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  1. So I’m watching “Cars that Made America: part3” and they call this a Chevy. It doesn’t look like one to me, at least not a production one, but I can’t seem to find a pic online of this car. Am I wrong or did they goof? Anyone know what this is?
  2. Here is a pic of the original floor in my ‘71. It's of the underside, but you can see that there are six raised ribs, and the outer two are slightly wider than the rest.
  3. You likely know any that have been used should be turned upside down and sprayed till propellant comes out in order to clear the tube Of paint. Then I would store them on their side or upside down.
  4. Ok, that’s not a meme....but I for one am willing to let it slide.😊
  5. I could see this as a possible cause, or the manufacturer defect? I know the OP surely stirred it well enough, but one of the best things I’ve bought is one of those battery operated mixers. It does a great job and best of all it keeps the paint off the lids, which tends to “glue” them in place after a while. This is why I stopped shaking all paints other than aerosols.
  6. I don’t strive for perfection. I don’t think I could achieve it with my sanity intact!🤪 I do try try to learn from my mistakes and get a little better each time. Certain models that I admire I will take more care on and maybe redo things that are not what I consider “good enough”. I have never entered an official contest and don’t intend to. I mainly got back into this hobby to keep tabs on my eyesight and physical dexterity, since Parkinson’s has affected my older brother, and an Uncle of mine. Kudos to all those on the forum who do strive for perfection...and it does show on many of your builds. I certainly appreciate the diligence and admire the skills that a lot of you display here. Keep it up!😎👍
  7. That IS a great tutorial ! I have run across it before with minimal searching. So far, I have been drilling some resin ones with pretty good success. I think I will try this next time. Do to think Bondic would work in place of resin?
  8. LOL! Wouldn’t that be a great gag by the folks greeting them when they return.😂
  9. Looking real fine...that ‘29!😎
  10. I’m surprised that this is being hauled by a regular rig. We had an old trailer with no brakes or lights that we used on construction sites. It had to be moved by a wrecker to be legal.
  11. Thanks Guys! I will attempt to fix it a bit more, even though no one other than Folks on here will know the difference. I’ve already plugged the hole through the sides of it and the block.😳
  12. I like the 5 spoke mags in the third pic also. Keystone Classics may look good too. Did any kit come with them?
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