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  1. 48 ford coupe and front of 41 ford woody. my master that i resin cast, crisp little coupe
  2. i took this pic at the grand national show in 1/2020, it was a vendors project. really like the roof and molding treatment. i also like wagons. beautiful build
  3. took roof off 60 panel, kitbashed on 59 convertible kit. clipped front chassis from elcomino and added to conv chassis. thanx greg meyers for tid bit about gas tanks on panel and cominos different than car.
  4. started with a screwbottom 58 ford thunderbird hardtop, kitbashed with 57 del reo wagon. seen a few of these i really like the idea, even real pics. never cared for back wheel placement, so i moved mine back.
  5. built from 52 hudson race car ( because that what i had) back of 50 chevy cab and bed
  6. changed roof to small window coupe look, opened hood, used 69 corvette interior, 68 dart chassis and engine, built 5/2/21 decided to cast for future before i built master.
  7. built 40 merc from combining matranga and 39 ford sedan. has a 66 nova chassis and engine, 39 ford interior. many tweeks here and there for my version. did resin cast my body for future built 4/29
  8. used 38 pickup front and panel kit for 38, my resin cast for fenderless and a built kit. hope to offer at later date built built 4/25 and 4/27, thanx
  9. this was built from my original build before i resin cast it. removed hump in roof for flatter look and added windows. also removed spare tire well on right side. used the complete chassis and engine from 39 chevy wagon rod. parts box seats, styren pieces added for interior. pic of pic i found of insparation. hope to offer cast at later date.
  10. this was built from my resin cast of my altered body. removed hump in roof for flatter look and added windows. also removed spare tire well on right side. used a built kit as donner, parts box engine and seats. hope to offer cast at later date.
  11. so ive cast my master and now have got back to building it. little changes here and there to make merc from 39 ford. will offer in future
  12. this is a resin body kit from ebay. used chassis from 53 ford under it. finished 4/2/20211
  13. added a 58 chevy panel wagon rear section onto a 58 slammer body. just set it on a 66 street nova chassis for a look
  14. so i removed skirts and made wheel rear wheel wells. decided to cut hood off. will use the 39 ford sedan interior, and a 66 nova chassis trimed to fit and engine. had to move front axle forward to fit wheel well. now trying to decide weather to cast some of my projects this time before i get into finishing them. dont know if there would be enough interest in my interests.
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