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  1. I primed the body for the Amt ‘36 ford. I hate black plastic! It’s very hard to see any flaws until a coat of primer goes on. I don’t know why they made the roof a separate part on this kit? That said, I think this body is shaping up nicely. The sprue glue I mixed up worked well.
  2. I’ve never done a real wood one. Try typing this in google. “site:modelcarsmag.com wooden bed”
  3. I found these centerlines and tires in my parts box. I don’t recall what they might be from, but I think they look OK. The kit tires always seem to look a bit small to me. I figured I better get the stance right before painting everything. I think I finally got it right in the third pic. Comments welcome.
  4. Nice looking Camaro! Yes, putting the engine and subframe in last seems to be the trick for these cars.
  5. Boy, that thought has crossed my mind a number of times over the years! Thankfully 99.9% of the time I take a break and re-think that scenario. 😬
  6. Does everyone have a portal to another dimension on or near their work bench, or is it just me? I pryed off a part with my hobby knife that I had incorrectly installed and when it “popped” off, I heard it hit the inside corner of my workspace then.....? I hope whoever is on the other side sends it back soon!🤪
  7. Looking good so far Tom! I separated the front subframe/engine section and glued it in place after the tub and floorpan were in place.
  8. Thanks all. The lens fit quite loose actually but the bezel will cover it. And by all means, feel free to steal it...I’d be honoured! 😁 Maybe I should have put this in the tips and tricks section.
  9. Thanks. Beats the heck out of the decals I think!
  10. Get a model tow truck and start your own wrecking yard!🤔
  11. Sounds like a great idea! 🤪
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