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  1. 5 hours ago, espo said:

    I agree this is the earliest issue that I recall. The Black Widow issue that I was asking about was the one with the old Dayton Beach Race Track on the front. For some reason some of the first boxes of that had the Bel Air body inside instead of the 150 series body trim. This didn't bother me at all but for someone expecting to build a 150 series car it may have been a disappointment.  Revell was good enough to replace the 150 body for me and they didn't even care about the  Bel Air body so that was a big bonus for myself. Like so many others I enjoy watching your attention to trim and color details on your OEM type builds and look forward to seeing this one as well.  

    That's the other one I've got down in London, again I'm pretty sure it's factory sealed, I'll check it when I'm able to get back down there, I'm hoping to get the new spraying room sorted very soon so I can get some airbrushing done.

  2. 19 hours ago, espo said:

    I have a question about your 2 in 1 Black Widow kit. My question is if you have looked at the body and is it a 150 series or the Bel Air body. The reason is because when this kit was first released they somehow had a mix up and were putting the Bel Air bodies in the kit box in stead of the 150. 

    Checked it this morning, it's the earlier released version I have up here, it was factory sealed, but as I bought it to build, I thought I'd better check the contents, luckily I've got the correct bodyshell in there.




  3. 1 hour ago, Force said:

    Well I don't know if you can call the Italeri chassis "genenric", it's a Freightliner chassis with the FAS Airliner (Western Unit Stabilaire) rear suspension from the Freighliner FLC kit, the FLD kit uses the same chassis with updated FAS Airliner II suspension added but the older FAS Airliner is also in there.
    Most of the other makes (except for the Volvo VN) use the unaltered FLC chassis wich is quite wrong for them, all of them has the Cummins NTC and some got a few insignificant updates to the induction system to more look like N14's with air to air intercooler instead of water to air aftercooler, but the main part of the engine is still the same NTC.
    The other chassis Italeri used for US truck kits is for their Peterbilt 378 and 377 A/E with Air Leaf suspension and it's right for them and was not used for any of the other US truck kits.

    At the time the Superliner was released, Italeri only used the Freightliner chassis on all their U.S trucks,  the other models you mentioned hadn't even been thought of at the time.

  4. On 10/22/2020 at 5:41 PM, Rob Hall said:

    Interesting how these Italeri tools have also been reboxed by Revell in the past.  I guess they don't have the license for the Mack name so the Superliner is generic.

    Mack wouldn't give Italeri the licence because they used their generic chassis and not a Mack chassis with their suspension, if it's going to be a rebox, it won't be labelled as a Mack.

  5. 3 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

    I have two of the "Black Widow" kits, one the original and one re-issue.  Both are base 150's.

    I've got one of the early releases and one of the reissued kit, I'll have a look in the morning, i took a load of models down to London last time we went down there, I'm now stuck in Solihull, as we went back into lockdown again, I'm not sure which one I've got up here.

  6. 33 minutes ago, Nxr said:

    Did they ever use the 57 chevy as police? I am trying to convert some kits into 2 door cruisers so i can build my 50 state patrol collection, over the years to come :D

    Apparently they did, although someone will have to tell you what models these are, but there certainly not Bel Air version 





  7. 3 minutes ago, SfanGoch said:

    I have a few of the new tool AMT '57 Belairs but don't have the Revell sedan. Any preference as to either?

    The AMT body was much better than the Revell version, as it didn't need as much cleaning up, the mold lines on top of the wings were a nightmare to remove without sanding off the raised trim, but saying that the gearbox mounts on the AMT version certainly put my blood pressure up, but of course, there very realistic, just small fiddly parts to get lined up perfectly. 

    The only reason I got the Revell one is that it's a post sedan, the AMT is the Sports Coupe, so although they look alike, the body and interiors are different, I'm not sure if the engines are different or not,  but the air filters certainly are.






  8. 3 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

    I've been sitting on 2 of the Black Widow kits waiting for the time to build them.

    As I've still got a nearly full bottle of Larkspur blue left over from the AMT Bel Air, I'm thinking of doing the 150 Business sedan in 2 tone Harbour blue and Larkspur blue.


    unnamed (7).jpg

  9. 2 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

    Phew, I'm glad you're OK with it but actually I really do want to know what the "front scuttle" is.

    I've been sitting on 2 of the Black Widow kits waiting for the time to build them.

    Is that the kit engine, it almost looks resin?


    The scuttle is the panel between the windscreen and the bonnet where the wiper arms fit, and yes,it's the kit engine.

  10. 2 hours ago, gman said:

    If it turns out anything like your nice AMT '57, it will be a build thread to watch. 

    Thank you, I've got a few more 57 Chevys to build as well, although I think I'll be building the AMT 58 Edsel after I've finished these two 57 Chevys I have on the go at the moment. 


    unnamed (5).jpg

    maxresdefault (1).jpg

  11. 1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

    "Bootlid", "front scuttle"!!  OK Geoff, translation 🤣😆🤣😃

    Just poking fun at ya LOL.

    You know the first I travelled to  🇺🇸 me and a friend went into a pretty posh restaurant, I asked if they did "Fish & Chips" you should have seen their face....

    There were plenty of other times I asked for things that just got a strange look....

    I've had better luck with being understood while travelling and working in Germany.....

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