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  1. Thanks guys, I tried my best! And I think this is a cool comparison))). Overhauled Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 TME (AUTOart 1/18) Before After Before After
  2. Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2006) (AUTOart 1/18)
  3. Find ten ... or more differences! Overhauled Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 TME (AUTOart 1/18)
  4. Thanks guys! I do what I can for the maximum quality of both the model and the photo. I still have a lot to learn and I will learn and practice!
  5. Color Nissan Deep Blue. Repaint. Replaced wheels and brakes. Adjusted suspension, drilled exhaust, fixed some inaccuracies and repainted some details. The emblem was replaced by the whole after the photo))).
  6. I'm glad you liked it)) I didn’t plan to show the building, much less I didn’t plan to do anything with this toy except repainting, and then I didn’t particularly photograph 1.1 and 1.2 because I didn’t know if something would turn out or not, just a couple of pictures for myself as a memory. The first two nets were made immediately, the remaining 8 (6 body, 2 bottom) from the painted body. Paint, painting and sanding. After fitting the headlights to a painted body, it turned out that against his background they were pieces of ... plastic, had to be modified. After making the holes, it turned out that, due to the size of the car, these holes are too big and it would be bad without a filling, I had to do it at least as ... filling the voids and covering the RC mechanisms. The photo is bad, but the stock wheels are best seen on it. At first I was afraid to touch them, even in version 1.1, but the car continued to look bad, and I undertook to shred to version 1.2.
  7. Glad you liked it. So it is not for nothing that I redid the wheels and... spent several months photographing and preparing photos!)))))))))
  8. Hi guys! Thanks for the comments, very nice and a little unexpected and glad that you liked it! Next time I will try to fix on a similar model what I could not on this one, what I wrote in the description and more.)))
  9. Experiment with painting something big (after the 24th scale). But just repainting over time has turned ... into something more. As it turned out, even a perfect painting doesn’t matter on a child's toy because of the primitiveness of this toy, we had to gradually fix everything as much as possible, risking to spoil the painted body (especially cutting out holes and thinning the hood and trunk). Unfortunately, further modification of the wheel arches and doors on this model is impossible, since it is painted, and therefore it does not make sense to change the humpback glazing. But still, the experiment in version 1.2 can be considered successful, albeit with a stretch. Version 1.0 Repainted body. Added nets, door locks, seat belts with locks and fasteners in the cabin, modified headlights, their glazing and exhaust nozzles, adjusted suspension. Floor and ceiling covering added, turn signals simulated. Improved interior, added pictures of devices. Version 1.1 Cut out the necessary holes in the body and installed the grid and a new grille. Added radiators and air ducts. Modified aerodynamic elements of the bottom of the body and painted. The glazing is cut and installed flush with the roof. Thinned hood and trunk. Fully replaced wipers. Nipples were added, brakes were altered, discs were varnished. Installed magnets in the door. Version 1.2 Replaced brake discs and rebuilt their mount. Upgraded front suspension for the correct rotation of the wheels and their deviations. Removed internal toy ribs of rims. Replaced all grids with more realistic ones and added missing ones. Added exhaust pipes inside the exhaust nozzles. Removed the latest fasteners from the glazing of the front headlights and added leveling seals glass for flush with the body(Удалены последние элементы крепления с остекления передних фар и добавлены уплотнители выравнивающие стёкла вровень с кузовом.). Added glass in the door and completely replaced the rear side windows, their mounting and ... design. Extra items from the bottom are deleted so that they do not stick out (fixing the bottom and the consequence of the radio control design). Color Aston Martin Emerald Green.
  10. DBS Evolution Version 1.0 is made - disassembly and modification to version 1.1 - disassembly and modification to the final for this car version 1.2
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