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  1. always liked the look of a nice low 51 studebaker 3 window. so here goes, looked at a 36 ford roof but used piece of roof cut off a 39 chevy to make a convertible years ago, liked the roundness of the back corners best. but the back needed to curve out more so added a piece of plastic to reshape. cut off back of old roof, filled it in, split my new roof because its to wide, mated to existing. after in place and cleaned up, cut shape for new back window. this was a last night project. sometimes you have to go at it when it hits ya. thanx
  2. picked up a matrange resin body because i needed to make a grille from it for last merc build. was trying to decide if i wanted to make it into a sedan or a coupe. coupe roof is very different than ford but not as attractive. so matranga resin body mated with a 39 ford sedan body. made front fenders longer because merc was visible wider than ford. altered front of rear fender little, and reshaped back window little. want to take the skirts off and put a well like real pic. thanx
  3. took awhile to get back into it, but after month and 1/2 im bit again. resin 36 humpback body, cut bottom off and put bottom off 36 amt coupe kit for nice fit. interior made from 37 sedan kit. chassis was from a built kit i picked up. thanx finished 2/8/2021
  4. thanx guys for kind words. alan the 53 stud, real car sound really interesting, maybe a future adventure of yours in kit form? yes they were darn near all kitbashed. the 32 was a newer kit but used the older fender assembly from a friend is all. and the 55 ford is a promo body and interior with amt 56 kit chassis and engine under it. actually the 40 panel is just chopped and body lowered down on fender assembly. 7 resin bodies, used in misc ways. all builds have been on here during this year. my model buddies say i cant build right out of the box. the tucker i had 1 day before i cut it in half to make a 2 door with nascar chassis and engine, 64 impala interior. have fun with them guys how ever you can. happy hollerdaz
  5. was a lot of thickness to cut threw to take off hood, slow, with one of those real thin fold up blades you put in xacto handle worked. split front fenders to move forward for slightly larger look between wheelwell and back of fender that merc has, that makes it different from ford. real mercs are 4 inches longer i believe. when i look at them both that is were i see a difference.
  6. i got this resin sedan body in some parts while back. thought id make it into a 38 ford sedan when i found a 38 ford resin front in some other parts at an earlier date. started snipping here and there to get them to fit together on a fender assembly they seemed to maybe work on. then i was looking at some picks of 38 and hump is more slant and back fender is longer. so it went back to a 36,lot easier, used bottom of a coupe body so it fit the fenders again. and started another for the resin 38 nose, using a 37 sedan body. so far before 38 was back in box and 36 was among active projects on bench. thanx
  7. used the yellow 40 ford cont kit, and front off matranga resin body. cut the hood off. little added here and there, tweek some. also had to make frame longer because the front fenders on mercs are little longer than fords. got a set of merc taillights from a small parts bag in salt lake some years ago and threw it in the kits box. oh back of matranga went on a 41 ford custom. thanx
  8. stayed kinda bizzy for the year. but did spend alotta time just looking at what i have to build and thinking what if? outta town rest of year so done for year, last 3 were being worked on past 3 - 4 weeks, the 40 merc needs a grille ive been waiting for since ordered on 3rd dec, but with mail these daz, well. merry xmas to all and happy for the new year
  9. stayed kinda bizzy for the year. but did spend alotta time just looking at what i have to build and thinking what if? outta town rest of year so done for year, last 3 were being worked on past 3 - 4 weeks, the 40 merc needs a grille ive been waiting for since ordered on 3rd dec, but with mail these daz, well. merry xmas to all and happy for the new year
  10. very nice, really like color choice, good lookin ole truck with maximum flair but not over done.
  11. that is really sharp, very nice job
  12. this is box stock, well boxes. i got a old original fender assembly with the spare pockets from a friend. and changed the tires because i now need 6. thanx built 10/23/20
  13. idea: seen truck at grand nationals 2020 something like this. 23 ford delivery van, 25 chassis parts, ala kart rear, parts box built motor
  14. i got this resin back in 5/23/14 from e bay, msmiteymouse along with 3 other resins with it. paint color was hampstead green met dupli color
  15. a stock 48 plymouth conv resin, naaa, only at a glance. its the resin body, bumpers, dash, hood, boot. 48 ford chassis, interior, tires . bag built 56 chrysler 300b hubcaps, 392 hemi engine. built 9/25/2020 thanx for your peak
  16. thank you guys for the kind words. it was a fun project, that went out there. those that know my builds can see me as different, i like different, creative. i too, really like this car coming and going, but side view is very different.☺️ thanx again glen people see a box, wonder whats in the box, i wonder what i can put in the box to make it my vision, for this box. thank you much for the kind words guys. it was a crazy project. those that have noticed my stuff can see me as into different. creative. i to, really like this car coming and going, but straight side view is definitely different.? thanx again glen
  17. 57 chrysler was a custom version complete bag kit, i hand made the bed. never was a fan of headlights on this car so i changed them out with 58 chevy. painted it french blue first but felt it needed a little more zing, went with star spangled blue and gun metal. thanx for lookin finished build 9/11/2020
  18. one evenings crazy idea came to life. thanx guys for some ideas as i was building. i build 1960 and older collection. had this lambo rear engine i was trying to build into the colection. kinda out there, lot of cutting and real challenge to get it all smooth and molded into some flow. thanx for looking, finished build sept 9, 2020
  19. thanx for the words of encouragement, after the initial cutting. i did lower the windsheild, and decided to add the side panels from the diablo. then a lot of filing and sanding, and first coat of glaze putty, and more sanding, i finally hit it with first coat of primer. well the primer left me shocked more than usual, needed alot more work. more filing, sanding, and another coat of glaze putty. got the interior and chassis to fit how i hoped, worked on front wheel wells, decided i wanted the low profile front spoiler under bumper. put it all test fitted together and good with stance. need to remember the wheels are rotational and to all be heading in the right directions when i get to final installation. so guys, i dont build exitic sports cars, being a guy, we dont need no stincking directions, but i do like pictures. short story this kit didnt have directions and im not sure how the suspensine goes together. box is in backround, any body have this kit and could take few pics of the page in directions.
  20. to start, i dont do, or have ever done or tried drugs. but this looks like a last night acid trip. was lookin at a diablo thinking what could i do with this rear engine car in my collection of 1960 and older. when i went to bed 8/23/2020 at 230 this morn this is what i left sitting on my bench. hoping it comes around after some sanding and a coat of primer. thanx for your curiosity. i might lower the wind sheild a little now that i look this evening.
  21. finished the bed, sanding. colored french blue, just didnt feel it so colored it star spangled blue and gunmetal metallic.
  22. 57 chrysler kit, cut roof and deck lid to make a comino hauler. never liked the headlights on this car so i changed them to 58 chevy headlights. inner bed could maybe be from a mid 60s comino kit but mine was a bit nasty so might try making my own.
  23. very creative. really like the loow look. i did a 57 bel air little while back that some may have thought was chezoom roof, but it had a o7 camaro roof. had a start on a 57 chrysler thats boxed for now. the decal down the side on that orange really sets it off. love the piece of goat also, nice look, nice job.
  24. damodelguy az


    very impressive, great to see the hobby will be in some very talented hands. enjoy your builds, build them the way you see them and as involved as your adventure and curiosity will take you. im 61 and started at 7 with 32nd scale glue bombs. but ive enjoyed the trip. still have some builds from when i was 10, 12ish it keeps you mind active and helps with patients which never hurts all through life. nice job young man, keep up the great work
  25. beautiful very well done paint is awesome from top to bottom
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