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  1. Saw a real nice grey ‘69 Beaumont, and a blue ‘71ish Chevelle. Also this Buick.
  2. Excellent job so far. You are a very resourceful fellow, and a great craftsman. Love that engine too!👍
  3. It’s not too late to edit the title.😈 This is embossing powder painted. It looks a little rough, but the camera picks up flaws that the eyes don’t. I know others on here paint it many different colours with great results.
  4. Seemed clear to me? I fixed the title if that’s better?
  5. You could use a piece of sprue to try to loosen up the last bit stuck to the bottom… and then mix the heck out of it. I’m no artist with the airbrush, but when setting up my H, I start with the nozzle closed. I spray against a paper towel, and open the nozzle gradually until I get the flow I want.
  6. Secondly, and the main reason for this thread…is my old pair. I have been fiddling with tailgate chains on a model and had a devil of a time holding onto small (.023”) and short (3/16”) pins. I tried three different pairs of tweezers and none would hold the pin securely enough to jam it in the hole. So I modified a set of nippers. They are not high enough quality to cut a pin, so I clamped down good and hard on a pin to purposely put a nick in the tip of the blades. Then I ground them down to make them very slender. Now I can hang onto the pin without it popping out of the tweezers into oblivion.😁
  7. There are already a few threads on here about which are the best sprue cutters, but that is not what this thread is about. Firstly, I have a cheapo pair that cut real nice, but the nose end is a little fat. So I ground them down a bit on my belt sander, being careful not to over heat them and take the temper out of them.
  8. They are all great looking, but that blue one has about the best weathering job I’ve seen. With the right background you could mistake it for a 1:1.👍
  9. Both great looking builds! 👍 They weren’t too far off on their prediction of 2019 stylings eh?🤔
  10. Could give you a super clean G.I. tract! 😬
  11. Nice job.👍 Which kit is this? I’m working on the Revell ‘37, but the hood and grill are different.
  12. Nice. Good job on the weathering!👍
  13. Super nice looking! And welcome to the forum!👍
  14. Looks really nice! Job well done.👍
  15. Sorry to hear of the issues with this kit. I recently bought one ‘cause the box art is nice.🤔 I’m sure you’ll get her looking great though.👍 Following with interest!
  16. Looks good. I agree, the wheels are a good choice, and the grill looks way better opened up.👍
  17. Wow! I didn’t realize freeze plugs were such a sensitive issue for you!😬
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