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  1. thanx for imput guys, i was thinking along the lincolns drip. i like the double back window, just has that 40 look. maybe a 4 window would be better, nah, 3 winder still.
  2. what if ford still made a 3 window coupe in 1940? maybe? ive seen some conversions, thought i would throw a saw at one. think i may clay, mold and cast?
  3. my brother to the other, finished my 41 chevy window wagon, used 39 chevy chassis{removed gas tank}, 41 chevy truck kit engine, 41 ford woody seats(had to file in front sides to clear)
  4. 41 chevy pickup, 39 chevy panel combo, to make this little more realistic looking 41 to 46 panel. but still just my recreation originally for my collection. sitting on a 48 ford frame.
  5. 53 buick conversion, 66 ford roof, late model bed put between buick rails, 57 chevy pick up frame and interior. thanx glen damodelguy
  6. i believe the body was an r and r, maybe from star model originally. thanx for interest and encouraging words. glen
  7. had a 53 buick body that the roof was pushed sideways badly. after not happy with soaking, decided to cut roof off and make a truck of it. used the 66 ford pickup roof. originally i had seen a step side bed on it from a picture i had of one. tried different beds, but kinda liked the fleetside look. ended up using a 57 chevy pickup interior and chassis
  8. very nice project stash, may i suggest taking a pic of each and print 4x6 on reg paper, 2 different to a page, cut and tape to end of projects box. helps me remember what and where i was with the projects. it also is visible to maybe draw ya to finish one here and there. when you create your vision, finishing get tougher.
  9. nize, really like these conversions, but then, i like cuttin um all! damodelguy
  10. nice willys tom, really like the color and wheels. bill, this is my 41 zephyr.
  11. absolutely beautiful, alway has been my favorite car, and orange to boot. love it
  12. finally stealin some time to work a finishing some of my created resin castings. i used 2 willys bodies to give it a low and longer look, chopped, 57 chevy chassis pan. used the kit interior but altered the back window shelf slightly. list the resin body on ebay time to time. any body that know of me, know i like different, similar treatment to a henry some years ago. thanx damodelguy
  13. built my resin creation, 55 chrysler 300 with very altered alternomad wagon rear roof.
  14. oh, the 60 ford rear roof was narrowed also.
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