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  1. I guess you would use CA to glue the metal pins in place?
  2. This firebird was painted with Aztek red pearl. I really like how it goes on too! I have the gold pearl but haven’t used it yet.
  3. There is quite a difference in the shape of the Jeepster and the TJ. The TJ is also a tad wider, but the plastic is thick enough that it can be sanded to width. I’ve added some Milliput inside the hood as I think I will be very close to sanding right through the hood when I try to mate it to the Jeepster cowl. I’ve also stretched the frame by 13/32” to put the front wheels where they need to be. I kind of like the slicing and dicing but I am in uncharted territory here, so I hope this all works out. Once I have the power train located I will likely have to lengthen the rear driveshaft and move the skid plate forward?
  4. Nice job! I see someone bent the radiator support rod too while adjusting the carbs...😬
  5. I made some beefier locating pins for the frame out of .050” round evergreen. The closest drill bit I have is .052” which worked, but I had to be careful to keep the pins from leaning over slightly. It doesn’t seem easy to find a bit this size (.050”) or any bits that match tiny evergreen or plastruct sizes. 1/16” would likely be the smallest size evergreen that would align with a common drill bit size. That is a little large for some applications. Anybody have a better way?
  6. Wow that must be a terrible feeling when you realize what happened, You certainly have the skills to reclaim it though. Those sets came out beautiful...that houndstooth decal sure conforms nicely to the pleats.
  7. I found some good ones at an electronics supply store also.
  8. Well wait until I’m done please. I don’t want your artwork on the same page as my hackjob.😁 Edit: Just kidding Roger, you do beautiful work...love your f-100!
  9. Super clean job on this one! Any pics of her aired up?😁
  10. Super clean job on this one! Any pics of it aired up?😁
  11. Super clean job on this one! Any pics of it aired up?😁
  12. Thanks again all you guys! I appreciate the appreciation.🙂
  13. That is going to be a sweet lookin’ truck! The stance is just right.
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