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  1. One thing I noticed about the bodyshell was the small sink marks on the tailgate, didn't take too long to sort them out, while I was sorting them out I noticed more mould lines on the rear quarters that needed removing.
  2. Getting more parts prepared for the Golf GTi
  3. Exactly correct Peter, I haven't spoken or been in touch with Finecast for a few years now, although they specialise more in their locomotive kits.
  4. Looking great, looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  5. A very nice looking model.
  6. Left over from the Cabriolet Golf I'm building
  7. The photo i posted wasn't the best, here's an original Scirocco in Viper Green Metallic with the wheels I'll be using, only very early GTI's were available in this colour and only in left hand drive, I don't think I've ever seen one in the UK.
  8. Very nice model, I'd love some models of cars I've owned, apart from a few available for company cars, non of my cars are available in model form.
  9. If you've used Tamiya acrylics for the rear lenses, it should be easy enough to remove it, 99% alcohol should work.
  10. . Basically the twin system gives Reliability and thorough combustion of the cylinders, if one fails you're not going to break down.
  11. I've got a few photos of it, but there on my computer down in London, I'm stuck up in the Midlands due to the lock down, but it was silver with stripes just like this one i found on the 'net
  12. What to do when you have a box full of Volkswagen Golf GTi parts, minus the bodyshell?? Sometime ago I bought the Revell Golf GTi kit off eBay, the bodyshell was destroyed in transit, seems a shame to have all these parts sitting idle, so I've been in touch with Revell to see if I can purchase a new body, and I'll be building a very rare GTi, only available for one year in Left hand drive only and never officially available in the UK, and to make it even rarer, it will have the wheels that were popular on the Scirocco, but Available on the GTi for 2 years,which I have left over from the Golf Cabriolet, so this one will be a very early (1978) Golf GTi in Viper Green.
  13. Volkswagen didn't galvanise the bodyshells until the mk3 came out,I believe the Later cabriolets had wax injected into the cavities.
  14. Spotted one of these parked up in London not so long ago, and in superb condition
  15. it's the same kits as the Pirelli kit, although it's moulded in blue with different decals, although the regular Pirelli decals are included.
  16. I tried many places, the smallest I could get mixed was 1 litre, for basecoat, or 100mls of the older cellulose, I know when I was working at V.A.G, we were limited to how many yellow cars we could produce, as back then, yellow was the only colour that needed lead to be added to it, I've got 50mls of basecoat coming from Germany, yes, the cost with the shipping wasn't cheap, but cost really doesn't come into it, since using basecoat for the GTI and Land Rover, I've gotten to like the way it goes on. The hubcaps are supplied on the gray sprue, in the 🇺🇸 Revell Rabbit kit they are actually chromed.
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