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  1. Hello again friends. Taking advantage of the quarantine I decided to finish this project that took more than 10 years to finish. The only part I took advantage of was the body, everything else came from a Revell Mustang Super Stallion and also parts from other kits. I started with the photo kit below. Photos of the interior. Engine. Finished. Below the link to the video with more photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgSBz8-Pm9g I hope you enjoy.
  2. Hello friends again. Following the 53. -I removed the windshield wipers and I will exchange them for others. -I modified the front grill supports. Before After -I pasted the windshield frame in place before painting. -I put metal barel on the badges before painting. -And I applied primer to the body. For those interested in seeing how I did it all, follow the video link below. That's it for today friends.
  3. Hello friends, I already showed you some of my finished models. But this is the first time that I will share a construction. I started with the kit in the photo below. Anyone interested in the construction video. Some pictures of the engine and chassis 90% completed. For now it's all I have. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Thanks to all the friends of the forum for the comments, I also think this car is beautiful, especially after assembling the model. And again I invite all friends to join my new youtube channel, the next building is already underway and soon we will have new videos. Thank you all.
  5. Thanks for the support, the red one I used was Coral Red, left over from the Boss 429 I set up a few months ago. I painted the car red to represent the car of a magazine cover I collect. This is already my second car that I build representing the cover of a magazine, the other was an 58 Edsel.
  6. Hello friends, I am opening a youtube channel called PMG - Plastic Model Grage, and I would like to invite everyone to participate in this my new project. Everyone is welcome to participate. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4EgCskf4Q9rksKPJ7xVHEg Thanks for following up
  7. Hello again friends, I would like to share with you my two new projects. -The first project is my last finished model of the year, a Lamborghini Miura from Italeri. I hope you enjoy. I started with this kit from the photo below. Photos of the finished car. -And my second project, I would like to invite everyone to join my new youtube channel called PMG - Plastic Model Garage. The channel is still new, not much to see yet, and I'm still learning how to produce the videos. Initially we have as content the whole assembly of Lamborghini Miura from the photos above and I wanted to have a car ready before promoting the channel. I confess that the first videos are boring, but I'm constantly trying to improve the quality of the videos to make them more interesting to watch. Again I invite everyone to participate in this my new project. Below is the link to the channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4EgCskf4Q9rksKPJ7xVHEg Link to video with more photos of the car ready. Thank you all for your attention.
  8. Hello again friends, I believe this car does not have in the US, but here in Brazil is a very common car. This model is special for me because I have a 1: 1 A160, so I assembled this kit just like my real car. I hope you enjoy. The kit. Some photos of the interior. Finished model. Thanks for watching
  9. Hello again friends, a few months ago I posted the photos of a 1970 Boss 429 Grabber orange. Now follow the photos of another Calypso Coral Red Mustang that I recently completed. Enjoy
  10. Hi friends, follow some photos of another finished model. Revell Snap kit. I made some changes, changed the brakes, opened the side and front bumper air intakes, put on seat belts, P.E. on the hood badge among other details. I started with the photo kit below. I hope you enjoy.
  11. I'll follow your project closely. I had this same idea a few years ago and started doing mine using as a Jeep CJ-7 but I want to make the 715 Nukizer My project has been stopped for a long time, but below some photos. Seeing your work may inspire me to continue mine.
  12. Thanks, I have all 3 kits, Revell, Monogram and AMT, and I've used the best parts of the other kits. The Revell rear bumper does not have a very good finish, as I had the other parts available, why not use it? Top to bottom, Revell, AMT and Monogram rear bumper And detail hood, Revell in red and AMT in Gray. Below the link (in Portuguese), comparing the 3 kits, showing the differences of each one. http://forum.plastibrasil.com/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=11750
  13. Hello again friends, follow photos of another finished model. 1963 Corvette Revell Snap. For rear bumper and mirrors came from the 65 Vette Monogram, hood details are from the 63 Vette AMT. I modified front bumper and the front grille was made by scratch build. I hope you enjoy Thanks for watching. Rodrigo Maia from Brazil.
  14. Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the construction.
  15. I did not know it was a common color combination, I built with these colors to honor a magazine I like here in Brazil and in edition number 1 there is an Edsel with these colors on the cover. I actually had a hard time finding photos of a real car in these colors.
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