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  1. I picked up a set of these curved files to go along with my straight ones. They are quite aggressive and work well for rough shaping and contouring. Plus you can get into places where straight files can't.
  2. I have only restored one minor glue bomb, but after separating the parts and sanding the surfaces down to the original styrene level, any remaining glue should not need to be removed, correct? Depressions would need to be filled and a good coat of primer/sealer should be all that's needed before paint.
  3. There are vendors that cater specifically to graffiti artists?? And here I used to think it was vandalism. EDIT: Wow...I had no idea! https://shop.bombingscience.com/canada/spray-paint-caps
  4. Sorry, but I have no Idea how this might work on resin, but this gives you an idea of the appearance. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/141139-krylon-premium-original-chrome/
  5. I picked these two up at a yard sale for 10 bucks each. These are the only die-casts I have ever bought but I really like both of these vehicles! The doors on the Bugatti needed a slight tweeking to get them to close properly.
  6. That's for hooking up the ski boat trailer at night! Are my eyes playing tricks or are those dual winches? Must be a heck of a ski boat!
  7. There is a sticky on this... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/79627-how-do-i-search-for-answers-already-posted-here/
  8. Thanks Tom. I just found David Pirie's thread on his kit. He did an amazing job!
  9. Very Nice! I just bought this kit yesterday and you have given me some great ideas. Thanks!
  10. Picked this up yesterday. I have mostly 1/25 scale cars but I figure posing them in this setup will look OK as long as I don't put two different scale cars side by side.
  11. That's so that it pops up no matter WHAT someone types in the search box. Personally, I build for enjoyment and I intend (Hopefully) to build everything I buy so there is NO WAY I would pay over retail for anything!
  12. I have never even knew about metalizer paints until now, but according to the testors website they MUST be applied to bare plastic. I believe I will have to check the LHS for some to try. https://www.testors.com/pages/help-and-support/faqs/general-questions/
  13. Yes, Thank You for all your efforts and dedication.
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