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  1. Had this cab for awhile now. Got a HUGE parts boxes I’d say bout 25 pounds of parts frames tires wheels etc. This litttle dodge l700 frame popped out of all this. So I straightened it up and here we have it
  2. Am in need of a set of front fenders just need fenders no bottom valance. I have parts tires and so forth may have parts you need to trade for these fenders
  3. Got interior done. Movin right along Waitin on stripes from modeltruckin
  4. Very authentic like your color choice
  5. Got a few small things taken care of Move oil filter and vent tube on engine moved around to match 1:1 engine
  6. 7/32 tubing 040×188 stripe and small angle all evergreen
  7. Small progress cab painted and windshield rubber blacked out
  8. No I checked all this as I went along. I don't like surprises
  9. Yea I watched yours that’s what got me wanting to do this
  10. Been wanting to try this. Got monograms 50 ford at a good deal 5bucks so here goes another project
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