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  1. An atlas would be desirable because of the optional gear ranges available. The only drawback of the NP205 is it’s 1.96:1 low range. It is however pretty much bullet proof and will stand up to the power of a big block. The Mobius 1970 F-100 has the appropriate divorced 205 t/c. I’m not too familiar with Fords so I don’t know what years it would span.
  2. I recently logged in to the website for my cc that I rarely use and found 2 monthly fees for a spotify membership. The bank reversed the charges and sent me a new card. I also switched it to paper statements mailed to me so I can keep better track of it.
  3. This is an earlier 1946-49 version. The fenders, hood and grill were the main changes for 1950.
  4. YUCK!🤮 It is a 1950-64 Willys-Oveland 473 or 475 pickup with some REALLY HEAVY modifications. https://www.kaiserwillys.com/about_willys_jeep_truck_history_specs
  5. Unfortunately, it will get worse. My Dad had Alzheimers. I went home for a weekend once and gave him a big hug. He said “ I don’t know who you are, but thanks for the hug.” Do what you can for him, but your Mom is the one who really needs the support.
  6. One thing the model companies could do if they seriously wanted sprue returned, would be to offer free kits to either model clubs or hobby shops for returning a significant amount of plastic. Everyone in a club could pool their scrap and raffle off the free kit if and when they get one. Hobby shops could have a bin to collect sprue, much like grocery stores accept plastic bags. Since it has no “type” identification numbers, it would likely wind up in the trash anyway if put in your regular recycle bin?
  7. Those are excellent videos! I watched both of them and a few others too. They helped me get a pretty decent mold on my first try. I do get some air pockets that I have been able to fill.
  8. Randy has a good idea. You can fab up the discs c/w lug nuts and center caps first. When you get them looking right, then scrape off the existing centers and glue on the new ones.
  9. Are you wanting to drill them out as a spare rim or somehow change the number of lug nuts?
  10. It does bend nice with wire inside, but if you touch the bend with solvent glue, the tubing will instantly crack.
  11. I only run premium in my lawnmower and snowblower.
  12. Well you certainly got her looking presentable James, despite all the issues with this kit. Well done!👍
  13. Nice work! What printer did you use for the wheel centers?
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