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  1. Yes Tim, I put a few drops of CA glue on a piece of card, trim the top of the toothpick slightly, then dab the toothpick into the glue and then attach them to the part, I always stick it a part that won't be seen after assembly, so once the paint is dry I simply snap the stick off....
  2. Here it is after a 2nd polish, this time using Meguires NXT liquid Tech Wax,
  3. As I had to wait in today for my groceries to be delivered (It's a hard life !!) I thought I might as well use the time I had on my hands to get back into the model room, plus it's another excuse to get off eBay !! One thing that has been bugging me on this build is the chrome rings for the spare wheels, the had a couple of marks on them where they were cut off the sprue and there was no way of hiding them, and a dab of silver paint wasn't going to do the job, so I decided to strip the chrome and re-do it using Alclad chrome, the front lamps have to mount to the front grill, these parts are also chrome, and I didn't think I would get a strong and invisable joint, so in the end I decided to strip the whole chrome sprue, and will do everything in Alclad, so I have my work cut out, I have heard about using household bleach for stripping the chrome, and as I had a bottle of Demestos under the sink, I gave it a go, seems to work o.k Over the weekend I had sorted all the parts that needed to be painted were fixed onto wooden cocktail stick so the primer coat could go on, With all the parts in primer and drying off, I thought I would start on the polishing on the body parts, as they have been drying off, I started with the Poorboys SSR2 and the polishing mop on the Minicraft drill set to speed # 3, the before is the wing on the left, the polished one is on the right, this is just the first stage, I will come in polishing grades until it has a nice deep shine.
  4. Very nice build, love the colour, I'm still very tempted in getting one of these ...
  5. GeeBee

    Fiat 500F

    WOW ! That's one very nice build and super shiny paint work, what paint did you use on it ??
  6. This is coming on real nice, I love the Stratos, I have the Fujimi HF version to build one day ....
  7. I've spent a little bit of time working on the photo's so the colours look more like the paint on the engine, This is the actual paint I used, it's pretty nice to airbrush,
  8. I was sent a link to your build on the Australian forum, and I'm still gobsmacked on your building, your certainly one very talented modeler, brilliant work, can't wait to see more ....
  9. Managed to get back in the hobby room today, and got a little bit of airbrushing done, the seats were done using Testors Model masters Leather enamel, I'm not sure about the finish, as it has dried a little bit glossier than I like, I think I might go over it with a dull coat, the engine & Gearbox was airbrushed using Createx airbrush colours, this is the first time I have used them, a friend of mine gave me a load of these a few years ago but never gave them a go, some have gone a little thick, but didn't have the thinners for them, but I've found that Testors acrylic thinners works just fine, the hood was airbrushed with Humbrol # 110 thinned with lacquer thinners.
  10. I've been wanting to try the flocking for some time, and got to use it on the Morgan 4/4 I recently finished, I've done a small piece on the flocking stage on my website, hope this helps you ... http://geebeesmodels.webs.com/howtoflocking.htm
  11. That's one very nice model, I have heard these kits are a bit of a pain to put together, but you pulled it off, superb results .....
  12. I bought this model a few years ago off eBay, and apart from building the chassis and some of the body parts, it has sat in a plastic container for more years than I can remember, the reason I bought the kit in the first place was a trip down memory lane. For years, in my younger modelling days I built only 1/32nd scale kits, mainly because I used to be into slot racing, and the model cars could go on the layout after I had built them, but slowly with work and college I didn't have time for slot racing, I hadn't long stated work at the age of 15, and took a trip into town (Birmingham) as there used to be a cracking model shop there, and there on the shelf was a "NEW" Airfix kit, the 1932 Chrysler Imperial, and in the bigger scale of 1/25th, so with my wage packet burning a hole in my pocket I bought it, so this was the first ever 1/25th scale kit I ever bought, I got it home and was shocked to see how big this thing was compared to the 1/32nd scale stuff that I had been building, the chassis is 8 and a half inches long !! I built it, and hand painted it, but the guy in the bodyshop taught me how to thin enamel paint and how I could brush paint without getting brush marks, I did it in Airfix Oxford blue with a light blue body, and tan hood and interior, I was pretty happy with the results, but it didn't last long, as Mom went round like Willow the Wisp, and knocked it off my window sill, and come home to find it in pieces in a box, sadly it never got rebuilt. The main reason this has been sitting in a container so long is that Ii couldn't decide on the colour as I didn't want to do it the same colour as I did all them years ago, and although I had looked though all the photo's on Google, I still couldn't decide, but over the weekend I was having a tidy and going through some of my paints, and come across some old BMC paints, Limeflower and Tundra Green, and to me, looked a perfect combination, so that's the reason in getting my arse into gear and getting a start on this on, I will let the paint dry off for a week before wet sanding and polishing it out, the interior will be done in different shades of tan.
  13. That's some very nice builds you've done there, love the trucks !!
  14. Thanks for all the comments, I really enjoyed this build, I know it's a very hard kit to track down, but the parts fit and the way it looks when built is well worth trying to find one, I took the time today to take some better photo's without any distracting background junk ...
  15. A little bit more work on this today, and I've finally got it finished, the hood isn't glued on as it was such a good fit and I didn't want to chance getting glue on the body, and at least I can take it off to see the interior I want to ....
  16. Revell are doing some cracking stuff lately, the 2CV has actually got more detail in the kit than the Tamiya version, I'm 90% finished on the Tamiya 2CV, the AEC Routemaster bus is a stunning model, we can forgive them for re-releasing the ###### Japanese copy of the FX-4 taxi, but if they ever bring out the Morris Minor, which was a better seller than the Mini, and did actually make a profit for BMC, I would have to up my heart medication !!
  17. It's going to be the 1964 Mini Cooper, the Tamiya version in the Cooper S, looking at the photo I found of it at the German Toy fair, it's going to have the proper "Deluxe" wheel trims, I'm really looking forward to this one !!!
  18. I've been (Slowly) cracking on with the build, it's nearly there, just some bonnet catches to fit, plus the bonnet strap and the roof and wiper arms & blades, I've got the acrylic showcase on order for it ...
  19. What a stunning build, I have a couple of these in my stash, I just hope they come out as good or close to it as yours, I also have a can of the same paint, which I was planning on doing mine in, and I don't think you need any luck with the Lamborghini, as you've done such a great job on the Daytona ...
  20. GeeBee

    willys jeep

    Very realistic build and so is the weathering, which model and scale is this one ??
  21. Looking good, I love the old Alpine's, but over here there over shadowed by the MGB and E-Type,
  22. My order of the 2 part epoxy resin arrived this morning, so now I can get on with getting the lights and bumpers fixed on, plus of course the doors, but yesterday and today I have been finishing off the aluminium foil on the hood, didn't turn out too bad ...
  23. Nice Mini and I love the diorama, very realistic !!
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