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  1. Thanks, Revell 68 Corvette
  2. Thanks, tires are from Fireball & rims are from scale equipment
  3. Thanks, I did a lot of research on the car. I was told by a guy who said he worked on the car that it had a Chevy 350 in it but never got it confirmed anywhere else, I really didn't wanna go that way so I upgraded
  4. Thanks, didn't keep track of hours, I have to start doing that, about a month & a half tho
  5. Thanks, you're right I should of did the whole thing in foil, bottom molding is foil, I been getting into it more, next build willl be all foil, I like the black floor pan I think it shows off the detail more, I have done the primer & over spray on other builds that have separate frames & floor pans
  6. 1/25, its the Revell Muscle kit
  7. Thanks, Tires are AMT Polyglas with the letters removed, Firestone decals are from Scale Equipment, rims from Scale Motorsport, lug nuts from Fireball Modelworks, front brakes from Model Car Garage & Teds Modeling & rear drums are from Scenes Unlimited, lil of everything lol
  8. thank you, Its brown paint over the black, I don't mix the brown paint very well, quick shake then I use whats on the lid, it stays some what transparent then after I apply some I move it around with a dry brush, clear when dry, have done it on a few of my builds
  9. Thank you, ya I need to do more convertibles, recently finished a 69 Camaro convertible
  10. Wheel backs that I had in my parts bin, I don't know what kit they are from
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