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  1. NICE JOB, with using the 56. i started this subject build some 25 to 30 years ago. been out of the box a few times through the years for additional working at it. i used the amt 55 nomad. yours went real smooth. awesome the way yours came together. very clean
  2. yes tom, i have a thing for pickups, sedan deliveries panel deliveries and wagons. kurt, the kaiser is not a promo, but a resin from star model. i love different : fotki.com damodelguy thanx guys
  3. thanx guys, yellow pic was how i got it off ebay, redone the 55 ford promo, and painted with dupli color engine paint, detroit diesel alpine green and tamiya gray green. has a 57 ford chassie under it. the lincoln continental truck was painted tamiya pearl light blue and dupli color perfect match gun metal metallic
  4. i got this with rear cut off behind back tires. had it on a shelf i could see in my build room for some years so i could think on it. finally came up with a idea. thanx, cuttum up, can be fun
  5. ya its the time of the year we put our year builds up in one post. but for us that build for us, and hope others enjoy and find maybe some insparation as we have looking at theirs, and photos anyware. build to enjoy, your way. thanx
  6. this kit has been worked on for years. i put a old corvette interior insert into it long ago, then back in the box. then thought about a 29 ford bed inserted into the trunk area, then back in the box. and then recently i was looking at a dodge sidewinder show pickup rear, and chassie. its coming a round this time and i just might finish it this time. got 3 builds crawling toward maybe a by year end completion. we will see. thanx
  7. getting there, realized i used the 50 chevy bed and 55 sides, had to find the bed front and tailgate for the 50
  8. 56 studebaker camander resin from time machine resin. it comes with chassie but mine has a parts kit complete #9 dodge nascar chassie and engine under it. painted sand beige over dark garnet red metallic. thanx
  9. i got this build out of a box of giveaway at a model meeting. it had the whole rear cut off behind the rear wheels. had it on shelve in build room to think about for about 2 years, then an idea hit me. bed from a 55 chevy step side.
  10. 56 studebaker 2 dr sedan from time machine resin, i put a #9 dodge chassie and engine under it. painted sand beige over dark garnet red metalic. thanx for lookin
  11. 55 chevy stepside pickup sitting on 78 gmc 4x4 pickup complete chassie. shortened frame about 1/4 inch, removed tanks at frame and made not as long, reattached in line with new cab on oppsite sides so tanks were taller in front. added some build up under back of cab and front of bed. never been a 4x4 guy, but this i would smile to drive. thanx finished build 11/2/2019
  12. 59 caddy fleetwood 4 door caddy complete to start. warp real bad in front, rest not bad, but im goona cutter up. seen this kinda nomad wagon at the good guys del mar show. a monogram 57 nomad is my donor kit since im only using the fleetwood body. here goes my first 3 daz. not sure what i want to do with the wwindsheild yet. took to much out of tailgate in the beginning, then couldnt find the strip i cut out of it.
  13. headlights are ftom the 58 chevy custom dash i think, jag kit was a built 4.00 kit. thanx
  14. 25 ford double kit rerelease, chopped body with hump removed, bed has been shortened, jag rear and engine, 29 ford pickup most of frame, painted candy lime green. thanx enjoy
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