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  1. Right side up. They don’t sit around long enough to collect dust. There are probably microscopic bugs all over the place but ingesting them is likely healthy. There are no mice in the house or my detached garage that I keep a heater in all winter. I have a couple of traps in there baited with peanut butter and have never caught one.
  2. Winter is upon us now…it is snowing here like crazy.
  3. For anyone searching this, Super Clean does not seem to affect Milliput at all. I forgot to strip the paint from this dash before adding the Milliput. After a day and a half soak, the paint is off and the putty is still rock hard. I dropped the leftover nugget of putty in first to test it.
  4. Another 15 year old thread dug up with no real useful info added?😕🧌
  5. Indeed this thread is more addictive than I imagined.
  6. First, you have to wash off the mold release…
  7. Apartments aren’t for me, as I like privacy and I love to work in my garage.
  8. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/09/unique-1969-chevrolet-c40-offered-for-sale-by-barrett-jackson/
  9. FYI, all 1:1 1967-1972 Suburbans had one door on the drivers side and two on the passengers side. The rear was available as a tailgate and liftgate or barn doors. But you certainly can build yours as a custom job.🙂
  10. The write up says the owner/builder is a pipeline contractor.😬
  11. This might be more like what you want? I made these for my Willys from .025” brass and 1/16” o.d. tubing. FYI, K&S also has 1mm (.039”) and .032” o.d. tubing.
  12. What vehicle? Most folks just use paper clips or brass rod. There is a sticky in the Tips section on making hinges. Edit: Sorry, I just re-read that you don’t like the rod type hinges.
  13. I don’t know if this will help you, but here’s my thread on making hinges. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/161632-fabricating-piano-hinges/#comment-2510325
  14. The Mount’n Goat V6 is pretty tiny. You might be better off starting with a 409. The V8 from the Crew Chief Blazer is kind of a big mis-shapen thing that could be shortened up. It likely has the transmission that you would need also.
  15. If the holes don’t meet perfectly at the center, following with incrementally larger bits should true up the hole. Getting a perfectly centered hole all the way through from one side would be difficult….unless you’re a machinist. Try both methods on a chunk of sprue and see which works better. JMO.
  16. Sure was in love with Mary Ann when I was a kid.
  17. Welcome to the forum Tony. It looks like you have all the skills to pull off top notch work. Don’t be afraid to try new materials and techniques. It’s only plastic after all.😎
  18. I would use aluminum rod like CabDriver said and do a one piece bar like LL3 suggested. Drill a centered pilot hole in the handlebar clamp halfway through from both ends with a tiny bit. Then use a slightly larger bit to go all the way through, and keep increasing bit size until you have the size you need for the rod.
  19. Yes, nice work on the seats and the interior. Those Blazer kits are a little shy on detail.
  20. Thanks. I have the suspension dealt with. I may move the spindles up a tad depending on what wheels and tires I ultimately decide on. The wheel wells will be the limiting factor now.
  21. Thanks for the advice everyone. I wound up fabricating a new rear crossmember for mounting the factory lower control arms. The upper ones I narrowed and moved outboard slightly to clear the engine accessories. The kits stock drag-link/steering linkage fits perfectly.
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