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  1. There still available here in the UK, but the formula has changed, there now water based, I've got quite a few of the older versions, thinned with lacquer thinners they airbrush really nice.
  2. Superb build, I really need to build a Cobra....
  3. The only 1:16th scale kit I've got is the Revell Volkswagen Beetle with the electronics, which was supplied by Revell UK for a build review, i really need to make a start on it,
  4. The new one was a very nice gift from Revell, would have been rude not to use it....
  5. I wish i had your self control, at the last count i had just over 150 kits unstarted, and still i buy more.....
  6. eBay is a dangerous site for me to go on, ended being the highest bidder on this one
  7. That's the other one I've got down in London, again I'm pretty sure it's factory sealed, I'll check it when I'm able to get back down there, I'm hoping to get the new spraying room sorted very soon so I can get some airbrushing done.
  8. Checked it this morning, it's the earlier released version I have up here, it was factory sealed, but as I bought it to build, I thought I'd better check the contents, luckily I've got the correct bodyshell in there.
  9. At the time the Superliner was released, Italeri only used the Freightliner chassis on all their U.S trucks, the other models you mentioned hadn't even been thought of at the time.
  10. Mack wouldn't give Italeri the licence because they used their generic chassis and not a Mack chassis with their suspension, if it's going to be a rebox, it won't be labelled as a Mack.
  11. I've got one of the early releases and one of the reissued kit, I'll have a look in the morning, i took a load of models down to London last time we went down there, I'm now stuck in Solihull, as we went back into lockdown again, I'm not sure which one I've got up here.
  12. Looking really nice, nice work on the interior and wheels
  13. Apparently they did, although someone will have to tell you what models these are, but there certainly not Bel Air version
  14. I'm going with Surf green for the roof panel Carl.
  15. Really nice work so far, look forward to seeing this one moving along
  16. This is why I don't build race or rally cars, decals are my nemesis.....
  17. The AMT body was much better than the Revell version, as it didn't need as much cleaning up, the mold lines on top of the wings were a nightmare to remove without sanding off the raised trim, but saying that the gearbox mounts on the AMT version certainly put my blood pressure up, but of course, there very realistic, just small fiddly parts to get lined up perfectly. The only reason I got the Revell one is that it's a post sedan, the AMT is the Sports Coupe, so although they look alike, the body and interiors are different, I'm not sure if the engines are different or not, but the air filters certainly are.
  18. As I've still got a nearly full bottle of Larkspur blue left over from the AMT Bel Air, I'm thinking of doing the 150 Business sedan in 2 tone Harbour blue and Larkspur blue.
  19. The scuttle is the panel between the windscreen and the bonnet where the wiper arms fit, and yes,it's the kit engine.
  20. Thank you, I've got a few more 57 Chevys to build as well, although I think I'll be building the AMT 58 Edsel after I've finished these two 57 Chevys I have on the go at the moment.
  21. Of course you haven't, it's strange that we're supposed to speak the same language, only no one told the Americans or the English....
  22. You know the first I travelled to 🇺🇸 me and a friend went into a pretty posh restaurant, I asked if they did "Fish & Chips" you should have seen their face.... There were plenty of other times I asked for things that just got a strange look.... I've had better luck with being understood while travelling and working in Germany.....
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