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  1. I got the interior finished today using the seats from the Wrangler. The center consol needed the most attention...I scribed the cubby door into it and added the latch for it. I moved the clock forward to where it belongs and made a new shifter (oops, forgot the t/c shifter🤨). The speedo and guage cluster I printed on my ink jet from a photo I pulled off the net and coated it with flat lacquer.
  2. Yep! And this is from that movie also. One of the greatest car movies of all time in my opinion.
  3. I got the paint and foil done finally. The body is Tamiya LP-47 Pearl Blue, and the roof is LP-19 Gunmetal. The whole thing is cleared with Testors Aztec gloss. The decals were old and didn’t want to stick very well, so I messed them up a bit. The small Impala one on the trunk is cracked and missing a small corner, but I will have to live with that.🤨 They are all nice looking decals, except for the “Impala SS” on the rear fenders....the font is a little off and should be chrome and the “SS” should be red and chrome. Oh well.
  4. Someones likely posted this one already, but...”Who cut the cheese?”
  5. Nice simple looking kit, but nicely built.
  6. Very nicely done. I agree, the chrome trim is beautiful!
  7. Looks pretty good by my standards.🙂 A little black wash on the grill would help it stand out.
  8. I went to clear coat my ‘64 Impala (yesterday actually) and lightly shot a bit of low pressure compressed air over the trunk to blow the minor dust particles off. I wound up blowing the chevy emblem decal to smithereens!😡 Luckily, I haven’t applied the identical front one yet, so I can copy it.
  9. I was going to ask where someone would get tires for this, as no manufacturer could sell enough to turn a profit in my mind. But then I noticed the seam letting loose where the tire carcasses that they glued onto the rims meet. This is no more than a full scale model car, as it is completely un-roadworthy. “Unsafe at any speed”.
  10. Haha! The place where we bought this also had a bottle of “ I just #*$& in the woods” hand sanitizer. I wish I had grabbed it also as it would have been a hilarious gag gift for a Buddy of mine.😬 I really like the LP paints. They spray beautifully. The flares are from the Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicon kit. I just widened them a little.
  11. I just picked up some new CA glues and some accelerator to go with it, and a couple paints I am low on.😜
  12. Thanks. It is just glossy photo paper. The lower quality image on the right is coated on the left half with Tamiya X-22 clear and on the right half with Model Master clear parts cement & window maker. The clear parts cement seems to have reacted slightly with the ink. I think I will use the X-22, or possibly use the panel supplied if I can get it looking better.
  13. I’ve managed to print a fairly decent picture on my inkjet printer of the Jeepster instrument panel. I printed it on regular paper and also on glossy photo paper. What would be the best thing to coat this with to keep it from fading or losing color? Thanks, Greg.
  14. Ouch! I hope the little Guy’s alright. I remember when I was just a wee tyke that I could open the doors and drawers on my parent’s buffet hutch and climb up to see what was on top of it. Well one day my little brother decided he would join me...and our combined weight tipped the whole thing over on top of us. I can’t recall if we got a spanking or not😳.
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