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  1. It now has it's grill and headlamp pods fitted, the headlamps were a tight push fit in the pods, so didn't even need glue, also got the grille fitted, both the grille and headlamps were already stripped of there chrome when I got the kit, so I airbrushed them gloss black, and then gave them a few coats a Alclad chrome
  2. Looking good, that paint certainly has a good shine, if I was doing the build, I would go with the second lot of wheels,
  3. Well it's been a couple of weeks since I've touch the little Sprite, so the last couple of days I've done a little bit more to it, the dash has now been fitted in place, along with the side trim panels, these needed a little bit of trimming as they cover the holes in the side of the bodyshell where the mounting pins on the chassis should protrude, but a little bit of trimming on the inside and they were o.k, they were all fitted using 4 minute epoxy, the front grille trim was fitted on before the body was painted, and was covered in chrome BMF, this was the first time I got to try out my new tool, a Testors burnishing tool, which worked very well,some thinned epoxy glue was dropped into the dash gauges to replicate the glass.
  4. Not usually, it's usually thin enough to spray as it is, I only add thinners if it has been sitting in a bottle for a while and the paint has thickened a bit over time.
  5. I'll be watching this one as well, apart from the GT40, this has got to be one of my favourite GT race cars
  6. Some very nice models you have there,
  7. GeeBee

    Boyd woodie

    Nice start, I'll be watching this with interest, we still get "American Hotrod" on our satelite T.V
  8. Yes I did, they looked a bit thin to me when I stripped the paint off, but I've recently bought the Lotus Elan kit from Gunze, and the panel lines look very shallow on that as well, not sure if all there kits are the same
  9. The trim on top of the doors and around the top of the dash and rear were polished aluminium of the real car, I wanted it to look as prototypical as possible, so I replicated the trim using aluminium BMF, I did this in 4 pieces, I'm pretty pleased with the results.
  10. Thanks for the link, I wish Gunze Sangyo had included the optional hard top like they did with the Lotus Elan kit,
  11. Very nice ! I've never heard of the car, but your attention to detail and cracking paint job is paying off,
  12. Very nice, I like that a lot, nice detail work on the engine,
  13. Not a lot done today, but I thought I would get the chassis finished, when I got the kit, the exhaust had already been glued into place, I didn't want to risk damaging it by trying to remove it, so it stayed in place while it got it's coat of satin black, it was a bit tricky to mask up and paint satin aluminium, but turned out o.k, this kit doesn't have any engine detail, but it does have the sump molded into the chassis, so that was also masked up and airbrushed green.
  14. Yes, this is the first time I have built one of there kits, I did have a few Gunze kits in my stash many years ago, I was a bit put off by the rubbery seats and side panels, but they painted up o.k, I've just got hold of there Lotus Elan kit, which still has the rubbery parts ....
  15. Got the bodyshell polished out today, and I fitted the handbrake and gearlever to the interior tub, the bodyshell polished using Minicraft drill fitted with a wool mop, I used Poorboys SSR2 polishing compound, followed by a coat of meguires Crystal Clear wax applied by hand.
  16. GeeBee

    Porsche 907

    Yes some of those old Heller kits were a bit fiddly to build, but looks like you did a good job on this one, looks very realistic to me ..
  17. I have only ever seen photo's of this car in the classic car magazine's I have, but you have the shape of it spot on, brilliant work, and to scratch build it in such a short time, I take more time just building a kit out of the box, and the scratch build the engine and getting it to look spot on, well your talent is amazing ....
  18. Well got a bit more done today, bit of a mistake really painting the dash black, as it needed to be done dark blue to match the interior, Iris blue Sprites were only available with a blue interior, so it had to re-painted, also the seats got the same treatment, and the interior tub got masked off and painted dark blue, the dash has already had a coat of satin varnish, the seats will get a coat as well, but I will leave the carpets matt, as they don't really have a shine like the seats and dash would, as these would have been vinyl trim on the real thing.
  19. Simply, the paint needs to be polished out, and it will be easier to do without the headlamp pods in the way.
  20. Did a little work on the dashboard today, I had airbrushed it satin black, today I covered the dial rims in BMF, then gave the dash another coat of satin black, I let it to dry out for a few min's, then I got some cotton buds dampened in lacquer thinners, which uncovered the BMF underneath.
  21. Ordered the paint from paint4u yesterday afternoon, great service as usual, as it arrived first thing this morning, so I thought I had better get the body into top coat, I also did the interior panels and the headlamp bowls,
  22. Absolutely stunning work, that colour of the paint, and the detail makes this one superb build ...
  23. Did a bit more on this today, managed to get all the chrome done in Alclad, but it's very hard to photograph and to show the shine, but they are, also gave the wheels a few coats of cellulose wheel silver
  24. I bought this as a part built kit,the main chassis had been built, all the chrome parts had been stripped of there shiney stuff, and the bodyshell had been painted in a dark green. I popped the bodyshell and a few other parts that had been painted into a plastic tub and given a good coating of Fairy Power spray, and then another which I left on overnight, cleaned it off the next day, this is the first time I had tried this way of stripping off paint, but it certainly the best, and there's no smell to it. I'm going to painting in BMC Iris Blue with a dark blue interior I was thinking over the weekend how to fit the windshield frame to the body after it had been painted, and looking at it, I wasn't happy to just hold it on with a few dabs of epoxy, and as the real thing is held in place by 2 screws each side, I have tried to replicate that by drilling small holes and using cut down brass pins, these will be painted in Alclad along with the frame, also as all the chrome parts had previously been stripped of there shiney stuff, I thought it would be easier to fix them to the body before painted, as they can be pick out using BMF afterwards, they were tricky to fit before, so how tricky they would have been afterwards without getting glue onto the bodyshell I really don't know. Did a bit of sorting out parts and getting them primered, I will sort them into parts to be painted black, bodycolour and Alclad.
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