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  1. I'll be building the FF-30 later once I've ordered the Ferguson "Old Red" paint, it's a slightly darker shade than the later Massey ferguson red.
  2. They'll be the Kombi version coming along, although I don't have the release date
  3. You'll enjoy building that one, i had no problems at all with the build
  4. This one is totally different to the Revell tractor models, so much more details, the rear axle is made up of so many parts, including drive shafts inside the axle tubes,which doesn't actually do anything or hold any parts together, but I'm not one for wanting a model to be lacking in detail, the brake rods that run from the frame to the wheel backs are very fragile, I'm surprised i got them off the parts tree without breaking them, bonnet built up, there's 4 parts to glue together.
  5. Superb looking Charger....
  6. Interesting, I wonder what took it across the pond.....
  7. Revell UK have been pretty good to me over the years, free kits to build for magazine reviews, which I get to keep after I've built them and photographed them, every year they send me a free catalogue, the cutting mat was a nice gift from them.
  8. It's a Small world, I was back in West Des Moines in August 94, then Ankeny Iowa in 1996 and 1997. A few small towns such as Ames and Boone had hobby shops and small junk shops that usually had a few older model kits gathering dust, I was shipping them home by the box load, all sent back to me in 🇬🇧 using my friends name and address and sent over as a "Gift" they usually took around 6 weeks to arrive.
  9. Not a model this time, but it seemed Revell didn't like the old cutting mat in the background of my photographs, so they sent me a nice new clean one Before and after photos
  10. Very nice build, I'm hoping Revell Germany will rebox this one.
  11. Back in 1993, visiting Des Moines, Iowa and spending time travelling around the Midwest, I'd never seen hobby shops so large and full of models, and yes I pretty much all the cash I'd took with me, had to get some more travellers cheques and cash wired to me, one hobby shop in the middle of nowhere in Iowa looked small from the outside, but when you went inside, it went back quite a lot, owned by an older gentleman, he had a good selection of fujimi kits that had probably been sitting on the shelf for a few years looking at the layers of dust, he also had a few truck kits from Amt/Ertl and Revell, I think I made his day when I bought the lot. I'm not sure what the percentage of the population here in the UK that build models, but we've just never had such big hobby shops that pretty much sell everything from R/C, model trains, cars, aircraft and military. When I'm travelling with my partner I'm pretty much banned from visiting any hobby shops.
  12. The Yellow Submarine store I found in the Akihabara District of Tokyo sold pretty much every kind of model imaginable, but Yellow submarine are a chain of stores, I forgot the name of the store I found that had a good selection of car kits offered a tax free discount if you spent over 6000 yen, of course no visit to Tokyo is complete until you go to the Tamiya plamodel factory. You will run out of time and possibly money if you try to visit all the model stores there, of course no visit to Japan would be complete until you have been on the bullet trains, in the shadows of mount Fuji is Shizuoka Hobby square, absolutely breathtaking, as was the view of Mount Fuji, roll on 2023, when I plan on returning, this time to the northern island of Hokkaido.
  13. Got this one yesterday, I'm just going to start one of the little grey Fergies, I need to get hold of some Ferguson old red paint to paint the FF-30, I've got a few bottles of Ferguson grey. The three tweezers came from one of my suppliers ( Dave Coley) as a free gift
  14. I didn't get too much time to visit too many hobby shops in Japan, as I was working both times, hopefully if all goes to plan, I'm back there in 2023, this time it will be a trip to celebrate my retirement, the ones in Hong Kong are superb, I think I found around 8 of them in Kowloon itself, some specialise in R/C stuff, but still sell model car kits, it's all the other stuff you don't see this side of the pond from Tamiya and Mr Hobby that I purchased more of, Hasegawa kits were around £22.00, which I did buy a couple of the BMW 2002 models.
  15. While I was in Kowloon, Hong Kong last year I found a lot of hobby shops over there, I've forgotten just how many there were, but I was amazed that they were all pretty busy, however they did specialise in different subjects, a few selling nothing but bus models, one I was impressed with was RC Jaz, I've had stuff sent over since getting back, shipping is very reasonable, if I can't see what I'm after on their website I get in touch to see if they can get it for me, never let me down, how I'd love hobby shops here in the UK like these. https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/
  16. That's one very nice Beetle......
  17. Over the years I've never had a problem with any orders I've had from Japan or Hong Kong, I wish some UK sellers would think about what they are posting, wrapped in a plastic bag or a jiffy bag really isn't good enough....
  18. I Don't have enough grass to even think of buying one of those....
  19. I used photos from a German tractor museum for reference material, it was never meant to be a model that represented a working vehicle
  20. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/cars/young-oldtimer/vw-golf-gti-builders-choice.html
  21. Thanks for the link, I'm going to be ordering a few sets of those
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