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  1. In need of a revell 56 nomad frame had a small mishap frame got destroyed. Let me know maybe I have what you need to trade for one.
  2. Been doin a little top fuel stuff. Went thru Garlits museum. Front engine is parts box. Ivo frame ram chargers body cut to a shorty. Mcgees black widow box stock just like the look of it
  3. Yea this is a way way long shot. Anyone happen to have any parts to a revell tric up trike frame braces rear axle handlebars anything really parts are the same on the triumphant trike thanks
  4. Revell 1/8 drag bikes. Already have all the choppers
  5. Been playing around with this. Bent up a set of handle bars added some more to engine on the tank I liked the look of both so I combined them took the short fat one and added the tail piece from the long one
  6. Yea I have the two much. Just need the body parts from the ivo car. The tins on it are fairly close to the syndicate
  7. Anyone ever build this in model form would really like to do this car. I know this should be in the wanted section but maybe more front engine dragster lovers will see it here. Anyone have a tommy ivo front engine dragster body it’ll need some work but I think it can be done
  8. Been playing around with this between other builds Decided to go with the bigger front wheel and tire gettin the rear axle sorted and rear brakes setup decided to go with the longer tank Comments welcomed some times extra eyes gives better ideas
  9. Holy Toledo that’s going to gorgeous. Love those slots.
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