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  1. Yes, it's actually a self adhesive vinyl, nothing like Bare Metal foil, but easy to apply and trim to size, i picked it up in Japan a few years ago, I wish I'd bought more as I'm finding it impossible to find in the UK, they also make them in metal finishes, I'm going to have to see if my friend in Japan can get me some more.
  2. It's not chrome trim,but galvanised steel, it's quite bright on new Land Rovers but dulls down over time
  3. Nothing more at the moment, I checked on it a few days ago.
  4. Vaillant green is actually a Volkswagen colour, they were a great customer of ours when I worked for V.A.G UK, the colour code is Volkswagen L62N Vaillant green.
  5. Cheers Carl, I'm hoping to get it finished by the end of the week.
  6. Don't worry, you aren't the first, and I doubt you'll be the last to make that mistake, luckily I've worked on the real thing and knew the exhaust went through the inner wing, Revell got it bang on, great rescue though...
  7. Hopefully you haven't glued the exhaust pipe onto the manifold just yet ???
  8. Not many parts left to attach to the Deutz tractor, I need to give the wheel arches and bonnet a quick polish, but like the Porsche junior tractor it won't be a mirror finish.
  9. Trust me, they made mistakes in the VW Golf GTI kit, and that's a German car.....
  10. Looking forward to seeing this one started, I built one around 25 years ago, I gave it to a friend when I was moving house, I'm sure it would have got damaged in the move.
  11. I'm hoping that one will make it over this side of the pond, shipping, import duty and handling fee just makes buying from the USA too expensive
  12. Superb work, well worth all the effort you put into the build.
  13. Engine block should be Blue-grey, Revell got a few colour call outs incorrect
  14. One of the hobby stores I deal with has just had a delivery of AMT kits, luckily they had this one in stock, couldn't say no....
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