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  1. Ooh, I like that car too! It’s looking good Jacob!👍
  2. I cut the WILLYS letters out of some .010” styrene and glued them to another layer of .010”. Then I made a mold of it so I could cast it. There was no way I was going to attempt to make four identical scripts. One was hard enough!🧐 They came out just a touch big, but close enough.😬 I made a cutout in some .015” styrene and used it as a guage to file down the back of the castings till there was very little left of the second .010” layer, then attached them with thin CA. I also scratch built a gas filler neck, gasket and cap.
  3. I had to enlarge the battery compartment slightly to fit the 12v battery I have. I plan on adding a winch, so I need a big battery.🙂 The steering arm from the box to the bellcrank hits the front axle housing so I’ll have to put a bend in it or something. I got the engine in and the exhaust hooked up.
  4. The eBay link doesn’t work for me either. So….I guess these never got remade for 2014 as motortrend was predicting eh? Too bad, this artists rendering is a pretty nice looking unit!🙂
  5. I’ll follow this. I love that green one, and I’m sure yours will be just as sweet!🙂
  6. Great job! 👍The wheels look great on it. You sure didn’t get rusty while away from the hobby.
  7. That is going to be a nice rig. Googling score on those 3D files!
  8. Thanks Charles! That is a great idea. I thought that 1/16” od. was the smallest tube that K&S made. Is 0.018” the id? I just looked on their website again and see 1/32” od. tube(0.03125”) and 1mm. od. tube (0.0394”). A local hobby shop doesn’t stock it, but will order it for me so I will have it on hand.
  9. Both of these kits have glass packs. It would also be really easy to make them from some large sprue or styrene rod.
  10. Looks real nice. Any more completed pics?
  11. Nice builds! They both have their fine points.👍
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