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  1. the front end with fenders has the truck cab, bed and fenders added to them. thanx for interest.
  2. 37 ford car and 37 ford pickup, thanx for the peak, damodelguy
  3. 59 mercury convertible, 59 el comino, thanx for the look, damodelguy
  4. 65 gto and a 66 chevy el comino. a mino goat, that shoulda been. thanx damodelguy
  5. decided to chop a 41 plymouth with roof line i visualized to build and cast. lowered the suspension. 10/18/22 thanx damodelguy
  6. lindberg 48 lincoln kit made into a ute, seen a real car pic(who knows these daz) from the rear corner of something real similar i always like. decided to give it a go. thanx damodelguy
  7. my 51 studebaker front, kitbashed with the 49 merc woody kit.
  8. finally got my 60 edsel wagon finished
  9. my resin recreation , ive had some time at the bench this week, even got to work on my 60 edsel wagon. i used the 60 ford kit, play with width of dash to make sides fit inside of body. getting there damodelguy body shows on e bay
  10. thanx guys, yes its listed off and on on ebay forgle9
  11. 60 olds body, with sloped off roof instead of the flat roof. i used the 62 chevy chassis and interior with olds dash(just had to widen it out slightly for dash and fit inside body.
  12. ive seen others make 3 windows through the years. thought id throw a saw at it, maybe as henry would have done it, but its this fords version. glen ford damodelguy ebay forgle9 my recreation casting
  13. thanx for imput guys, i was thinking along the lincolns drip. i like the double back window, just has that 40 look. maybe a 4 window would be better, nah, 3 winder still.
  14. what if ford still made a 3 window coupe in 1940? maybe? ive seen some conversions, thought i would throw a saw at one. think i may clay, mold and cast?
  15. my brother to the other, finished my 41 chevy window wagon, used 39 chevy chassis{removed gas tank}, 41 chevy truck kit engine, 41 ford woody seats(had to file in front sides to clear)
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