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  1. Did a bit of research and this truck just called out to b built.
  2. Got this huge parts box. This was in it but no bed and some parts missing. It kept calling out save me fix me. So I decided to do a tiller truck may it may not do the trailer With towmans help with some missing parts. We will rebuild we will make it better
  3. Thanks for the compliments. Really appreciate it
  4. Well here it is complete Let me know what u think
  5. So here’s another one. Rebuild of a glue bomb I’ve had for years
  6. Yep couple sets if u would like Their still on the tree
  7. I got this in a huge junkyard I bought minus the bed and decided to do this with it. And I have a complete aero chief. Got about 130 semis. So mainly my parts are from semis I have the wheels and tires for the custom pumper I’m not gonna use
  8. Yea I’ve got all kinds of parts want you need for this
  9. Anyone have the parts of the bed for this kit that has the engine cover made to it. I ended up with most of one of these kits in a large parts box I got I've cut it down to make a tractor out of it. Need the engine cover and battery boxes. have parts to trade. Thanks for any help with this Or the same parts from any of amt fire trucks
  10. You build some killer stuff. Love these gassers
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