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  1. desertgypsy added a post in a topic resin casting question....   

    thanx for response....searching the net just now, i forgot jimmie flintstone did some solid cast 1/25, so i guess it is possible,so i shot an email off to him asking if he uses a vacuum pump and what other type equipment. we will be going cheap route and doing from kitchen tabletop.....
  2. desertgypsy added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    resin casting question....
    been talking with a g-scale railroader over past couple days and hit on an idea.......we were discussing how to 'populate' his outdoor layout with die cast modern vehicles that arent all sports cars or exotics, yet usa market....i told him use plastic kits....not very durable outdoors tho...

    we spoke of maybe solid casting some kit offerings as a possibility...my question is, what is the negatives[besides cost of resin]to do this??i have done resin in past, but with 1/87 scale solid cast with out any problems, just curious about 1/24 scale possibly not curing all the way through...
    and would it be feasible to cast 1/24 scale in another medium such as hydrocal[would it take a durable paint like automotive laquers and such?any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. desertgypsy added a post in a topic 1/25 1/24 SCALE CH MACK   

    I was talking 90's to present CH603 style..........
  4. desertgypsy added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    1/25 1/24 SCALE CH MACK
    Iremember seeing in a model mag a ch tow truck. any one know who cast the body or what it is modified from? thanx...........
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