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  1. Hey guys, Hope everyone is good. Just finished this ferrari by alpha models and I must say for a resin kit wow what a treat it is to build, it fitted together like an absolute glove, anyone wanting to try out a resin kit for the first time I would highly recommend
  2. No worries, it is a great match I also used the whit TS-26 agin perfect match
  3. Looking forward to seeing this one come together, Alpha Models ?
  4. Great job, if that was photoed on concrete Id think it was the real deal ?
  5. That looks fantastic I really like the colour choice, great job
  6. WOW stunning what a gorgeous paint job, its floorless.
  7. Thank youy guys I really appreciater the comments, it was tricky I must say there's so mucha areo to do. @ Rich the red was Tamiya TS-49
  8. Hey guys, hope everyone is well. After a considerable hiatus Ive got back into the hobby I love, I started this project 2 1/2 years ago and it went in out of the box for that whole time.Finally its finished and feels great after so long to be back. I hope you all enjoy the video its my first in a very long time, but not the last
  9. I've been back 2 minutes and both builds I've been drawn to first are yours
  10. Jeez bro Im back at the right time, another monster build
  11. mate that is incredible wow wow wow and wow I've never followed a build and been so looking forward to seeing the final product and you my friend have nailed it totally awesome one of the best builds on the web, congrats
  12. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Thanks Brian they all for me no money
  13. Almost there now mate, cant wait to see it finished looks absolutely stunning, great details, perfect spec, I love it
  14. Mate life's a bit turbo at the moment, works crazy busy not had a minute to myself
  15. jeez Dann those parts are unreal, amazing work seriously incredible, hats off to you mate cant wait to see her done
  16. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Cheers D
  17. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Thanks David I wanted it to look a little different and go with a more modern colour, really pleased with how it turned out
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