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  1. Received this one this afternoon from Steve @ Star Models, it's needs a little cleaning up, very pleased to get hold of one.
  2. Superb build, looks so realistic, and probably the best I've seen this model built
  3. Excellent build and very realistic, the photos are superb....
  4. High accurate resin kit for Porsche 550 in scale 1/24 Represents late type 1955-1956 (serial numbers 550-0044 and till the end of production) Contains resin, photo-etched parts, and vacuum formed windows. Kit contains some version - two types of windshield (one or two-seaters) - tree types of headlights - KMH/MPH Dashboard http://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=779
  5. Welcome aboard, those are real nice models, looking forward to seeing some of your new work.
  6. I use Hycote plastic primer, I buy there grey and white primer, decanted from the aerosol and mix them 50:50 so I end up with a very light grey primer. I found using Zero and Gravity paints, I set the airbrush at around 15 psi, and use the #3 needle and tip on my Paasche VL, put on a light coat to just hide the primer, leave it around 10 minutes and come back and do another light coat, and keep doing that until I've covered the primer completely, once I've got a good uniform covering I leave it to dry for at least 24 hours, then put on the acrylic clearcoat, again made by Hycote.
  7. Give Gravity paints in Spain (not the USA one) a try, they don't have the range that Zero does, I've used both Gravity and Zero without any problems, basecoat paint is totally different to regular lacquer, but once you've learnt how to apply them, you'll be very happy with the results , the Volkswagen Golf was painting using Zero and the Land Rover was painted using Gravity, both basecoat and then given a few coats of clear lacquer.
  8. Superb build, love the colour combination....
  9. I had a package sent from Cincinnati on the 8th of January, it arrived this morning, looking at the tracking online, I looks like it was sitting at the UK customs in London for a few days, before Covid i would receive packages from the 🇺🇸 in around 5-7 days, I really can't complain about there international service.
  10. The Rabbit arrived this morning from Cincinnati, took 14 days, although I suspect it got stuck in customs for a few days, luckily it was sent by a good friend as a "Gift" so there were no charges.
  11. Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your time here....
  12. Superb build, very realistic....
  13. Looking at the photo, I'd say you're putting on way too much paint, it looks like it's reacted with the primer coat underneath, basecoats should dry matt but smooth, try lowering the pressure slightly, I don't go above 20 p.s.i when using basecoat.
  14. Revell Germany made contact with me this morning, they are taking these problems very seriously, they want to send me some new parts, but as I explained to them, I have 2 other kits of this kit with the same issues, I'll update this post when I know what there solution is.
  15. Very excited to be writing for a new magazine.....
  16. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the red styrene, as a good friend of mine built this model from one of the pre-production models which was moulded in light grey styrene, and had non of the faults I'm finding, apart from some very fine mould lines. I've got 2 more of these kits in the stash, I opened them yesterday, and there both the same as this one.
  17. Sink marks are also on both sides of the rear bodywork underneath where the bumpers go, didn't take long to sort, but these quality issues really shouldn't be on a brand new moulded kit, I'm not even going to try to sort out the inner roof lining.
  18. One thing I noticed about the bodyshell was the small sink marks on the tailgate, didn't take too long to sort them out, while I was sorting them out I noticed more mould lines on the rear quarters that needed removing, after I'd got the sink holes sorted, I rescribed the panel lines.
  19. Getting more parts prepared for the Golf GTi
  20. Exactly correct Peter, I haven't spoken or been in touch with Finecast for a few years now, although they specialise more in their locomotive kits.
  21. Looking great, looking forward to seeing this one progress.
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