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  1. only got 17 built this year, created 20 bodys to resin cast and only got 14 of those finish built. first 3 were not my resins.
  2. 30 ford victoria conversion body, my master body sitting on a built parts kit original, my resin body sitting on 30 woody fenders,amt 32 ford phantom vicky interior sides and seats. built 11/22/21 my ebay resin body
  3. 39 chevy coupe body lowered down on fenders, with 49 merc roof, 37 ford headlights, sitting on low rider coupe chassis, parts box interior. built 11/17/21 my ebay body
  4. steve that looks cool, nice job, cut um up im always thinkin.
  5. combination of 41 willys and 40 ford sedan, based on real pic, now in resin
  6. sweet, really like that color combo, so clean, nizz job
  7. thanx guys, the color is santa fe tan, real automotive paint. used a 54 chevy panel for roof, theres pics of a real one in one of my pics. i list them, ebay each weekend.
  8. finally finished building my master of 50 olds panel
  9. it is the 66 nova chassis under there.
  10. beautiful build. ive seen pics of this car in these colors and always liked it the best, but theres a few 3 color combos that look real shape. very nice job.
  11. took the 41 lincoln continental parts body and started to make a coupe. this is one of those 25 - 30 year projects. made a deck on it years ago, couldnt decide on windshield till about 8 - 10 years ago, then finally pulled it out to try and finish. had to lower rear deck some and put ridge down middle. would fit right right together on a continental kit but i always have to be different. it has lenghtened altanomad wagon chassis and engine.
  12. put 50 olds back of roof on 53 revell kit body to make a car i seen in prescott az car show.
  13. 48 ford coupe and front of 41 ford woody. my master that i resin cast, crisp little coupe
  14. i took this pic at the grand national show in 1/2020, it was a vendors project. really like the roof and molding treatment. i also like wagons. beautiful build
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