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  1. I've got two of them, one holding paints and glues and smaller tools, the other one holding larger tools, they were left over stock when I used to own and run my slot racing business called GeeBee Slotshop, I also had shares in a slotracing track which sadly closed a few years ago, I sold the business back in 2006. You can still buy them today, but there not cheap, but like everything made in Switzerland. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/poly-butler-swiss-made-abs-toolbox-938081253
  2. GeeBee

    427 cobra

    Not sure how I missed this post, but I've just read it start to finish, this isn't modelling, it's witchcraft, I'd love to build something like this, but it's way out of my ability, can't wait to see this one finished.
  3. Yes, there's a lot of links that just don't work, I'm not sure when the website was last updated, it's looked like that since the Internet was invented.
  4. looking good Mike, only one thing wrong with your story, shepherd's pie and coffee, No,no,no.... In England we drink Tea.....
  5. Nice looking model, and a good rescue....
  6. Absolutely superb model, I can see why they wanted to feature it in the club magazine
  7. Airbrushed in Deutz tractor green and orange for the wheels, although it's a snap together kit, like the Porsche i built, i glued all the parts together
  8. Good luck with your operation, your work is superb, with two good eye's there just going to be even better, if that's possible
  9. Superb build, cracking job on the black paintwork
  10. I spoke to Chris from C1 models yesterday, work is commencing on the MGB, and it should be finished soon, he's got the photoetched parts sorted, so you should see them available very soon.
  11. Cheers Sonny, Revell kits these days are very good, with precise parts fit, sometimes they get the colour call outs wrong, luckily these days we have the Internet, having a good photo booth and proper lighting always makes for good photography.
  12. Very nice build, I've built both of the Revell tractor kits now, I'm hoping Revell releases more of them, I'm sure they have plenty to choose from.
  13. And 26 years since I left V.A.G UK, which I don't regret for one minute, I've spent the majority of my working life being self employed.
  14. Thank you, that was my goal to make it look like it's waiting in a showroom waiting for it's first owner, as I do with all of my builds.
  15. just a few decals to apply tomorrow and this one will be finished, it will be in the "Under Glass " section as soon I've taken the photographs
  16. Seems Ebay was a little quite tonight, I popped a bid in for this, expecting to get outbid, and didn't, only once I'd won the item did I realise I'd got the latest release of this one, oh well, you can never have too many 57 Chevys.
  17. Beautiful build, that's what I learnt to ride when I was 13 while living in Spain, for my birthday Dad bought me a Derbi Cross.
  18. Hopefully you should have received the parts by now, or they shouldn't be too long, they were shipped out last Friday.
  19. If you can get hold of the Hasegawa flat black, it's great for replicating black trim, i used it to replicate the rubber gasket around the fuel filler, i could have masked it up and airbrushed it in matt black, or even brush painted it, but went with the Hasegawa product, if you look at the link for Plaza Japan, you'll see that it's available in other finishes as well.
  20. I can get back to this soon, I've now got the Tamiya vinyl tubing which I wanted to use for the heater hoses instead of the plastic parts included in the kit.
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