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  1. Mercedes 540K

    Thanks! Some beautiful details shots there. I have only seen one car with the concealed spare tire. Only one that has the windshield wipers mounted on the cowl, and they are a parallel arrangement, not opposed like this model has?
  2. Mercedes 540K

    I finished the interior. I wish I had fixed that blemish on the back of the driver's seat. It didn't look that bad to the naked eye and there was a bit of "fabric texture" on the seat back that I didn't want to lose. Oh well!
  3. Oh, OK. No wonder I was confused. I have sprayed the Aztek paint, and it goes on very nice...but I have not used the transparent. You could brush or spray some onto any clear plastic to get an idea of what it looks like?
  4. Do you mean the Testors Aztec in the square bottles? Do you have a link or a picture of the stuff?
  5. Rather than start a new thread, I figured I would add to this relevant one. My Paasche airbrush came with two cheap plastic paint bottles, only one of which had the fitting to attach to the airbrush. I can buy these two sizes of glass bottles at Michaels that fit the Paasche lid, but they come with foam gaskets in the lids that disintegrate with any volatile fluid. I went to a local gasket supplier and got some 1/16" PTFE (Teflon) offcuts for next to free! Replacing the cheapo lid gaskets with this stuff means I can store just about anything in them. It is quite soft and gives a very good seal. I also made a gasket for a 1/2 pint relish jar to store laquer thinner in, it is big enough that I can drop these smaller glass bottles inside to soak and clean them if necessary.
  6. Yes, Thanks for posting this J├╝rgen. You did a beautiful job and I appreciate the tips! I recently bought this kit at a flea market and It just moved up in the priority list.
  7. Mercedes 540K

    Thanks for the confidence everyone. I have some fine s/s mesh that I am considering putting in place of the louvers (same stuff as on the air cleaner) Although not factory correct, I think it will look nicer than the fake louvers.
  8. Scratchbuilding Slapper Bars

    Nice, neat simple fab job!
  9. gtx

    Looks darn fine to me!
  10. Wow. Fantastic detailing on this! I love that camper.
  11. Wire and Hose sizes

    1/25 literally means one divided by twenty five. So take your full size measurement desired and divide it by 25 (or 24 or 16) to get the scale size needed. Likewise, if you have piece of wire, multiply it's actual diameter by 25(or what ever scale you are using) to get what it would represent in full size.
  12. 1957 Bel Air

    Looks like that paint went on real nice !!
  13. Revell 1962 Corvette Roadster.

    Very nice. I recently built one of these too. I think that color will look great once all the rest of the chrome is on it.
  14. Fujimi Ferrari Daytona Spider

    I agree, really nice job on that interior!
  15. Mercedes 540K

    Thanks for the link to your build. I hope mine turn out half as nice! This pic I found online is sort of my inspiration.