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  1. Beautiful! I love the colours too.👍
  2. Great looking car!👍
  3. I have made an impression in silly putty and cast them using Bondic. It was just an experiment and I haven’t used them on a model yet. I have also made them out of clear plastic in this thread. Maybe someone knows of another source? http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/161380-making-headlights/?tab=comments#comment-2452651
  4. Got a good deal on these at a flea market. They have all been started so I hope they are complete. The Mustang I just got for the wheels and tires and engine.
  5. Wow! You like to keep a lot of paint in stock.😬
  6. I understand completely! We Ford and Chebby guys have it easy. You know, being a Mopar Guy….that the “hehe times” are very few and far between.👍😁
  7. Yes it is! And thank You CabDriver for posting a link to it! Here’s mine.
  8. I didn’t have any warpage issues with mine. I did however have the chrome peel off of the front axle and the radiator shroud…so I wound up painting it. Be careful if you mask any of the chrome. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/159642-‘29-model-a/?tab=comments#comment-2370560
  9. Mark, that sounds like exactly what is in my box, including the wrong instructions.🤨 It looks like it should build up nicely though.
  10. Beautiful…one of my all time favourite cars.👍
  11. I bought it at a flea market, unsealed. All the parts inside were bagged though, and all the parts are the same shade of grey.
  12. It could just be the angle of the photo, but it doesn’t look like your bulkheads are symmetrical? Fold a piece of paper and draw a half pattern, cut it out and unfold it. It will then be symmetrical. The method Charles suggested should work (think wooden barrel). I would go even thicker with the strips, like .060” maybe? More material to sand smooth. Good luck with it.
  13. Well theres NO WAY that engine is going in the Nova! That would be sacrilegious! 😈 It seems like they threw all their leftovers and floor sweepings in this box? It also has this partial engine. Since the instructions don’t really match what is in the box….I guess I’ll be muddling my way through it.🤪
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