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  1. box build with a little chrome removed
  2. 32 ford woody

    resin body 32 woody on 32 basic builder everything else
  3. this truck was sliced all kinds of ways after a pick i seen in a mag, then something else happened. enjoy just didnt care for the front end on the real truck
  4. 32 ford twins conversions, not identical, DONE

    thanx much guys, colors were bright red- dupli color, hemi orange-model masters. i think im gonna build some 1/25 for awhile again.
  5. for those that followed, thank you much, those that didnt catch the cuttin, there in here somewere, maybe even under big boyz (slice n dice) back some months. i had fun, hope you all try cutting um up too, its a blast, and it can make you smile when, if it works. they were built from the old black deuce kits and a few parts from the new version also. thanx, enjoy
  6. big deuce conversion, close cab DONE

    it b done, im a happy dad.
  7. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    ok guys my twins are converted, but not twins. im a happy father. theres a few things i would have tweeked, maybe, but i am a happy father. thanx for looking
  8. 1948 Cadillac

    VERY VERY clean, i seen this roof on this body real and thought humm. nicely done, color really works well also
  9. big deuce conversion, close cab DONE

    roadster done, getting to big, giving close cab its own, getting color on it. thanx for lookin
  10. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    darin, its a 50 chevy, i believe from hendrix. chassie its sitting with is unknow, from parts box, might be dakota pickup getting paint on the big truck, pics soon i hope
  11. 50 stud conv resin

    i did open the wells for the vette look on the tires, i do have a coupe, different caster, but no building idea yet. believe wells were the same. i do like the 3 window look of the 49, i believe
  12. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    im still at, fires settling down a bit. working on bed for the close cab these dayz
  13. 50 stud conv resin

    50 stud resin convertiable body, 97 corvette int, chassie and engine
  14. conversion woodies, panels, pickups, wagons

    58 edsel, 57 rancharo,
  15. conversion woodies, panels, pickups, wagons

    ya, thats a cut down badnews, and the flairs were cardboard and testors filler built up. built in mid 70's. the orange willys was king edward cigar box sides and top, with balsa wood to make the curved top sides. real funny thing is the seats were buckets with the vent eyelits from old converse shoes slide over a small flat head screw glued under bucket cup for swival buckets.