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  1. Built pretty much box stock, apart from the chrome parts being de-chromed and airbrushed using Alclad, body was painted in BMC Iris blue,
  2. Front end finished, the front grille, headlamp pods and bumper were again done using Alclad chrome, the trim above the grille was done using chrome Bare Metal Foil (BMF) the chrome around the indicator lamps were done using the same chrome foil.
  3. GeeBee

    VW 1300 4 Door

    WOW !! what a brilliant build, loads of detail, and done in a very tasteful way, I like it a lot ....
  4. I've been using this for some time now, first time I used it, I wasn't impressed, but I seemed to have got the idea on how to use it now, I use Revell black enamel thinned with cellulose thinners, just makes the enamel dry quicker, then put on about 2 coats of the Alclad, you don't want to spray it like you would with most paints, but you need to use the airbrush as a brush, it's harder to explain than to do, depending on what airbrush you are using depends on the pressure to use, last time I used my old Paasche F1 set to around 20 p.s.i and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  5. Very nice !! love the colour, just hope mine comes out something like this when I get round to building it ....
  6. GeeBee

    '66 Mustang GT

    That turned out very nice !
  7. Been working on this for the last few days, coming on quite nicely ... The the chrome parts were done using Alclad over gloss black enamel thinned with cellulose thinners
  8. That turned out one very nice Ferrari 300 P4
  9. I really don't know what to say .... I know I moan about our weather here in England, but I hope I never have to cope with what you are going through at the moment, hopefully you are insured and can get your home repaired very soon, but I know that can't compensate for loosing personal items,
  10. Very nice build, I built this kit many years ago, bought it at the Ertl store in Dyersville, the bodyshell was bent as a banana when I got it home,
  11. The rear lamps were first airbrushed in Tamiya acrylic clear red, the chrome surrounds were replicated using chrome BMF, they were attached using 4 minute epoxy glue.
  12. It now has it's grill and headlamp pods fitted, the headlamps were a tight push fit in the pods, so didn't even need glue, also got the grille fitted, both the grille and headlamps were already stripped of there chrome when I got the kit, so I airbrushed them gloss black, and then gave them a few coats a Alclad chrome
  13. Looking good, that paint certainly has a good shine, if I was doing the build, I would go with the second lot of wheels,
  14. Well it's been a couple of weeks since I've touch the little Sprite, so the last couple of days I've done a little bit more to it, the dash has now been fitted in place, along with the side trim panels, these needed a little bit of trimming as they cover the holes in the side of the bodyshell where the mounting pins on the chassis should protrude, but a little bit of trimming on the inside and they were o.k, they were all fitted using 4 minute epoxy, the front grille trim was fitted on before the body was painted, and was covered in chrome BMF, this was the first time I got to try out my new tool, a Testors burnishing tool, which worked very well,some thinned epoxy glue was dropped into the dash gauges to replicate the glass.
  15. Not usually, it's usually thin enough to spray as it is, I only add thinners if it has been sitting in a bottle for a while and the paint has thickened a bit over time.
  16. I'll be watching this one as well, apart from the GT40, this has got to be one of my favourite GT race cars
  17. Some very nice models you have there,
  18. GeeBee

    Boyd woodie

    Nice start, I'll be watching this with interest, we still get "American Hotrod" on our satelite T.V
  19. Yes I did, they looked a bit thin to me when I stripped the paint off, but I've recently bought the Lotus Elan kit from Gunze, and the panel lines look very shallow on that as well, not sure if all there kits are the same
  20. The trim on top of the doors and around the top of the dash and rear were polished aluminium of the real car, I wanted it to look as prototypical as possible, so I replicated the trim using aluminium BMF, I did this in 4 pieces, I'm pretty pleased with the results.
  21. Thanks for the link, I wish Gunze Sangyo had included the optional hard top like they did with the Lotus Elan kit,
  22. Very nice ! I've never heard of the car, but your attention to detail and cracking paint job is paying off,
  23. Very nice, I like that a lot, nice detail work on the engine,
  24. Not a lot done today, but I thought I would get the chassis finished, when I got the kit, the exhaust had already been glued into place, I didn't want to risk damaging it by trying to remove it, so it stayed in place while it got it's coat of satin black, it was a bit tricky to mask up and paint satin aluminium, but turned out o.k, this kit doesn't have any engine detail, but it does have the sump molded into the chassis, so that was also masked up and airbrushed green.
  25. Yes, this is the first time I have built one of there kits, I did have a few Gunze kits in my stash many years ago, I was a bit put off by the rubbery seats and side panels, but they painted up o.k, I've just got hold of there Lotus Elan kit, which still has the rubbery parts ....
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