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  1. Here a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad with Candy-Paint.
  2. Hello, here my own favorite paintjob. Paint with Zero Fine Silver, Zero Candy Flame Red, Tamiya Smoke, Tamiya Clear Red and finally Zero Paints Diamond 2K Clear. A very cool Candy effect.
  3. The taillights and rear panel are from a overtuned Maisto Pro Rodz Mustang. I stripped the varnish and repainted them with Tamiya clear red and Molotow.
  4. Here are some pictures of the almost finished Mustang. I hope it still pleases you.
  5. Hello, Today both Minis in a double pack. Unfortunately both don't come across so nice in artificial light.
  6. Thank you, I just ordered.
  7. You had to wait a long time, but now it could finally go on with the BMW Mini. In Germany, the longed-for honeycomb grid is now available as etched parts. But see for yourself.
  8. I need a hard top. I want to build Aaron Kaufman's car.
  9. That'd be okay. I'm planning a rebuild anyway. But where can I get an old model? Can also be finished or started.
  10. Hello i wanted a 1963 Ford Falcon Model Kit. Where can i buy one?
  11. Today I finished the suspensions and put on the wheels. Also the interior is almost finished. Here are some pictures.
  12. Hello, After I got fed up with the printer, I worked on the Mustang. First, I took the underbody and attached the suspensions. Since the cardan shaft was now too short, the ends were simply separated and glued to a piece of Casting again. I also finished the interior and primed. Then the first color applied to the interior. After the taillights had bathed almost 72 hours in Dowanol, these were finally freed from the paint and could be properly colored using Tamiya Clear Red. And now a taste of the color. And of course the wheels too. Now I'm curious about opinions.
  13. Thanks all. Now a very short update. After the 3D printer left, I now had to use the printed parts I had. But first I finished the engine so far and pulled a strap on it. Then I used the front suspension. Now I'll have to decide if I fix the old printer or get myself a Creality Ender.
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