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  1. As far as I can tell from searching on here the only kit that for sure comes with a TH-350 automatic is the MPC 1980 Monte Carlo. Alas, none of my local hobby shops have one in stock. Are there any other kits that have one? Thanks.
  2. It’s too bad Revell didn’t make this a full detail kit or include a full top.😕 That said it is a nice little kit.
  3. Too bad that wouldn’t work for the thin CA. 🤨
  4. And any glue will make a mess at that point, especially the old tube glue.😬
  5. For the Tamiya extra thin cement, you’re supposed to put the parts together...then apply the cement. It will wick itself into the seams.
  6. Ok, so I cracked open both boxes...and most of it is identical. Casting numbers are the same on the trees for the body, interior, hood, tires etc. The only differences are the chrome tree and the engine tree. Thanks Guys.
  7. I was just typing in a further query as to whether the bodies came from the same mold or not when you replied. Thanks!
  8. Which one of these is a better kit to build? I eventually want to build one and the other is going to go for parts. Thanks, Greg
  9. Kind of eerie that they’d ALL be missing one.🤔
  10. I take it you like Scouts...and it shows. Beautiful work on all of them, but I really like the first light blue one.👍
  11. Nice. I do like the color. Makes me want to dig mine out.👍
  12. Looking real fine there Jason. The wheels you have on it now look great! The photo etch grill is a nice touch too.
  13. Absolutely. It goes into a bottle cap and applied with a toothpick. It is still stringy though. I don’t have to squeeze it at all...it comes out on it’s own. I also have the thick, medium and thin CA glues. The thick and medium are the only ones I can apply straight from the bottle. I rarely use the thin, as it winds up everywhere.😬
  14. This is shaping up real nicely Andrew. I missed it the first go round...glad you’re back on it!
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