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  1. Really outstanding work on that body there Jim!
  2. Cool! I wasn’t aware that Corvettes came with a 429.🤪🤔
  3. This J-B doesn’t stick very well to smooth styrene though. I filled a sink mark on a tranny pan and it peeled off while sanding. Maybe it needed to cure longer, but some scuffing to make it “key in” would help.🤔
  4. I’ll say that’s RADICAL!🤪 looking good so far!
  5. Got my treadplate today. The white sheets are listed as 1/50th scale, the brown as 1/25th. The 1:1 aluminum plate I have has parallel diamonds at 2” on center, so I calculate the smaller white sheets to be closer to 1/10th scale? Oh well...they will look OK I think for the project I have in mind.🤔
  6. Yeah, the pvc tank is not a good idea. If it fails it can explode and throw shrapnel everywhere. Some folks do it, but there are better options, like the harbour freight compressor idea.
  7. Oops, I was thinking DRL and typed anti-lock brakes.😳
  8. I agree. And I also think it contributed to my mechanical abilities and ingenuity!😎
  9. I use 2-twin two foot leds that I got at Home Depot. They give me plenty of light!
  10. I cast these from Bondic by pressing the original (Top) into some silly putty. I then painted them with Tamiya X-27 clear red. A nicer job wouldn’t be difficult.🤪
  11. Yeah, what didn’t kill us made us stronger. And the meme missed the anti-lock brakes and lane-centering assist.😬
  12. This is coming along nicely! How about splitting the tailgate in the center and hinging it on both sides like on a van? Just a thought.
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