as the tyre got in the way when coupling up the trailer, the later Defenders have the wheel mounted much higher. The door mirrors supplied in the kit are totally incorrect for a Series land rover, the only way to fit them is to swap the top door hinge with the ones off a later Defender. Deluxe Bonnet
  13. New Decal Sheet added to the Motobitz range. British PO Delivery Van Livery, limited availability. Shown on 1/24 1/4 ton Minivan, may suit other vehicles too. Order via the website at https://motobitz.uk/index.html
  14. Paint arrived from Gravity paints in Spain, it's about time I gave them a try, hopefully I'll find time to get back into the hobby room very soon.
  15. Looking forward to seeing you build this one Al' I've been thinking about getting one of these and the '65 long bed version.
  16. Good job I double checked, the one I'd enquired about was for the AMT Bel Air without the opening boot, I'll have to check if this one is available, as it's designed for the kit I have with the opening boot. http://www.resinrealm.net/Star/STAR Models/57_Chevy_Bel_Air_Spt_Sed.html
  17. It was only a few months ago, he said he'd let me know if it becomes available again.
  18. Yes, I think I've definitely got a problem, but I was offered this one for £20, how could I refuse??
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1969-CHEVELLE-Special-Stripes-1-25th-1-24th-Scale-Waterslide-Decals/401716363470?hash=item5d882940ce:g:d1AAAOSwFNZW1gxj&redirect=mobile
  20. R&D resin did one, sadly no longer going, Star models also produced one, but when i enquired about one, it wasn't available anymore.
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